Friday 3 March 2017

My journey is a miracle

Happy Friday Beauties, 

This week miracles have surfaced again as a reminder that our lives, each and every moment of it, is a miracle. 
I have finally had the opportunity to read the book Miracle by Shahieda V.D Schyff, if you follow my social media pages, you would have seen that I attended the launch of the book early in February. Well, this book is a testament to how miracles happen to all of us, every day. We may look upon life's trials as obstacles, when in fact they shape us into stronger, more caring and empathetic beings. Shahieda's story resonated with me on so many levels, and while our respective traumas are poles apart, the underlying life lessons and message is the same. If you are able to, get a copy of the book, find details on the Facebook page here.
The most important life lesson which was more of an affirmation for me, is that we are all the same, regardless of status, background, religion, culture or nationality. As humans we all aspire to love and be loved, while fulfilling our purpose on this earth. Some of us may be fortunate enough to have listened to the intuitive voice and Divine guidance at a young age, following our purpose and serving others. And I  do believe everything in life happens in its own time, when it was destined to happen, and thus others follow their path later in life. It is all relative to our individual journeys, our life's path which we follow each day. 

When encountering different people from various backgrounds, I am always aware of our similarities as human beings, our struggles are fundamentally the same, our values, our belief systems are all based on similar principles. And yet, we choose to create lines of division amongst ourselves with any little nuance which makes us all human and distinctive. I try as far as possible to withhold judgement around issues, solely because I do not know everyone's back story, baggage or traumas they may be carrying. It's a hard task, since I have been conditioned by cultural and societal norms to determine what is acceptable and what is not, without allowances for individual experiences which shape our realities. It entails personal introspection and actual work to remain open to possibilities, whatever they may be, especially when I am constantly bombarded with judgements, with what is perceived as right and wrong; and trying at the same time to nurture young beings into becoming the best they can be, encouraging them on their respective paths. 
My aim is to remember to be still, to allow time for me to accept the Divine guidance and follow what I am destined to do. This may not be an easy path, in fact it hasn't been thus far, however it strengthens me and will teach me the patience and serenity to accept what has been decreed. 

Today's outfit therefore features a sombre black embroidered shirt which I purchased from an Instagram account I follow- I don't do this often because I like to know fabric composition and support local where possible- and also there's online shopping retailers too! However, I was very happy with my purchase, the fabric and quality of the garment. I paired it with a torn hem jeans, saddle sling bag and ZARA heels.

Outfit details:
Shirt from The Glam Closet (shop here)
Gap Jeans from Stuttafords
Leather saddle sling bag from French Connection, London
ZARA heels (old)
Honey earrings (really old)
Old Khaki snood (old)
Dior lips
Nova Nails (washable nail varnish)

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