Friday 27 November 2015

Empowering Women & an OOTD

Welcome readers,

Three weeks and counting! I’m really excited for my trip now, as documents are being finalised and I feel as if I’m squeezing the last ounces of productivity out of my brain. I think that’s normal, kind of a way of my brain getting ready to go into relax mode (which it hasn’t for a whole year..)

I’ve had another good productive week, seeing clients, running the home, taxi to kids and I even had the chance to connect with some amazing friends at yesterdays Pomegranate Lifestyle breakfast. What I find the most enjoyable and worthwhile about these events is the opportunity to network and catch up with friends at the same time. The guests are always inspirational and when I left I really felt  uplifted, I felt as if I had renewed motivation for all my plans ahead. As a woman, entrepeneur, mom and friend it gets crazy to find the time to connect all these roles which is something these mornings do for me.
The message is always to empower women, to provide opportunities for business and at the same time have a little bit of down time. I have personally felt the amazing connections made at these breakfasts and now call some of these beautiful souls friends. They inspire positive intellectual dialogue whilst offering their wealth of knowledge and experience to those who need it. I truly believe that when one is open, when you are authentic and just happy in your own skin - your interactions with everyone else is so much more meaningful. 
Just concentrate on you, being you without judging others for doing the same. Everyone is unique, and has the right to be uniquely them in a world where society wants everyone to fit into a mould. I was once again reminded of this at yesterdays breakfast, and it always rings true. There is no time for gossip, backbiting and envy in a space where everyone is confident being themselves, with no judgement on others for their choices and behaviours. 
Let’s rather spread love and acceptance, instead of hate and intolerance. 
The world is already too full of it.

And onto today’s outfit post: I have paired a light linen longer length tunic (from last year) polka dot slim jeans and one of my favourite Zara sandals. Aside from the neckpiece, this entire outfit is from last season and still releveant. I will once again recommend, buying good quality classic pieces will lead to a wardrobe where pieces rarely date. 
Happy smart, mindful shopping! 

PS: today is Black Friday - so if there are any pieces you have lying in a wishlist, check them out now to see if they’re on sale!

Jenja linen tunic from 
Stylemology jeans
Zara heels
Old Khaki scarf
Michael Kors handbag
Zibastyles neckpiece

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 20 November 2015

Boyfriend & Lace OOTD

Hello there lovelies!

I am so glad to see the end of this super stressful week! Exams has taken over and everyone is highly strung, luckily the kids still have music practice and club soccer to work off that nervous energy. I believe that physical exercise is still essential during this tense time, it helps to calm my babies and bring them back on an even keel. They are then able to pick up the books and resume the studies - these essential breaks are even scheduled in their study time tables. 
What I have found is that they also need me to be around, I may not interact with them but they somehow feel more grounded if I’m there in case they need assistance with a problem or something they need clarified. This basically means that most of my work meetings need to happen before they finish school each day, and that my work day has suddenly become so much shorter. However, I realise that this won’t be forever and one of the reasons I decided to leave the corporate world was to  be there for the kids, so I shall  continue on my journey taking it a step at a time.
The realisation that things happen when they are meant to has never hit me as hard as it did this week. While I was, at times, lamenting the lack of time I have for work, things just kind of worked out. Unexpected opportunities open up and the path is illuminated a little more, so you can navigate to the next step. All you need to do is be real, be authentic, be you and focus on you and your path - all the rest is just noise. 
Just Be You
Today’s outfit features a lace top from Kapsule Online Boutique (last season but repeated this year) and my favourite iridescent Vince Camuto heels. Spring has not decided to stay and we’ve had some mixed weather days - typically Cape Town! I also managed to find this fringe Rebecca Minkhoff bag (which I have been coveting since seeing it abroad) from a fellow shopper and friend. It was one of those pieces that haunted me - you know the saying: “Nothing haunts you like the things you didn't buy”. 
So it now no longer haunts me and instead adorns me :-D 

Kapsule Online Boutique Lace top (shop here)
Gap Boyfriend Jeans
Vince Camuto heels 
Rebecca Minkhoff bag
Ray Ban Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Raphaella Booz leather studded cuff
Hermes belt purchased abroad
Silk scarf old

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 13 November 2015

Spring Tulle and Anticipation

Welcome Readers,
I have realised that today marks exactly one month before I embark on my very own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey. Except that it’s not for months (more like two weeks), and I’m not on my own (travelling with my sister) and I’m not really looking to find myself. Ok, so it may not be quite like “Eat, Pray, Love” but we’ll be two gals travelling to beautiful Malaysia and Bali for a much needed R&R. I find that the anticipation of a holiday is one of the better parts of the actual break, but obviously the experience itself is ultimate!
With my kids so busy and we find ourselves at the mercy of their insane schedules all year, the only time I can even consider a trip is December and as much as I crave Europe and London, I just don’t want to do those Winters in a hurry. This year marks our 20th Wedding anniversary, and my darling hubby and best friend, has graciously agreed to me taking a well deserved break where I have to take care of nobody else but myself. Any mum knows that holidays (abroad or locally) still involves work,  in fact, it means one is even more occupied. The need to take care of everyone’s passports and travelling papers, the drama of packing suitcases, ensuring kids have taken vitamins and where neccesary, prescription meds taken along (last trip my second born landed in the hopsital for asthma due to the climate change). When travelling for our annual New Year Break, I need to ensure the food is sorted, motion sickness tablets taken, each kid has packed their own pillow (very important!) - the list is endless.
And this brings me back to the joy of looking forward to a leave from mommy life, and whilst I am dreading it at the same time - I am sure that when I am on that plane, my mind will be on a tropical beach. It’s been 6 years since I last left my entire family behind, and this time around they are older and have social lives of their own, so missing Mom may only be for laundry, meals and chauffeur duties!
Today’s look was worn for a chilled morning brunch, and I’ve had this tulle skirt in my wardrobe for more than two years now. I paired it with sandals from last year, and new t-shirt and handbag from H & M.
The tulle skirt has been a huge trend this season, and it seems likely to be around for a while, this particular one though has pleats in the tulle which gives it a unique finish.

H & M South Africa sequin t-shirt and fringe bag
Tulle skirt (old) from PerryBook Store
Zando Heels
Witchery linen scarf and cuff
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Monday 9 November 2015

Fashion & A Cup of Tea - THE EVENT

Hi lovely readers, 

It’s been two weeks since we hosted our high tea, and I’d like to start off by first saying thank you. 
Our guests, speakers, spouses, kids, sponsors and models made the day a huge success. It really was a fun afternoon filled with all things girly, from make up, to health, hair and fashion, and not forgetting the amazing food and accessories on display. 
Leading up to the day, things were rather busy and there were so many last minute ticket orders; and un/fortunately we sold out - but hopefully if you missed out on this one, you’ll make the next. 

I kind of put all my boys to work for this event!
Setting up 
Music setup in background by my eldest, as I said all hands on deck
Some of the beautiful guests and speakers

The afternoon kicked off with a health and wellness chat from Roshan Isaacs, MD of Style Africa who is also a health and wellness coach. She imparted some helpful (and important) tips on staying healthy, the ideal weight and lifestyle. She was followed by Qaanita Abrahams from OnQ Makeup who performed a make up demonstration on a light Summer make up look. She also touched on contouring and strobing - the latest make up trends. If you’re keen on attending one of her workshops, it would absolutely be money well spent- read more about that here.

Qaanita 0746027485

Roshan is an amazing woman who inspires everywhere she goes
Qaanita makes makeup application look effortless

We then had the charismatic, Yaaseen Cader chatting about hair care, and the best way to blowdry your hair. I have to admit that I followed his instructions on how to blowdry, ie roughly, using your fingers to comb through and end of with an upside down flip and dry. It really works, especially if your hair is as fine as mine. When faced with the question of addressing hijabi hair problems, he recommended ensuring your hair receives sufficient airing! He had our guests laughing out loud at some of his outrageous language, but that just added a fun edge to the afternoon. Even when he declared that the Brazilian is actually just a fancy word for a relaxer! With some added to chemicals to alter the smell, but anything which changes the natural composition of the hair has to be a relaxer, one might as well use Wella, he says. 
Guests were gifted with vouchers to redeem at his salon in the lifestyle centre, The Palms, in Sir Lowry Road.

Yaaseen 0729875373

Of course no event is complete without some giveaways. 
Sponsored by:
            1. Rebel Funk Accessories (accessories hamper)
            2. Carribean Tan (products)
            3. RuBe’s Closet (3 hour wardrobe consultation)
            4. Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge (one nights accommodation and breakfast for two)

Happy Prize Winners
I then proceeded to do the live styling demo on one of our models, Imrah. I used three key pieces (i.e pieces I would recommend as a necessary injection into the wardrobe for SS15/16) from A Sense of Style’s collection, demonstrated and chatted on how to wear them in various ways. 
We styled the white shirtdress, which Imrah first wore with flat tan sandals for a daytime look. I then changed her flats for heels and an exquisite neckpiece from Rebelfunk for a Summer evening look, add a clutch and voila! For more modest coverage I added the white slim jeans (not too tight, although it would work with a white jegging too), rolled back sleeves and sneakers for a modest casual look.
I did the same with the kimono and chatted through various ways to wear this essential piece. The bright colours and light flowy fabrics ensures its an easy layering piece to make a statement. 
And finally, my favourite piece of the collection was the black belted kimono, which I urged Aaliah (designer behind A Sense of Style) despite her protestations, to model for me- and even though she was not wearing a preferable base to layer this piece we made it work. We then illustrated the versatility of this piece, which could also be worn in various ways. The white contrast belt and light fabric really makes this item a must have.

And then… Onto the fashion show, introducing A Sense of Style’s SS15/16 collection

A tender moment between Aaliah and her seamstress, Bonita

And then it was shopping, more eating, catching up with old friends and meeting all the lovely ladies who actually read my blog!

Bottom Left: Aaliah and I with our guys- who by the way worked just as hard behind the scenes!
Hubby ensured I had loads of photos to share, Faeez was the resident errand guy :-D 
All the divine eats were catered and presented by Annie’s Kitchen, you may contact Aneeqah Kilshaw-Dollie on 0789672140.
Check out her Instagram account here

All neck pieces used on models in the fashion show, sponsored by Rebel Funk 
Contact Farah Ariefdien on 0833578452 
Check out her Facebook page here 

List of Goodie Bag Sponsors to whom I would like to extend a special thanks: 
Associated Media
RAIN Africa
Cader Hair Salon
A Sense of Style
Annie’s Kitchen
The Key Boutique
The lovely ladies from Woolworths V & A  Beauty Counters:
Asco Fragrances - Gucci (Nazley)
Smash Box (Shameegah)
Gatineau (Shandre)
Prestige Fragrances -Elie Saab (Warda)
Sampar (Crena)
Lancome (Kyla)
Clarins (Roxy)

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 6 November 2015

Casual Holiday Fever

Hello again readers, 

It’s Friday and the end of another week, taking us closer to holidays. 
The Festive Season Fever has hit!
 Retails stores, radio stations and television commercials have all invaded our consciousness with Christmas jingles, decorations and gift ideas. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, it still signifies the approach of my holiday. Cape Town already seems to be slowing down in preparation for the holidays. The weather has been playing along, and with some of the worlds most beautiful spots around us, one can imagine being on vacation, even for a morning. 
I love the sounds, the smells and generally everything about the sea. When I feel like I need to detox my brain a bit, I just need to absorb the energy of the sea for an hour or so - surrounded by sea gulls and salty air. I then feel as if I am able to pick up where I left off and continue downhill toward Holiday town. 

But first, exams - study time tables, past question papers and the like will take over our home for a few weeks. I am praying that this time will be easy for my boys (and me) - It really seems to affect me as much as the kids. I am hopeful that they will weather this period and come out at the other end happy that they’ve done the best they could. 

In today’s look, I wanted to illustrate the importance of investment pieces, which I’ve spoken about before. This Trenery skirt with pin tucks and summery plaid Aca Joe shirt has been in my wardrobe for ages. They are both really good quality with fabrics that wash well and don’t change shape. This versatile pencil skirt can be worn to the office with a pair of heels, crisp white shirt and an eye catching neckpiece for a work look. I have paired it with sneakers for a casual look, ideal for mid week running around or a quick trip to the beachfront to recharge the batteries. 
While investment pieces may be rather pricey, this is made bearable by the fact that they really do last  a couple of years if taken care of. 
Food for thought?

Aca Joe shirt
Trenery skirt
Adidas Stella McCartney peak cap
Nike ZA sneakers
H&M South Africa fringe bag
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Various bracelets (old)
Caio for now,
RuBe xixi

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