Saturday 29 June 2013

Wearing Fabulous in Hijab

Hello lovelies!

It's been a crazy two weeks with birthdays, Father's Day, and my mum leaving for umrah (visit to Mecca).

So we decided to go really low key for hubby's birthday which coincided with Fathers Day. Of course the kids treated him to his traditional Sunday morning breakfast of coffee and koeksisters (in bed). I love special occasions, as I enjoy buying gifts and seeing the reaction when you give them. The joy on the recipients face is priceless and warms my heart. This is why I plan gifts way in advance, part of the organiser in me, I suppose, and the need for everything to be just right.

He could then choose what he wanted to do for his birthday, and he decided on a lunch at CTFM with us (kids and me). And later, coffee and cake with our siblings and parents at our place. A simple but thoroughly enjoyable day, and because he's always hectically busy at work, it was great for him to just take it easy.

So in the spirit of relaxation, I donned my Fabulous in Hijab maxi with a hint of shimmer and a pair of polka dot Chuck Taylor's.

The birthday boy and I

I was wearing:

Denim shirt (old)
Fabulous in Hijab maxi (follow her on FaceBook here)
Chuck Taylors (design collab by Converse & Marimekko)
Asos sling studded bad
Silver bangles
Country Road belt

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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Thursday 20 June 2013

My Great Gatsby experience

Last week my buddy and I finally had the opportunity to watch Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby (in 3D no less!) it was such an enjoyable movie and I was enthralled from beginning to end.
The gorgeous costumes were dazzling, and the gaudiness of the jazz age was vividly brought to life.

After reading the book twice before going to watch the movie, I felt that Gatsby was glamourised in the movie. Whereas in the book, the impression one gets of him is that of a mobster, a fraud obsessed with a delusional dream (one which he thinks would make him respectable). That being said, Di Caprio brought a likeable quality to the character and one cannot help but love Gatsby and empathize with him. His unspoiled image of Daisy, seems unrealistic and she comes across as shallow and whimpering in the movie.
I could go on and on about what I felt, how Leo was the perfect Gatsby and how much the decadence of the parties, jewels and the era was embodied in the movie!

Since it was midweek, I decided to don sneakers which seems to be my go to choice nowadays!
I paired it with a leopard print t-shirt and bright blazer.

I was wearing:
Cotton On Blazer
Country Road T shirt
ZARA jeans
Levi sneakers
Asos handbag
Sass diva necklace
CK sunglasses


RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 11 June 2013

I love the leather trend

This past weekend has seen Cape Town in the throes of an awful cold front. The city was battered  by gale force winds, thunder and lightning was a constant presence and the hail covered the streets like snow. This is all a reminder of global warming and what we are doing to our planet. Something I try to stress to my kids daily is the importance of looking after earth, recycling and conserving energy.  They are the future generation after all.

Onto less depressing things for now.... my coats have come out of storage sooner than expected as result of this sudden freeze.

I love the leather trend, whether its a full leather item, leather accents in shirts, jeans or jerseys it a trend that anybody can pull off. If you're not a fan of a full leather item, then the accents will work perfectly as seen on my previous post (leather pocket boyfriend cardi). In this post I am wearing a leather jegging from woolworths, but chose a size bigger for a bit of a pants look. it was also perfect for the cold weather as its fleece lined :-).

I am wearing:
Coat by Define at Stuttafords
Leather jegging and beret from Woolworths
Guess jersey
Scarf from indian Trade fair
Sneakers Perry Book store
Earrings Lovisa

The recent Spring 2013 collections were filled with leather items as well:

Fashion pics from 

So go ahead and embrace this trend, seems it will be around for a while.


RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Hello cooler weather

I love the cooler weather, the chill in the air brings with it ,thoughts of fleece lined blankets, hot chocolate and duvet days. Time to bring out the layers, long boots, chunky knits, woollen scarves and beanies.

The reality of winter is, my kids play winter soccer (aargh), which actually means layers and layers of warm clothing. It actually means rising really early in the cold , the duvet day/ weekend nothing but a dream, and cheering from the sidelines. I unfortunately have to settle for that hot chocolate in the rain, wearing waterproof clothing, gloves....and scarves...and beanies and anything to keep out the chill. And of course the umbrella and Wellies are never too far off. We've been spending our Saturday mornings in this fashion for almost 10 years, so its already a way of life.

So I've started to haul out some winter warmers... By the way, there are amazing deals on boots right now its hard making a choice...Pity I can't have it all! I also have so many from previous seasons, which will fit in perfectly with latest trends.

Here I have paired a Woolworths boyfriend cardi, with leather look pockets with a skinny jeans and Country Road boots bought a few winters ago.

I am wearing:

Beanie, Jeans, Cardigan all from Woolworths
T-Shirt by Linx (Zando)
Boots Country Road
Louis Vuitton scarf
Suede bag by Country Road

Ciao for now,


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