Saturday 25 March 2017

Detoxing the wardobe (and life)

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This week's post is a day late, with Fashion Week happening, I have been frantically working, rushing to get mommy things done with enough time to get ready for the shows. I usually don't wear serious make up, and for this event I decided to do a proper make up look.... which takes time for me. So some things (like the blog post) took a back seat, I didn't even have time to schedule it!

Last week I touched on the disasters which happened in the Cape, and as I am writing this morning, we are waiting in anticipation to hear the verdict on shows cancelled at Fashion Week due to extreme weather conditions- and whether there will even be any shows today. The wind has been blustery, blowing everything upside down including such large scale events, a stark reminder indeed that we are not in control of life.

Autumn is on the way, the sun rises later, the temperatures will soon plummet and we will need to layer clothes. This is usually the time I am called in to do a wardrobe detox, or would recommend that it be done. Read more on my wardrobe services here. As with any detox, it's a way of cleansing, whether it is the body, a detox from social media or a general detoxifying of life. In my experience of working in wardrobes, people hold onto items and pieces for various reasons, all of which are not necessarily good. Even holding onto items with the hope that one will lose weight and fit into those clothes again is not the ideal space to dwell in. The reality of weight loss, is that you will be a completely different person (inside and out) to the one who wore those items. You will not be able to relate to the 'old' you and so those clothing pieces will not reflect the new, stronger person you have become. 
I usually work in wardrobes where clients need to revisit their wardrobe due to a fundamental lifestyle change, this could mean weight loss (as mentioned above), a change in career path, becoming a parent, widow or just someone who has gone through a process of healing after some traumatic incident. These events change the course of life fundamentally as essentially they empower an individual to a stronger place. During my consult we will talk about colour, styles, preferences and lifestyle, taking into account the impact that a change/adjustment in wardrobe will mean. It is not something to be ventured into on a whim, as our clothing are extensions of ourselves, in some cases it acts as armour and for others it is a vital expression of creativity. 

The beauty of life is that we are constantly evolving, without noticing that as events in our lives unfold we make little tweaks here and there based on what we choose to apply to our growth. And with any change, it requires time to become a part of who we are, for us to accept, integrate and to move forward... In the same way a wardrobe detox will be something one has to be ready for- a change which will enhance your self image or at the most dramatic, alter the image you present to the world. 

Today's look for me is evidence of how my daily style has evolved to suit my current lifestyle. I am no longer kitted in corporate wear every day, business suits and heels. I am able to dress as creatively as I choose, glam when required, work wear when I feel like it and athleisure for comfort. 
This outfit features a black dress, raw silk bomber finished off with sneakers - perfectly relaxed for my busy mom day and chilled business meetings. 

Outfit details:
Asos maxi dress
Human Image raw silk bomber
Lacoste sneakers (Asos)
Kate Spade handbag (purchased abroad)
Old scarf
Rose gold shades from Zululu
Lovisa elephant necklace

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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