Friday 29 May 2015

Lessons with a sneaker OOTD

Hi readers, 
And so we have come to the end of another week, a whirlwind one in my world, as usual. The ever present responsibility of using everyday to teach your charges lessons, to take the time to engage with them as little people instead of just as children. I particularly enjoy talking to them about their opinions on things happening in the world, using the news as a conversation starter, and it's so refreshing to hear their black and white opinions. Things are either right or wrong, but where does all this innocence go? How does the definite line between right and wrong get blurred? We live in a society where values are constantly being denigrated and scoffed at and morals are being whittled away bit by bit, making it acceptable to succumb to corruption. We can only try to raise the next generation to be socially aware with the expectations to be responsible for ones actions, accepting of consequences.

One of the lessons one has to teach is how to budget, a very important rule in my home is that if you cannot afford to pay cash for something, wait until you can afford it and do without. Credit is not a necessity for little items, reserved for home loans and car purchases. It was very rewarding to see how my eldest managed to budget his hard earned spending money when abroad. He was told, prior to leaving, that he would not be able to work for the rest of the year due to a heavy course load and thus would not earn as much as he did last year. This resulted in him returning home with more than half his Euros, to be saved and spent responsibly for the rest of the year. Lesson well learnt, I think.
To celebrate his acceptance of the lesson, I have worn the t-shirt he graciously bought me whilst on tour in today's lookpost. (To be honest he didn't even buy gifts, with the exception of his dad and I- eish!)

This is a casual look, paired with the oh so comfy sweatpants - one of the best trends for busy moms - sneakers and a denim shirt to pull it all together. This Michael Kors bag has also very quickly become my wear with everything bag. It's very easy to end up with a sloppy look if you opt for these style sweatpants, so it is essential to put it together with more 'tailored' or structured tops for a 'pulled together" look. It's also no secret that I love sneakers, the current trend has brought sneakers into the spotlight to be worn with just about anything. Perfect!

My outfit:
Jay Jays zipped cuff Sweatpants
Denim shirt (old)
t-shirt from Amsterdam
Woolies beanie (shop similar here)
Michael Kors bag
Nike Sneakers

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo
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Friday 22 May 2015

Classic Black Glam OOTD

Happy Friday readers!

This week has brought the cold in all its Winter glory, and all the warm coats and boots have surfaced from storage. Time to sort out the closet and donate those unused items, Winter is a time when the homeless and destitute really suffer, so get donating if you haven't yet...

Black is a classic and a basic in everyones closet, it is versatile, glam, slimming and suits all skin tones. In the process of sorting my closet for Winter OOTD's, I am happy to say that almost all my Winter purchases (aside from lower priced trendy pieces) from last season will be wearable into the new season. I generally invest in good quality classic boots, as a result I have several pairs which I am happy to take into this Winter. At the end of Winter last year, when all the stores were selling out their Winter stock to make way for the new Spring/Summer stock, I pounced. All items which are classics and good quality and well priced were dropped into the cart immediately!
I believe in buying good quality pieces that don't date easily and can be carried through several seasons. Those fads and trendy pieces, can then be incorporated with lower priced items which won't break the bank. However, I stick to leather with my Winter Boots, so that a good pair usually lasts a few years, also ensuring that they always look good.

Today's lookpost is comprised entirely of classics that have been in my closet for years; hauled out for a wedding which I clearly didn't need to shop for.

I've paired a black embellished crossover dress (around 7 years old), with a faux fur stole bought two years ago (before faux fur made the trend list), a glittery lace shawl worn as a scarf, and a pair of nude heels which have been in my closet for more than 4 years.....  The underskirt is a DIY job, and can be made longer for a more covered modest look. Some serious oldies out for a spin. The only recent purchase is the crystal neck piece bought on sale at Lovisa a few weeks back.

Outfit details:
Black dress (bought so long ago I can't remember the store)
Faux fur stole from Long Street
Gifted Lace scarf
Bag bought abroad few years back
Nine West nude heels
Lovisa crystal neckpiece
Falke stockings
Underskirt and top DIY

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 15 May 2015

Keeping it casual OOTD

Hello beautiful readers, 

It's Mid-May, second school term and that means exams are on the way. As a mum to school going kids, two on high school, this fills me with dread *sob*. So my time is geared towards creating a peaceful and supportive environment at home for these boys... all with the aim of a conducive studying environment (I just hope the procrastination stops!) All this means that I stick to simple casual outfits perfect for busy moms. I have always been a sneaker junkie, my husband met me in heels and shortly after noticed my love for sneakers as my casual go to date footwear!

With the growing trend towards sneakers with just about everything, I am very happy to be able to bust out my comfies. The sports luxe trend has also meant that sweat tops, sweat pants and the like can be dressed up by adding a heel, changing a casual, sporty outfit to one worthy of an evening out (or even workwear!)
I also love denim and collect many pairs, so today's lookpost features a 3 year old (could be older) jeans, and oh so comfy Nike Roshe Run sneakers. Stacked a couple of bracelets and a leather cuff and good to go. Perfectly comfy, and layered for the chill Autumn weather hitting us recently.

A huge Good Luck to all mums (and dads) who are experiencing the exam stress along with the little ones!

Outfit details:
PnP embellished sweat top (last season)
Woolworths RE jeans (shop similar here)
Nike Sneakers (Shop Spree here)
Warehouse handbag (Shop similar at Asos here)
Witchery Scarf 
Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Assorted bracelets

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 12 May 2015

Biodermal Aesthetics Journey

Hi beauties, 

Over the past few months I have been introduced to Nadhiya Dawood and her Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic. Read more about my previous post on the clinic here. It has been a really enlightening and pampering journey, my skin says so too; it has been smoother, less problematic in terms of breakouts and just less unpredictable.

At the first visit one is encompassed in the serene environment, mirrored by Nadhiya's calm demeanour as she sits down for the consultation. This involves discussing health issues, medication, skin type and concerns- all in the interests of a tailor made effective treatment programme. I think outrchat extended to so many aspects and instead turned out to be a great getting to know you experience! The consultation includes an exploratory consultative facial, during which your skin moisture levels are checked using bt-analyze, a handheld device which detetcs the moisture levels on different parts of the face. This gives Nadhiya an idea of which areas to target and what treatments would be required for the best results. My immediate concerns were the pesky freckles which seem to get darker and more pronounced in Summer despite suncreen, and the occasional hormonal breakout.

My initial treatment included the consultation and the bt Micro, which consists of the ultrasonic exfoliation and product application. 
The face is cleaned and stripped of all products using the bt  Foaming cleanser, and exfoliated using bt gentle exfoliator andthe bt Micro device (a handheld device which emits ultrasonic vibrations) Thereafter the application of the bt Cocktail range of products follows which refer to a 3 step programme, aimed at reducing fine lines, pigmentation, and generally improving the skins condition over time.

She uses a new approach to applying products, by using the ultrasonic device to gently infuse the product into the skin, ensuring that it does not sit on the surface. Once the cocktail has been applied, she applies (infuses) moisturiser and eye cream. I really enjoy the feel of the ultrasonic vibrations on my skin, it feels like a massage at the same time it infuses the product.

Immediately the skin feels and looks plumper, smoother and healthier- just after a simple facial. I have had subsequent treatments for different concerns, and these will be addressed in a later post.

If you're looking for a non invasive gentle path to good glowing skin, book an appointment and experience the amazing results firsthand.

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 8 May 2015

Being Mum OOTD

Hi again lovelies,

Sunday is Mother's Day and although I am not too phased about the actual day, it's a time when one reflects on being a Mum and the business of mothering.  My OOTD is a typical everyday Mum look, but I would also like to take some time out to the celebrate mothers and their contribution to society.
My own journey as a mum started out when I was really young, it was planned that way and I don't regret it for an instant. There were some tough times, being mom to young babies while at the same time studying and writing exams is exhausting! And add to that career woman, wife and home maker... That was certainly a whirlwind phase in our married life. It hasn't gotten less crazy, just different, as mothering (parenting) has moved from constant teaching to a mentoring role.
I use this specific word because as they grow into teenagers they have their own ideas, they have paths and destinies to follow. The parenting role has evolved from teacher to advisor. They are ready to make their mark on the world, forging ahead on the road they're meant to follow, those lessons tucked securely away in that backpack of consciousness. As a parent you are needed for the guidance and stability, and the safety of being accepted for they are. It's hard to acknowledge that the same squirming baby, a mere second old, is now a young gentleman on the brink of building his future.

And the reflection brings one full circle, to your own mom. Who bore you, fed you, soothed you, taught you and cleaned you, without you being aware of these selfless tasks. You realise that she experienced the same tribulations and sending you out into world, to follow your plan for life. At times rebelling against what they wanted for you or where they want to lead you, blinded to their loving intentions. 

Moms around the world are special beings, rearing future leaders, teachers, scientists and of course future mothers. 
And on that note, my Mom OOTD features last seasons mohair cardi, skinny jeans, and two items I really chose to spoil myself with this season, Mimco boots and Michael Kors tote. Afterall, I have been a mum for17 years and I deserve it! 

Outfit details:
Woolworths Chunky knit & assymetrical t-shirt
Guess Jeans
Mimco ankle boots
Michael Kors handbag
Scarfdtop scarf
Forever new chunky necklace
Tanzanite earrings gifted

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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