Friday 24 April 2015

Modest Oversized OOTD

Hello again lovelies, 

The crop top has been the rage all summer and since I'm more of a modest fashionista I haven't really followed the crop top trend. Until I found this oversize boxy embossed top on one of my favourite online stores, Spree. The main thing that caught my eye with this top, was not really the fact that it was a crop, but more the beautiful embossed fabric. I am a huge fan of prints, beautiful fabrics and the way they drape, so it's important to me what the fabric composition is. Which brings me to a few tips I feel will be helpful for those contemplating online shopping (locally or internationally).

One of the significant factors (for me personally) when buying online is to check the care guide to determine the quality and durability of the fabric. Since I cannot touch and feel it, I need to ensure that it is of good quality and will retain its shape after washing- its also very important that light coloured items are not only dry cleanable. This just works out way too pricey!

An additional tip, is to know your measurements in cm's, as brands sizes vary, Australian and American brands are usually bigger, and try to familiarise yourself with European vs South African sizes. I even take it a step further and measure my foot dimensions too, in the case of purchasing shoes from overseas online stores, ensuring a perfect fit. 

As a fashionista, I love new trends and fashions, but I will bypass certain ones, comfortable in the fact that it will not suit me, my  body type or my personality. I tend to frequent international online stores as they are usually ahead of the trend curve. In doing so I have learnt some important lessons such as the importance of knowing your exact measurements, asking questions about the fabric, delivery lead times and whether customs is paid upfront (this is a very important question as customs duties are exceptionally high! A maximum of 54% including VAT).

A very important aspect of buying from international online stores is to ensure the reliability of the store and that you have a money back guarantee. Whilst it may very hard to return an international parcel, the reputable online stores offer a full refund and this generally will put my mind at ease when needing to make payment.

This outfit features my online purchase, which I was very impressed with since it was very well priced and the quality of the fabric was really good. It also washes and retains the shape perfectly!
I paired it with a grungy boyfriend jeans, silver sandals and a striped tank to add interest to the embossed fabric.

My outfit:

Oversized crop by Spree
Woolworths boyfriend jeans (buy similar styles here)
Mimco Sandals (shop here)
Chanel handbag bought abroad
Silk Scarf old
Ziba Styles necklace
Witchery statement ring (shop here)

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 10 April 2015

Autumn layering

Hi lovelies, 

Autumn is here, and with it comes cooler air, comfort meals and fashion layering. I am a summer creature by nature and enjoy the outdoors, the sea air and picnics with the family. We have been lucky to still have some warm weather, but occasionally the odd Autumn day creeps up on you. 

This week has been much better for me, my firstborn is back home and the holidays have been enjoyable with a few birthday celebrations. My world is spinning on an even axis again and I feel more grounded. It’s funny how a missing family member creates such a void in the home and in your daily life, that everything feels off kilter. And whilst he may have had a fantastic time touring Holland and Belgium, one can see the relief on his face to be in his own space again. And the siblings too, seem to be more balanced and back their usual selves. Happiness!

Today's post is an introduction to Autumn layering, featuring the essential white shirt (always a staple in any wardrobe) paired with the parka, also seeing a comeback this season. The statement patterned Chuck Taylors, finishes off the laid back casual look.

Outfit details:

Gap White shirt
Woolworths parka (old)
Guess skinny jeans
Marimekko collab All Star sneakers
Cotton On beanie
Pauls Boutique reversible leather shopper
Accessorize layered necklace
Freebie sunglasses (can’t remember where from)

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Wednesday 8 April 2015

Introducing Dr Leila’s Integrative Wellness and Aesthetic Practice

Dear Readers, 

I have been off the grid with regard to events due to my hectic schedule as wife, mum, sister and daughter that blogger events have taken a backseat. However, a few weeks ago, I was hosted by Pomegranate Events at the launch of Dr Leila’s Integrative Wellness and Aesthetic Practice. It was a stunning intimate launch, held against a scenic backdrop of the Llandudno beach on a beautiful end of Summer afternoon. I was really glad I took the afternoon off to attend as it was completely delightful.

The entire event was catered to beauty, wellness and looking after oneself. Dr Leila Sadien, an acclaimed GP, spoke about her practice and the ethos with which she practices medicine. It’s all about overall holistic body health, looking after the body inside and out and identifying the root cause of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. Dr Leila’s passion comes across in her beautiful, warm, open demeanour and gives one absolute confidence in her offering which I have yet to experience. 

Her recommendations do not always extend to medical science and I was particularly keen on hearing more about the medical intuitive and life coach, Chantel Oppelt. A woman who uses her intuition to heal, assist and guide using energy and her talents to restore ‘patients’ to a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle. 

We were witnesses to Dr Leila administer lip filler and botox which form part of her services and fall under the aesthetic banner of her practice. Various health and beauty vendors showcased their products and performed some demonstrations on some of the guests. These treatments included seated massages, facials and a facial peel. Whilst the results  are pretty impressive, I am not sure I am comfortable with fillers and botox, especially after witnessing the needles pierce the skin several times! I was so lucky to have won face products from Innovative Skincare Clinical, which is more up my alley.

There were also some interesting vendors displaying nutritional supplements which deals with internal wellness. Is so lucky to have won face products from Innovative Skincare Clinical too!

It was a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Lamees Romaney (Pomegranate Events) and Dr Leila Sadien ( for hosting and co-ordinating such a spectacular event.

The stunning view on a perfect day 

Dr Leila exudes such warmth with her beautiful smile 
Roshaan Isaacs from Style Africa Fashion Network

Natalie Magerman regaling us with tales of her background and experience in the beauty industry 

Injecting the lip filler

Chantel Oppelt was one of the vendors who struck a chord within me
Dr Leila administering botox on her dad
A typically gorgeous Cape Town sunset 

The evening was concluded by the guests being serenaded by the melodious sounds played by  The Guitanos

Collage photos Courtesy of Pomegranate Events and Chroma Creative

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo 

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Friday 3 April 2015

Exploring and Acceptance

Hi beautiful readers and Happy Easter to all those celebrating!

This has been a roller coaster week, having to say goodbye to my teenage son last Friday (who was perfectly happy to offer a perfunctory peck on the cheek and be on his way) was rather traumatic for me. I was under strict instructions from said teenager not to cry when he goes through the boarding gates, and I was pretty good until he was out of sight. As I walked towards the car, the dam walls came crashing down and I let the tears flow. My youngest son, who is super sensitive tried to comfort me, and ended up by saying he also had a tears on the inside (too sweet man! *sniff).

That was the easy part, the waiting had me on the edge of my seat - just to hear that they’d landed safely after the first flight was all I needed. All this happening and we had a big kiddies party at our house the following day, needless to say I was a bit off my game. I barely slept, waiting for a message, with a very excited 11 year old bouncing around in anticipation of hosting 20 friends at his party. It was time to get myself into party mode and put all thought of my errant traveller out of my mind. 

By 3pm the afternoon (in the midst of the craziness of 20 eleven year olds noisily swimming and running amok in my home)  word arrived via a brief text message that they had arrived in Amsterdam and were busy settling in. I was so relieved, it’s hard to explain that my worry was totally unnecessary, especially since there were around 12 adults travelling with the boys. And then my anxiety took another turn, waiting to hear if the food was good, if his ankle was fine to play, if he was warm enough, if he had slept well….. And everyday I received the briefest of text messages, no major detail just that he was fine and loved and missed us. I garnered more information from the tour Facebook page than from my boy. However, as the week to drew to a close he requested two FaceTime sessions this week, which made my heart really glad! So he does want to chat to the ol’ family left back home occasionally, maybe a bit of longing in there somewhere?

Reality has finally set in, and while I had thought I was OK to let him be, and be a brave and detached mum - I just could not be! It’s not in a mums DNA to let one of her chicks go out into the world without worrying about all that could go wrong. I am sure he’s just fine, enjoying the amazing experience, managing with his laundry, eating enough and taking care of his injuries. 

In the end, I managed to host a wonderful birthday party for my youngest baby, with no visible sign of being distracted. It was very important to me to put every single effort into making him feel special and ensure that his birthday was memorable (regardless of my heartache at having the eldest thousands of km away without word). 

And that, I believe is the marvel of motherhood - having to smile and ensure life goes on- even if one doesn’t feel like it- and doing a sterling job of it.

 And after all my unburdening, onto a happy look post to uplift the spirits.

Photographer: Ghaalid Behardien
Witchery First Edition Cape
ZARA t-shirt
Legit printed pants
Madison heels from Zando
Vintage Louis Vuitton handbag
Woolworths hat
Necklaces by Lovisa
Diamante bracelet by Desray

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo
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