Friday 19 January 2018

Starting 2018 with a bang!

 Welcome lovely readers!

I hope your 2018 started on the right footing, for many this has been the first week back at work. For me, the second, and this week already started off on a terrifying note. I realise that at every turn I will be faced with the opportunity to reinforce my faith, and practice acceptance of what has been decreed with Grace. For this I am grateful, as hard as it is to be in the midst of trauma, it is also the best vehicle for personal growth and to exercise strength.

I am not one for new years resolutions, and each year is merely a continuation of the work and growth of the previous year. 2017 literally kicked my a**, but it also held the most profound experiences of my entire life! There are no coincidences, and I believe 100% that without experiencing those difficulties, I would not have been in the same space, where I was able to absorb and soak up every single ounce of 'profoundness'. And so I aim to go about this year open to new experiences, open to lessons (some which have already landed this year!) and being conscious of serving with an open heart.

I started 2018 very serenely, on holiday at our annual Pine Lake Marina retreat. For a week I felt like I had carved out a little bubble in which only my sister, our hubbys and kids existed. My two older ones decided to remain in Cape Town, alone at home 😲 (which was tough for me, but  part of the letting go process) and my youngest was occupied with a host of friends his own age on the resort. This essentially meant that I had lots of time to rejuvenate, reflect and enjoy my tranquil surroundings. I enabled me to focus on what was important and to just be.

We started high school and matric this week, and my eldest will be embarking on his second year at university. I can already see the challenges that comes with 'parenting' an almost 20 year old. A young adult, who is now able to drive, manages his own schedule, and admin. How does one balance parenting with letting the reins go (almost completely)? Last year was the start of my journey of letting go, which was difficult, and the next phase doesn't seem too appear easy either. This year my youngest also enters a new chapter of teen life, another step into his own identity... I just pray for wisdom and grace in dealing with all the parenting challenges I know will crop up this year (some of which have already reared it's head in the few weeks of 2018!). 🙏🏼

My lookpost today encapsulates 2017, in all its wonder, pain, blessings and intense work. It was year like no other, a year of the most remarkable blessings... hence today's outfit is the perfect representation, glamourous, modest and unique. It was an outfit I had made by Mishah Designerwear, specially as my Hajji outfit for a family wedding. So it is a very special piece, symbolising my most spectacular pilgrimage... I think this is evident by just looking at it. So beautifully made and radiating elegance. Thank you Mishah! ♥️

Outfit details:
Mishah embellished dress & scarf
Embellished underscarf from Meccah 
Zara shoes
Accessorise bag
Earrings old 

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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