Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wearing Fabulous in Hijab

Hello lovelies!

It's been a crazy two weeks with birthdays, Father's Day, and my mum leaving for umrah (visit to Mecca).

So we decided to go really low key for hubby's birthday which coincided with Fathers Day. Of course the kids treated him to his traditional Sunday morning breakfast of coffee and koeksisters (in bed). I love special occasions, as I enjoy buying gifts and seeing the reaction when you give them. The joy on the recipients face is priceless and warms my heart. This is why I plan gifts way in advance, part of the organiser in me, I suppose, and the need for everything to be just right.

He could then choose what he wanted to do for his birthday, and he decided on a lunch at CTFM with us (kids and me). And later, coffee and cake with our siblings and parents at our place. A simple but thoroughly enjoyable day, and because he's always hectically busy at work, it was great for him to just take it easy.

So in the spirit of relaxation, I donned my Fabulous in Hijab maxi with a hint of shimmer and a pair of polka dot Chuck Taylor's.

The birthday boy and I

I was wearing:

Denim shirt (old)
Fabulous in Hijab maxi (follow her on FaceBook here)
Chuck Taylors (design collab by Converse & Marimekko)
Asos sling studded bad
Silver bangles
Country Road belt

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Leana! I feel as if I know you after yesterday. Hehe

  2. You looked great! I hope your husband enjoyed his birthday and Father's day. It's a good combo!

    O so inspired

    1. Thanks Odette! He sure did, spoiled all weekend hehe. Xx

  3. Oooooh that skirt is awesome! LOVE the colour :)

  4. Okay, seriously... I want all your sneakers! :)

    1. Heehee I am a bit of a shoe addict *guilty face*

  5. Beautiful outfit! I'm obsessed with maxi skirts and this one is different to all the others I've seen, and love the Chucks! I saw it on Citymob but they sold out so quickly..

    1. Thanks Shafeeqa! I have been looking for unique Chuck Taylor's and when I saw these I was in love.....

  6. Haai.. Just what I was looking for.. I always wore sneakers and all stars shoes. But when I started to wear the "hijab"..(,meaning full coverage) not just the scarf I started to wear ballerinas and heels becuz it looks beter with a skirt or a abayah.. Now I was looking for a new style but didn't know how to put my sneakers into my outfits...