Wednesday 31 July 2013

Have you ever?

After reading Desle's post and a few others on their blogs I thought I'd follow suit and share a bit of myself.
So here goes...  


1.Been pulled over?
Yes, for an usual style number plate my hubby thought looked ‘cool’. I feigned ignorance when the cop told me it was illegal. Really "Mr Cop? I’m sorry, I bought the car like this... I’ll get it sorted!" Cue sweet smile :-D

2.Plucked your eyebrows?
I usually thread, but in between consultations, I do all the time. 

3.Pulled an all-nighter?  
Yes, visions of high school camps come to mind..where you stay awake not to be pranked! LOL

4.Baked a cake?
All the time, I have three ravenous sons. What more can I say?

5.Fallen down in public?  
Hahaha! No, but have stumbled over uneven tiles or paving a few times. That alone is embarassing.

6.Been caught making out?  
Thank Goodness No!

7.Taken a pregnancy test?  
Yes, three kids later. And with the 3rd one, I think I took about 5 just to be sure. Hehe

8.Broken a bone?  
Nope, but split a hole in my head trying to balance on a high wall. Ahh the shortsightedness of childhood.

9.Had braces? 
No, but was thinking I do need them?

10.Gone skinny dipping?
 No, makes me sound pretty boring. I think I’ll try in my own pool. At night. With everyone asleep.
11.Made a prank call?
Yes, and I cant remember why? Or how? Or what I said, if anything. I do remember it being a phone with the round dial. Maybe I enjoyed the dialling action more? 

12.Screamed during a scary movie?
Not really, hubby does though (sorry babes ;-D). But you should see me in those horror houses/ tunnels. I shriek non-stop and hubby sits there laughing at me. But I’d do it again and again and again...

13.Gone out without underwear?
Huh? What! Never even thought about it!

14.Been arrested?

15.Opened Christmas presents early?
We don’t celebrate Christmas, although my kids sure think we do! They loooove Christmas time.

16.Been in the hospital?
Yes. Too many times... :’(

17.Had food come out your nose?
Yes, actually,I stuck a pea in my nose when I was little *blush*. One of those emergency room trips... but then it came out my nose. 

18.Toilet papered someone's house?

19.Laughed so hard you cried?
Yep.. quite often. Hubby also does this toe tickling thing aaargh! Then I’m not sure if I’m laughing or crying?

20.Burned yourself with a curling iron?
No, just a regular iron, which is why I’m allergic to ironing now :-D

21.Been hit on by someone too old?
Yes, eeew.... and he was married. And I was around 15 at the time!

22.Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Errr, yes. What is that second rule again?

23.Given a hickey?
Ahem, yes (in a whisper!). I’m now a mom to a teenager. 

24.Shared a sucker with your dog?
Never had a dog 

25.Been in an accident?
Yes..was hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully I only suffered whiplash and concussion.

26.Spied on your neighbors?
Yes, occassionally. Doesn’t everybody?

27.Lied about your age?
Used to, all the time! My kids thought I was 20 something for a long time. Until they could do math. Then the game was over blegh!

28.Fired a gun?

29.Been drunk?
No, actually never taken a sip of alcohol. 

30.Gotten a tattoo
Do those long lasting henna ones count? Then yeah, a few times. It’s always the same one, the chinese symbol for love. On my ankle.

That's it!
This was as much fun writing it as it was reading everyone elses!

RuBe xoxo

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Thursday 25 July 2013

Fuschia Pink pumps

Hello beauties!

The fast is flying by and it has already been such a good month! I have really taken the time to reflect and make the most of this month.

It's amazing how much more time I have found I have, well... I haven't really gone shopping aside from the sorely needed groceries. My kids do not participate in sport, and I therefore do not have to do soccer runs or be on the soccer field at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. I have been practising my scarf wrapping and the different styles and those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen my posts on this.

One thing I do miss, is my occasional coffee dates with friends, and as a result I have a few promises of catch ups after Ramadaan. 

The outfit I chose for today's post was worn before the fast for a breakfast date with my sister at Tobago's (another favourite). I love the view from the deck, the breakfast room is small so its very intimate and always makes me feel like I'm on holiday. 

I covered my denim on denim outfit with a loose knit crew neck and my courts in bright pink.

Seriously in need of my sunnies lol

I am wearing:
PnP crew neck knit
MrPrice denim shirt
Woolworths studded boyfriend jeans
Nine West heels
Lovisa Necklaces

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 19 July 2013

A modest look for a night out

A few weeks ago, we had dinner at Sevruga on V & A Waterfront. It really is one of my favourite spots for a celebratory dinner. The atmosphere is intimate, yet bustling at the same time. And the food? Never disappoints :-D They have a winter special, which is great value for money as you pay a set price for a few choices of starters, main and dessert.

It was a special occasion, so I decided to dress up and try out the turban for an evening out. It's becoming easier with practiceThe weather was pretty chilly and I chose a pair of tights to cover up. with my Perry Book wedges.

Always checking that the doek is still in place!

I was wearing:

Edgars georgette shirt with studded collar
Country Road Ponti skirt
Falke tights
Perry Book Wedges
Bracelet & gold jewellery old

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo

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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Welcome Home Mum!

My mom recently embarked on a visit to Mecca and returned on Sunday. In the spirit of this holy month, I thought I'd include a few lines on this  special journey which I hope to take. I'll be patient until  my time comes, Inshallah (God willing).

One performs many of the rituals as is required for Hajj (pilgrimage), and spend your days in prayer in two major mosques in Madinah and Mecca. The time is generally used for introspection, asking forgiveness for sins and repeating many of the actions performed by our last prophet , Muhammad (PBUH). Of course, there's also loads of shopping to be done, usually more abayas (black cloaks), prayer mats, jewellery etc etc.

So the sweet thing with my moms journey this time is that my son, Ihsaan (9), wanted to know each day where she was and what she would see and do.  We would then try to follow her travels from SA, he was really interested in what happens in the Holy Land with such fresh curiosity.

At the airport, after getting dressed and out of the house by 6:30am

Mom looking very sad before she left

My outift for the occasion:

Scarf: Gift (accessorised with SassDiva headband)
Snood: Cotton On
Quilted Leather Jacket: Asos (Urban)
Leopard Print hi- lo tunic: Mr Price
Skinny Jeans: RE @ Woolworths
Boots & Belt: Country Road (old)
Earring: SassDiva

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Ramadaan Kareem

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

As we embark on this holy month of Ramadaan, I would like to wish all those fasting a blessed month, and may all your prayers be answered and duahs and good deeds be accepted Inshallah.

May we use this month for spiritual reflection and to spend it in continual supplication to our creator. Let's create habits which will strengthen our Imaan and remain with us InshAllah.

The month of Ramadan is one of the pillars of our faith, in which Allah (God) has given us the opportunity to reflect on our actions on our path to Him.

"Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong)..” (Q 2:183)

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and rightousness” (Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:183)

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته 
Assallamu Alyakum, peace be upon you.

Rushda xx

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Thursday 4 July 2013

Hey Gorgeous Brunch

I'm sure you have all seen the excitement on Twitter and various blogs about the Hey Gorgeous event on Saturday. It was held at the darling Dear Me brasserie located in the CBD, the perfect setting to showcase this aptly called gorgeous brand.

The setting was beautiful and intimate, and I met fellow bloggers ,Bronwyn aka Mother City Mom and Iptishaam aka Stitchedmyblog, and spotted some whom I didn't get to chat to. Since my partner was unable to join me, Ziyaad, my 14 year old son, offered to accompany me. Mostly because he heard that there would be food lol! He was also most impressed to have met the beautiful Carishma Basday, who is a stunning person inside and out.

There is so much I can say about the products! I have been using the body scrub, facial scrub and body mousse. They smell divine and are absolutely heaven for my skin. The lovely Pheebs and Leana spoiled the guests with goody bags filled with some of their products, a BiG WiN (who doesn't love goody bags) and I can't wait to try my cupcake!

So onto the pics....

The stunning Iptishaam Davids from Stitchedmyblog

My company for the morning

The lovely Leana handing over a gift to Carishma Basday

I've discovered a fellow shoe and bag addict in Carishma
Ziyaad  was rather impressed that he got to meet Carishma

Outfit details:
Trenery dress (old)
Woolworths wedges
ZARA belt
Falke tights
Old leather jacket
Nine West handbag (old)
Louis Vuitton Scarf

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo


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