Friday 31 October 2014

PinkTober Animal Print

Hello lovely readers,

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, followed by Movember, and I have heard so many survivor stories and seen so many dedications to loved ones lost. Cancer has touched the lives of almost everyone I know in one way or another. It’s a wake up call to take care of your body, listen to it and, if you feel as if something’s not as it should be, have it checked out! Early detection is the key to survival and beating this disease. 

It’s particularly sad, when babies and younger kids are affected, yet they endure it with grace and perseverance. There are so many lessons we can learn from the young. We can emulate their zest for life and living each day as it comes, kids are present in the moment regardless and suffer with impish charm. Let’s take this page from their book and find the joy in every day, and banish the sorrow of terminal illnesses.

Today’s lookpost is a tribute to Pinktober, on this last day of October, representing the summer of every day. In true Cape Town style we have had all four seasons this week and hopefully this summer outfit will prompt Summer to stay. 

I’ve paired animal print and stripes in a mid-week casual outfit, my comfortable mum-on-the-go look.

Outfit details:
Asos boxy Top 
Foschini skirt
Country Road sandals and bag
Spilhaus bracelet
Guess earrings
Antique Ring old
Studded Scarf old

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Tuesday 28 October 2014

The Purflo Breathable Sleep System

Hello again lovely readers,

Today’s post is a bit of a departure from my beauty and fashion, and focuses a little more on our precious little bundles of joy. And while I am WAY past this stage I am surrounded my enough new mommies or moms-to-be to feel that this is really important.

One of the most memorable things about being a new mom was my paranoia, when I read baby books on SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) more commonly known as cot death, I was terrified! I used to check that my new baby was still breathing several times into his deep sleep, and even used to wake during the night if he slept too long. I’m sure I am not the only one, and many will probably continue to do this. 

When I saw this mattress, Purflo breathable mattress (available online at CleverlitteMonkey ), I thought it was important to share this with new and soon-to-be mums. What makes it different is that is washable and therefore reduces the presence of allergens, it’s also been manufactured with materials believed to reduce SIDS.

Winner Mother & Baby Gold Award 2014, the Loved by Parents Innovation Award 2011 & Right Start Gold Award 2011, Winner Best Baby & Toddler Gear: nursery, Practical Preschool Gold Award 2010.
Image from 

"Ongoing research into SIDS highlights possible links with chemicals present in foam mattresses, the effects of CO2 pooling and baby overheating.  Now new parents can rest assured that the PurFlo mattress system reduces all of these concerns and others.
As the only fully washable cot mattress and being hollow, the PurFlo mattress provides a genuinely dust-mite free environment for babies, helping to prevent any harmful build-up of allergens, bacteria or fungi.  PurFlo is the only mattress using Amicor material, tested using WHO and Allergy UK specifications.  This helps to keep your babys exposure to air-borne allergens below the levels that can cause sensitivity and trigger conditions such as asthma and eczema. 

This addresses the most common concerns parents have, and there are still a multitude of other things to consider as a new parent. Recent innovations attempt to make new parenting easier and less daunting with the introduction of these products into the market - I wish they were around when my kids were little!

For younger babies, the Purflo Sleepsac works with the Purflo mattress, designed for smaller bodies and providing the same protection against allergens.
"The SleepSacs have a silky soft 100% bamboo fabric lining that is naturally anti-bacterial and absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton.   This combined with a high tech anti-bacterial Amicor filling helps keep your baby's exposure to air-borne allergens below the levels that can cause sensitivity and trigger conditions such as asthma and eczema.
Unique features include a zipped wide open front for easy night nappy changes with a minimum disturbance, a soft chin guard to prevent rubbing and zip-on sleeves for added warmth on colder nights. 

Winner of a Mother & Baby Gold Award 2014 and the Practical Preschool Silver Award 2011 
Image from 

For any new parents looking for really awesome baby products, head over to CleverLittleMonkey and have a look at their other innovative baby products.

Good luck New Mums and Dads! 

Ciao for now, 

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Thursday 23 October 2014

Farewell to Winter with a detox

Hi beautiful readers, 

Winter is finally behind us, and it’s time to get ready for Summer and vacations, yay!
Today marks the end of a serious 10 day detox programme that I’ve been on and I have to say it has been hard, but I can really feel a difference. 
This detox exercise started some time ago with a detox of the mind, last months focus on yoga and meditation really cleansed my mind. It helped me focus on what’s important, especially after an illness, one does tend to take stock of things. Thereafter a detox of life, cleaning up things which don’t add value and issues which are not worth expending energy on. 
Finally, a physical detox which involved a 10 day cleanse and eliminating caffeine, sugar, wheat, red meat, poultry, dairy, all gluten products from my diet and consuming mostly fresh fruit and vegetables- preferably all organic. Initially I thought it would be really hard, but it was actually bearable aside from missing my morning coffee :-( A few essentials from the Wellness Warehouse helped me along the way and I have emerged!
From tomorrow, I will slowly start introducing a few of these back into my diet, but I feels loads better- lighter and unburdened in a way.

So today’s lookpost is the last of my winter looks… with this coat which I foresee will continue being active next winter.

My outfit:

Jacket own import
Pnp Jeggings
Adidas Grazelle sneakers
Guess Striped knit
Cotton On beanie
Rings various
Aldo earrings

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 21 October 2014

A Lipidol Brand Wash

Hi readers, 

A couple of weeks ago I attended the launch of the Lipidol range of body products. We had been sent the Aftershower Oil and, since I had recently started using BioOil and will swear by it, I decided to give it a try.

Before I continue to rave about this awesome product, let me tell you a bit about the range. Brought to us by Evolabs, their aim was to introduce body products with a purist approach. All prodcuts are fragranced by essential oils and thus all natural. The aesthetic appeal of each bottle is very simple, in an attempt to keep the range affordable, ( R79,95 at Clicks Stores for all products) and to highlight the functional nature of the products. The entire range contain active ingredients to promote rejuvenation as well as moisture retention. 

As a gift, we given the Cleansing Body Oil to try out. I am such a fan of citrusy scents and this product has a subtle lime fragrance. I have personally never thought of using oils instead of shower gel or body wash. But, once you try it, you may just be hooked! The ultimate proof of its effectiveness to soften and moisten the skin was when my husband asked me what I was using on my skin. He pointed out that my skin felt so soft and smooth - well I don’t need any other justification to run out and buy the entire range!! He’s even started using the Cleansing Body Oil in the shower as well (it doesn’t smell or look girly, so it’s ok). The oils doesnt really foam, it emulsifies and you can feel the difference to traditional body washes and soap. It’s so gentle on the skin, and very importantly doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils.

The Aftershower Oil is then applied once you’ve dried off and mimics the skins lipid bilayer. It absorbs easily, is non-greasy and doesn’t really have much of a fragrance (chamomile). Once you’ve applied this oil, your skin really feels soft and moisturised, and the oil doesn’t “sit” on top of the skin either.

Other products in the range include:

Aftershave Oil
This product is perfect for my teenage son to use since his skin is still so baby soft and smooth. 

Cleansing Face Oil
Another exciting product I still have to try, but the logic of using oil to remove oil based make up makes sense to me.

Overnight Face Oil
This is a must have for me, and the black pepper and ylang ylang (one of my favourite essential oils, BTW) fragrance is really soothing. 

Suntan Oil SPF20
The Suntan Oil will still find its way into my bathroom cabinet, and at a price of R79,95 its really well priced.

This range is another groundbreaking advancement into body products by Evolabs, one I’ll most certainly be following religiously. To recap the most important features in my humble opinion-
1. All natural
2. Well priced
3. Rejuvenation and retention
4. The range moves towards preventative skincare 

So head on over to Clicks, who will stock it exclusively for a year, and grab some of these amazing products. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ciao for now, 

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Thursday 16 October 2014

What I wore: Eid-ul-Adha

Assalaamu Alaykum readers,

Today I have greeted in arabic as this post touches on a very special topic and a journey I yearn to make. This particular Eid is to celebrate the pilgrimage which all Muslims have to undertake as one of the pillars of our religion. Last night we visited a friend who has just returned, and she was so inspiring and frank about her whole experience. I left with a warm glow of appreciation for what I can only imagine to be one of the biggest life changing journeys. One can’t help but feel spiritually enlightened just by sharing in a pilgrim’s (hadjie) tale of utter joy and awe.

We celebrate the hadj journey in solidarity with our pilgrims on Eid-ul-Adha, a day spent with family and sometimes performing the ritual sacrifice of sheep or oxen. On days like these, I feel blessed to spend time with family, for the abundance of food and the ease with which we are able to practice our  beliefs.

Here are some pics of the day, and my little nuclear family. The mornings are always busy with me in the kitchen preparing Eid lunch, so I have a comfortable but presentable outfit for when I need to greet guests.

Can’t believe how my boys are growing!!!
Ihsaan, my little man
This pic sums up Ameer, always making us laugh 
Ziyaad, who has grown into a high fashion gentleman  (somebody save me!)
Time for a quick photo before guests arrive

My afternoon look:

Outfit details:
Morning jumpsuit by Asos

Supertrash Sequinned blazer from Zando
Tulle skirt custom made by Fabulous in Hijab
ZARA t-shirt
Nicci Boutiques gold plate bow belt
Stylemology Heels
Accessorize clutch bag
Aldo Statement Ring
Pearls old
Scarf old
Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Getting to know me with the Liebster tag

Hi everyone, 

It’s taken me a while to answer all of Amina’s ( The All Seeing Lens) Liebster award questions, but life has been hectic and filled with unexpected happenings. 
Thank you Amina for the nomination and because I have done this several times, I will duck out of nominating other bloggers and will just proceed to answer her questions.

1. What was the best memory you have from your childhood?
The best memory I have is of my grandfather taking me along in the wee hours of the   morning to the Fruit and Veg market in Epping. Spending time with him at his workplace was always so interesting.

2. What time in history do you wish to go back to?
I would like to go back to a time in history where the Moores (Aka those of muslim faith living on the continent ) were revered doctors, scientists, architects and philosophers. The things we could learn from them!
Cordova, captial of Moorish Spain and the cultural and intellectual heart of Europe from 8th to 13th centuries

Alhambra, Spain - A UNESCO world heritage site and the pride of ancient Moorish architecture in Spain

3. What was the best birthday gift you have ever received? 
        Well, since my birthday is still so fresh in my mind- my most recent gift from husby is the best. Diamond and Tanzanite earrings… *sigh*

4. What was your greatest achievement in life?
My greatest achievement has definitely been the ability to balance a demanding career and at the same time be a hands-on Mum.
5. What has made you smile recently?
Shopping with my sister and my little nephew, who claims my lap as his spot!

6. Are you allergic to anything?
Certain types of fish
7. Do you have any fears? (give one)
That I would not always be able to protect my kids from hurt. As they get older, they have to learn to deal with all emotions, including hurt. 
8. What do you consider is the best thing about having a blog?
My blog is my own space, in which I express myself in anyway I choose. There are no restrictions and if people read and enjoy it- that’s a bonus!

9. Which restaurant do you find yourself always going to?
Willoughby’s for their sushi or Baia for a special meal
10. Who do you admire the most in the bloggersphere?
I admire those bloggers who do really well in their respective fields, and have the commitment to be themselves regardless of media pressure.
11. Where in the world would you love to explore?
There are so many places on my bucket list and I have been to a few, but right now India and Ireland are moving to the top of the list.

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo
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