Thursday 16 June 2022

Our rock turns 50!!!

This space has been neglected for a long time, but it remains my place of memories, of inspiration and more importantly honouring my loved ones.

 Today I honour my biggest support and rock...

He's made 50 trips around the sun, a half a century of memories and 27 of them with me at his side.  I am eternally grateful to my Creator for placing such a kind, considerate and loving person on my path. 

Happy birthday Mr Awesum!!

Officially, we have spent more than half your life together, building a life, which later included our three most precious additions. We have built businesses, experienced pain, failures, successes, adventured, learnt and grown together. We're both no longer the same persons we were back then; we have fought internal battles, external struggles, and picked each other up when the other has fallen down.

On this golden anniversary of your birth, we celebrate your life, the highs, the achievements, the laughs, the special moments and every single triumph of your existence. You've played such a huge role in my own growth, you have inspired me and shown me how to embrace and focus on the lighter side of life .

We have made the most treasured memories, and nurtured cherished traditions within our little family unit. I pray that we will be blessed with many more, and that the years ahead are as joyful and filled with love and respect. You have a wonderful sense of humour, are instantly liked by many, while also quietly sheltering your sensitive and empathetic side. You are a precious gift we have been blessed with 💕Algamdulilah 💕 

Mr B, as you are affectionately known...

You are my beam of light on the dark roads

I sometimes find myself traversing, 

You bring your whole heart, ready to serve,

Ready to sacrifice and celebrate others. 

Your place on this earth has been Divinely Ordained 

Beside me, 

Brilliantly guiding our unit,

Through stormy seas, and navigating us

onto calmer, lighter waters. 

I am in awe of your intrinsic instinct

To always put others first, 

To always want to do good in this world.

You are a refreshing cool presence in a world

Thats burning with injustice, 

Thats being engulfed by flames of ambition. 

And yet, you remain the humble, unassuming,

Gentle leader steering our young crew members through 

along on their missions placed on their voyages.

I am honoured to be your First Mate

on this expedition called LIFE.

May your path be lit with as much delight which you bring to ours.

We love you unconditionally, "to infinity and beyond"

Happy birthday, my love.

27 years of togetherness

Birthday Boy!!

Always present for every event with our young men

Bonding time with the boys started at an early age

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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Sunday 27 March 2022

Ihsaan turns 18... Where has the time gone?

 Hey lovelies!

For those of you who have been following my page for years, you would remember my youngest, Ihsaan, as a little boy. Well this little boy, turns 18 today, a WHOLE EIGHTEEN YEARS! 

From the little person who baked with me, the one who learnt to use a digital camera and was my blog photographer for the longest time, to a remarkable young man who has a bustling social life. I have to catch myself each time he goes out, to curb the impulse to draw him close and hold him tight. Whilst he'll always be my baby, he's growing into a young man on his own path. A young man venturing into the world on a path only determined by Divine Guidance ✨

My youngest, who entered our lives and filled it with his own joy and light. As the youngest of 3 boys, he needed to establish his space early on, carving out the role of mediator for his two older brothers. He also filled in as goalkeeper for them for most of his toddlerhood, being too little to play soccer 'properly'. 

He grew up on the soccer field every single weekend, aged only a few months, he would be bundled up against the elements to watch his older brothers. Naturally his love of sport grew, being a little kid who could not sit still, who never walked anywhere and would sprint instead. It follows that we spent a good deal of his childhood at emergency rooms with broken bones, sprains and assorted injuries through the years. His range of interests so aptly mirrors his enquiring mind, his love of cooking, baking, travelling, engaging with people from different cultures, reading and his deep well of random facts. When he was young we would jokingly refer to him as the 'auditor' as he needed everything to have order, to be neat and tidy, and his room and wardrobe would reflect it. And yet, he's been a considerate, easy going, relaxed teenager through the most turbulent adolescent years.

I marvel at how his mind works, how intuitive he is, his kindness and compassion a constant in all his engagements. This young man has made us so proud, in so many ways; one of the most remarkable is how he treats others and how loved he is by so many. We raise our kids and guide them, so that they may go into world as generous, considerate and strong individuals, without being arrogant. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this young man is respectful, charming, engaging, caring and an all round sweety pie (and yes I guess I may be heavily biased) 💕💕💕💕

I dedicate this to my youngest, who has now stepped over threshold into adulthood...

My darling Ihsaan, 

Dubbed our 'ou mannejtie' from the earliest age, 

Your old soul spoke to me in so many ways, 

Conscious of an unspoken bond,

Not only of mother and son, 

But also of fellow spirits who recognise themselves in the other,

Who can communicate and feel without words. 

It boggles the mind that you're teetering on the brink

Of adulthood, entering the world to make your way. 

I know you'll be an asset, a leader, a light;

Embraced into the bosom of society, 

With your unique wit and uncanny sense of humour,

Which brightens any space you join.  

You so charmingly carve your way into the hearts

Of all who encounter you;

Your radiant smile illuminating the darkest corners. 

My son, my last-born, my shadow;

You are powerfully paving a path, 

So Extraordinary, so Distinctive, 

Your dreams are unafraid,

And unapologetic.

I pray that you remain protected as you journey

On this often jarring trail, 

That you heed and draw Divine guidance close,

That you fill your conscious moments

With Gratitude,

Your spare time with Benevolence,

And your heart and life with 

❤ LOVE ❤

My wish for you is that you remain steadfast, in your quest and hunger for knowledge and growth, in all spheres of your life.

Happy 18th Birthday!

With lots and lots of love,

Mum xoxo

You've certainly taken our family into a new direction

Your first birthday

Always smiling

You love the little cousins

Smiling again...

Always searching for your older brothers

Out little 'ou mannetjie'

Your absolute favorite vacation spot since you were little

Your two role models

A young man in the making

You're a child of the world, travel runs through your veins

Another favourite travel adventure 

Ciao for now,


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Tuesday 1 March 2022

Transformational March 2022

 Hey there lovelies! 

It feels really good to be penning down my thoughts on this space of mine. I have had so many musings whirling around my head since December, but no opportunity (read inspiration) to return to my blog. My inspiration is slowly returning, after a spending the first two months of 2022 on getting my head into the right space, and gathering my strength again after being extremely burnt out. 

The effects of this pandemic reaches beyond the physical health, or financial impact; it has affected every single person in so many ways, which is not clearly seen or understood. These effects are long lasting, and so subtle, it can slip by unnoticed. As a social person who was always out and about pre-Covid, I initially felt that the isolation as a good thing, that spending time on my own was the best opportunity to connect with my inner self. However, at some point the insulation from the world seemed too safe, while the outside world was in the throes of uncertainty, being torn apart by an unknown virus. The unpredictability of life was a constant, it was impossible to plan for anything, and the fear of the loss of loved ones remains a constant. The seclusion was therefore a 'protective bubble' which became all too comfortable, making it so easy to retreat from the world.

It gradually dawned on me that the human connection outside of my home is something I needed and thrive on. Engaging with like-minded individuals, or just sitting in a restaurant on my own (surrounded by people) is a form of healing for me. Further to this, the state of quarantine was not a healthy one for my mindset, I missed seeing the mountains, oceans and scenery outside of the home. I missed going out to a movie, I missed the impromptu lunches and date nights. These are now things which I hold dear, for which I am grateful and appreciate with all of my being. The positive effect of the pandemic has been that I am immensely grateful for all the blessings I am fortunate to experience each and every day. The little things which may have gone unnoticed before, are now starkly recognised as the Divine gifts that they are.

I feel as if 2022 brought with it an emergence from almost two years of limbo, where nothing was certain and everything felt strange. It's no wonder anxiety was at an all time high and mental health very tenuous. I spent so much of my time being worried and concerned, for my family, my parents, elders and vulnerable members, that I may somehow transmit this virus unknowingly. That I might be the cause of illness for the vulnerable, it felt heavy and I struggled to shift it for a long time. There were many hours of distress for mu business, and livelihoods of those close to me. At the same time, I was fully aware of the importance of taking care of my own mental health; and my self-care routines and rest became non-negotiable and my most important coping mechanisms to help navigate this new uncertain 'normal'. I revived my healthy habits which the pre-COVID rat race dictated as unnecessary, and they are now a key part of every day.

So March officially feels like a blossoming, a fresh start in this new world we're voyaging into. There are still many unknowns, and possibly many more valleys to shuffle through, but my FAITH has been significantly fortified by the trials and lessons of the past two years Algamdulilah.

It is therefore appropriate to mark this transformation with a photo shoot, it's a new dawn, a new day and I'm feeling on top of the world. Whatever lessons may come across my path, I feel stronger, equipped and supported by the Divine 💖

Photos by the incredible Pixels Photography...

Makeup by JustFadz


Outfit details: 
H & M Shirt 
Asos T-shirt
Zara Pants
Nike Sneakers
Scarf old

Ciao for now,

RuBe xoxo

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Friday 10 December 2021

A Quarter Century plus One

 Hi lovelies, 

It's been ages since I even ventured to this page and 'penned' my thoughts, this space, which is usually where I go to to express my thoughts. However, I have been re-reading my older posts, and re-visiting some of my insights and revelations which I have experienced along my journey. 

But this week, my upcoming anniversary felt like the right time to return. This month is always a reflective one, where I look back at the year that has passed, and years before that. I use this time to see how much I have grown, how my family has flourished; and to give gratitude for every single blessing Algamdulilah. This is a period of reset for me, and despite the current challenges faced in my industry, I take stock of my intentions and plans (usually set during the month of Ramadaan) and continue to look ahead. 

Today marks my 26th anniversary, our celebratory vacation last year was cancelled, this year we had planned it for early in 2022 and I remain hopeful that we will get to travel soon again InshaAllah. As I sat and contemplated this past year (in fact the past two), I am humbled at the blessings and favours that have been bestowed upon me through this time. There were times where I broke down, tears streaming down my face as I prayed for guidance and strength. There were occasions when husby had to pick me up, console me, talk me through the trials I faced, and just be there for me at my lowest moments. And through these lows, I have persevered, WE have persevered, and grown in mutual understanding. Our family unit has bonded and become closer, taking care to continue

So today's post is one of humble gratitude, for the trials we have weathered together, and more importantly, the deepening friendship and love that has accompanied us on this journey over the past two years. When lockdown hit, we were placed in each other's space 24/7, and since we haven't returned to office, we've continued working from home, together. If we can make it through almost two years of being around each other for 2 years... we  can make it through anything

I therefore dedicate this post to my long-time partner, my soul mate, best friend, cheerleader and sounding board. For all the patience, dedication and commitment you have towards us and our family. 

My love,

As the sands of time pass by, 

We become more entwined, more in sync;

Our thoughts mirrored in the other, 

Comforted by understanding of the road the other has travelled.

These months have tested our resolve, 

It has shown us the beauty of Divine Love and Blessing, 

These months have taught us the essence of faith and humility. 

And through it

We have grown, as individuals, as a partnership, as a family unit;

We have grown as parents and our charges have shown us the light. 

Our days have been uncertain, still is; 

But what is certain is that I'll be in your corner, 

And you in mine, 

Quietly supporting and loudly applauding.

I remain in awe of the blessing you have brought to my life,

Constantly aware of how my my Creator loves me, 

To have placed you on my path. 

I remain honoured to be by your side, 

Through thick and thin, 

As you fight for us and our family...

As you love us unconditionally, 

Keep us safe and as you serve us with your entire being.

I love you, 


I love you, 

to Infinity

Happy Anniversary my Rock 


Caio for now,

RuBe xoxo

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