Friday 31 March 2017

A challenging time

Welcome lovely readers,

Wow, what a beautiful rainy Friday morning we have been blessed with in the Cape. To go to sleep with the sad news of the cabinet reshuffle; and waking up hoping it was a bad dream, just finished off another insane week on a crazy note! 

2017 has brought so many challenges and obstacles on my personal path that I have become adroit at navigating around them, over them and through them. Each of these challenges helping me understand a little more about myself and my abilities. One day it can feel as if the world is literally crashing down around me, and after some introspection and prayer, I am able to turn around and face things head on. The biggest hurdle this year has been re-examining parenting; raising three teenagers in a world which is significantly different to the one I grew up in, is a mammoth task. Each day I learn a little more from these young men, and with my youngest who turned 13 this week, new boundaries had to be negotiated (again).  For me parenting is a constant negotiation of boundaries, rules and evolving the family unit to be safe and stable in an ever changing environment. 

I suppose the dynamic, fast paced world necessitates a constant negotiation of boundaries, for oneself as well as for the youth. It necessitates constant personal growth, to be able to function effectively in a society where things change overnight. From one moment to the next, things change in a heartbeat, like the tanking of our currency when recalling our Finance Minister, or reshuffling an entire cabinet, or the tragic death of a struggle stalwart, Ahmed Kathrada. And while these occurrences provoke anger, rage and the sense of injustice, it is also a time for reflection and the presence of mind to know that we need to deal with the present, the here and now. Ahmed Kathrada (like so many others) is an icon, a figure to be revered and learnt from, but our focus should be on the future, and being able to nurture such character and values in the present and next generations' leaders. And in the same way that I have had to address some really harsh circumstances this year, I feel as if the country is in the same way having to weather this new landscape, with the view to coming out stronger, with new leadership on the other side.  

In light of all upheaval happening around us, the droughts and fires, politics, school beatings and killings and kids going missing, it is apparent that we have to create safe spaces for our kids to just be. Societal pressures are hectic, superficial habits are applauded and intelligence and values placed on the back burner. As I have had to learn through challenges, the youth too will have to weather these difficulties, maintaining their sense of self with their confidence and self esteem intact. I trust and have faith that it is indeed possible.

Today's look is an ethereal one, light pastels with tulle and nudes to reflect my inner child. It echoes my hopeful thoughts and faith that things will turn out as they should. 
That I need to trust and fulfill my purpose in a greater plan.

The ZARA is a peachy nude silk top with tulle, paired with a skinny jeans and leopard print heels to add some edge for a work meeting. 

Outift details:
ZARA top
H&M skinny jeans
Nine West heels (old)
Ted Baker bag (old)
Jo Borkett scarf (old)
Lovisa rose gold neckpiece

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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