Monday 19 December 2016

Ending 2016

Happy holidays lovelies!

Even if you're not on leave, or leaving town, the holiday fever has descended. With long weekends, sweltering hot days, Christmas carols blaring in shopping malls and insane traffic. The festive cheer (and crazy throngs of tourists) have arrived to remind you that the year is almost over. 

I always reflect on the year, what I've achieved, how much I have grown and what I have given back. For me growth is a constant, and I cannot thrive when I'm stagnant, it is in my DNA to be in constant reflection, introspection and learning - resulting in personal progress.

Last week was my 21st anniversary, and every year we sit back and  contemplate our life together. We take a little bit of time away from the kids, even if it is for an hour or a few, just to connect on this special day, which invariably sparked a change our lives and set us on a certain path. We celebrate the day, for the significance it played in our individual growth, for the precious blessings in the form of our kids, for the trials from which we have grown stronger, together; and for the joyous moments which we experienced together. 

I would not have survived 2016 without the guidance, support and unconditional love bestowed by my husband, my rock, my constant companion and partner in crime. During this year I had to confront many demons, I had to excavate inner parts of myself which were not always pretty- and yet he was still my constant companion. Whether he was quietly assisting from the sidelines, or cheering me in his spirited manner, he was by my side; always supported by my army of angels, my boys. This year has been a great journey for all of us, there have been traumas, losses, sadness and there have also been special gifts, precious moments, tough challenges and immense growth for each of us in this nuclear family. This year has brought an expansiveness into our home in a way that nurtures every individual in the space. 

In the spirit of the phenomenal transformation this year has brought, we've decided to embark on a phenomenal vacation to celebrate. Whilst I will miss my Wilderness break, I will soak up the European experience with my kids. I will revel in seeing their reactions to some of my favourite spots in the world. I will bask in the special memories we'll create for a lifetime, and return for another year of  trying to be the best version of me.

This is for you, my constant companion:

I could not envision a day without your presence, 
I would not want to experience a day without your smile,
And I hope to always bring sunshine into our space. 
You have gifted me a special place in your heart, 
A lodging I have taken up and I pray have made jubilant. 
I have planted seeds of joy in the space you inhabit in mine.
For joy is a constantly evolving state, 
It blossoms at times, 
It sheds at times, 
And requires work to ensure it stays.

Our army we have raised is more than a blessing,
They're versions of us we send into the world.
And I know, 
If they absorb just a fraction of who we are, 
They will walk with love and compassion for always. 
They will strive to be better, 
Yet know they are always enough...
Always treasured, always loved,
Always supported.
Just like our bond.

Happy 21st!!💝💝💝💝

Today's look features a sequin pants with a Human Image tropical parka to dress it down for a light glam look. Perfect for a night out at the theatre or dinner date. It perfectly represents 2016, filled with so many areas of growth (like a rapidly sprouting tropical forest) and some really amazing achievements (the sparkling moments).

Have a great Festive Season, and see you all in 2017!

Outift details:

Human Image tropical lightweight parka (website launching soon)
H&M t-shirt and sequin pants
Country Road Scarf
Studio W sandals from Woolworths (shop similar here)
Lovisa neckpiece
Mango quilted slingbag
Earrings purchased abroad

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 16 December 2016

The Fabulously Fashionable Brunch - THE EVENT

Hi beauties!

About two weeks ago, RuBe's Closet co-hosted a Fashion Brunch, along with A Sense of Style and Style Africa, themed Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was the perfect ending to a very busy year, we had so much fun with guest speakers, demonstrations and some fabulous fashion inspiration for a trendy Summer wardrobe injection. 

The idea for the brunch was to treat all our beautiful guests to a fun morning out, filled with beauty, inspiration, fashion and good food. It was so special to host all the stunning guests; some of them gorgeous blog readers with whom I interact on Instagram and finally had the opportunity to meet. The ladies came dressed to the nines, with good friends in tow, prepared for a morning off from the usual grind. 

The venue was perfectly matched to our theme with its Tiffany blue walls, and airy feel, offering a back view of Cape Town's pride, Table Mountain. Our caterer was heaven sent and provided yummy food, beautifully presented to complement the classic fashion theme.

The line up:

We started with an inspirational talk delivered by the stunning Tatjana, founder and director of GoBeauty. Being an expat in our beautiful country and city, she has settled down in Cape Town and is one of our most ardent ambassadors. She also chatted about following your passion, the warmth of the Capetonians and how inspired she felt being a part of our morning. Her message was as beautiful as she is, and anyone who spends time in her company leaves feeling energised and inspired.
She was also so generous and offered filled make up bags to all out guests as part of the goodie bag.

Go Beauty has just launched a trip-advisor style website for salons and spas and allows for easy online spa and salon bookings. It's like a one-stop shop for beauty and pamper treatments and makes finding these services in your particular area a breeze. 
Read more on their services here.

Our next guest was the strong, beautiful, Qaanita, makeup artist and owner at OnQ makeup.
She demonstrated an easy makeup look, chatted about the latest makeup trends, products, and how to apply them. She also offered some one on one tips to guests after her demonstration.

OnQ Makeup will be hosting their makeup workshop on 11 February, an intimate forum where all participants are able to interact with her directly and get some guidance and advice on specific make up and beauty concerns and questions.
Read about my experience at her workshop earlier this year here.

We were lucky to have the gorgeous Nuraan, Creative Director at Hair Studio hair salon to chat about hair care.
She demonstrated an easy way to style the hair for a glam night out by braiding the hair first.
It literally took a few minutes and she had transformed a long curly hairdo into an elegant look for a night out.

In between our guest speaker lineup ladies were able to grab some delicious food from the buffet table, and we spoiled some lucky ones with prizes.

Our co-host, Roshan from Style Africa shared her wellness tips and illustrated how easy it is to make face pamper treatments from ingredients we have in our pantries and refrigerators. Making a face mask is as easy as opening the fridge and using household groceries for a paraben free treatment!

Our prizes were sponsored by:
  1. OnQ Makeup (product)
  2. Hair Studio (treatment voucher)
  3. Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic (bt-sonic facial)
  4. Crystal Paradise (Mirrored cake stand)
  5. RuBe's Closet (Full 3 hour wardrobe consult)
  6. A Sense Of Style (Voucher)
  7. Style Africa (Wellness consult)
 We ended the morning with a fashion show, displaying the latest Summer pieces from A Sense Of Style
RuBe's Closet did a live fashion styling, showing the guests how some pieces could be styled in various ways. From the beach look to a casual sneaker look, and finally taking it to an evening look.

A change on the nautical themed look

Aaliah's take on the Safari look

Bright and Bold

I styled the white ruched skirt and by changing a top or adding a flowy kimono, I transformed the entire outfit from a day look to a romantic Summer evening look.

I was particularly drawn to this tropical print, and the full print outfit (ie print top and pants) is right up my alley... However it may be a bit bold for some and I demonstrated how to break the print look with a black off the shoulder textured lace top. 

The full print look is perfect for a beach cafe look with flats, transformed to an evening look with heels
and a black off the shoulder top
 Throughout the morning our vendors offered gift shopping from beautifully presented displays. 

based in Kromboom Centre Crawford, stocks the most beautiful crystal pieces, accessories, high end table ware and jewellery and accessories.

offer locally manufactured fragrances, with scents reminiscent of your favourite designer scent with a cost effective price tag.

offered mini pamper treatments throughout the morning. 
Khadeeja, based in Rondebosch East , runs a ladies only salon with treatments such as waxing, threading, massages and facials.

Prize winners
And to all those family members and friends who helped out behind the scenes to ensure the day was a success, I extend a heartfelt thanks. It was really special to have all of them in our space for the morning, working hard to ensure our guests were well taken care of.

Our goodie bag sponsors:

Associated Magazines
Biscuitique (Room Spray)
Jo Malone
Go Beauty (with additional make up and beauty brands)
Youghazi Fragrances

We are eternally grateful to our guest speakers, vendors and sponsors for participating and bringing their special touch to our morning. 
Thank you to all our guests for spending the morning with us, and for making the event a fun filled success! It was the perfect way to wind down the year that was 2016 💕
Until Next time!

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 9 December 2016

Holiday fever

 Holidays are here! 
And with it the balmy days, evening swims and the smell of braai wafting around. It signals downtime in my home, when mommy duties can relax. I don't have to police bedtime, remember crazy schedules, check homework and plan lunch box snacks. I love it, and I fully intend to revel in my downtime, without sweating the small stuff.

While this week has brought the school holidays, for my matric son it started a while ago. And I have to dig deep to be ok with him being out with friends who have access to their own cars. He doesn't need me to plan his outings, drive to and fro and merely sends me updates on where he is, and when he'll be home. During the past two weeks our dinner table has been significantly empty, with the teenagers out and about. I now have to check who will be home for dinner so that I cook for fewer people. It makes me want to hold onto the youngest a little tighter in the hopes that I can delay the inevitable growing distance between mom and babe.

There have been so much going on that I didn't fully comprehend that the year has flown by; in the blink of an eye I am back to feeling exhausted and totally ready for a break. I can clearly remember last year this time, deciding to take my annual break from blogging, mom's taxi duties, personal chef and, of late, the designated cleaning lady! But reflecting on what this year has brought me, and what has transpired, I feel like a completely new person. 

I have learnt to accept my traumas as a factor of my growth.
I have learnt to accept myself, weaknesses and all.
I have grown so much in terms of academic knowledge, and also
in terms of coming to terms with who I am and who I want to be.
I have learnt to listen to my body, and 
have successfully managed to avoid kidney infections (which I suffer with chronically) and other illnesses.
I am grateful for a supportive and loving family, 
for a husband who is there when I need him and 
supports and loves me unconditionally. 

I have learnt that I will constantly be growing and therefore life will always be hectic, I have come to terms with constantly evolving and working on being a better version of myself.  

Today's outfit is to invite the holiday mode into my style choices...
I have paired a loose t-shirt silk dress, with leggings, flat sandals and a loosely wrapped scarf.
Light and airy for Summer!

Outfit details:
Cheryl Arthur dress from Spree (shop similar here)
Forever 21 leggings
Old Khaki Scarf (shop similar here)
Dune London embellished sandals
Accessorise necklace
Sunglasses from Zulululu

Caio fro now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 2 December 2016

The Power of Black

 Hello beauties!


A warm welcome to December!

And just like that (!) we have reached the last month of the year, and so the year slowly descends into the best feeling of sun, surf, family and fun. I always love this time of year, with it's longer days, the lack of extra murals to drive to and the simplicity with which I handle each day. By this time of the year, I no longer have the energy to sustain my control freak and find a wonderful sense of freedom without it. After a crazy year, I don't have to work at keeping that control freak under control (and yes it takes work)... as it usually just happens with my energy reserves pretty tapped out by December (without even trying). 

Throughout the year I attempt to take some time out to recharge my energy reserves; at times I am successful, and at other times I fail miserably... at times working 8 days straight and then collapsing into a heap of exhaustion. And while this happens, mommy life continues at its usual frenetic pace. I feel as if my kids are growing at a scary rate and this year particularly there have been real big developments. I still feel as if I am catching up- although I doubt my heart ever will!

It is therefore no shock that of late I have been drawn to the colour black, and while it is a summer trend, it also gives protection from external emotional stress (according to some schools of colour psychology). As much as I love wearing the colour black, I will always lift and brighten it with a bright pop. Too much black can often be too depressive and foster a negative environment. It is usually associated with grieving and the unknown, and yet, because black is associated with the end (of something) it also signifies new beginnings. 

Black also absorbs negative energy and it is useful to carry something black with you to protect you from harm and negativity when traveling or when going about your usual daily activities outside your home. I find black to be soothing (while also being very slimming ☺☺) and I am drawn to my black hematite bracelets on most days when I need an extra boost of emotional energy.  It is said that black crystals bring power, protection and security. However, I also feel so sophisticated, strong and empowered when wearing this colour. It usually signals a particular mood, when I am more focussed and ready to tackle any challenge.

This OOTD shows a black outfit against the beautiful backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Seaboard. I paired A Sense of Style ruched skirt with a Michelle Ludek laser cut boxy top with sneakers. This outfit was perfect for a relaxing interlude enjoying the salty sea air. Its another way for me to unwind, recharge and enjoy our beautiful city.

With December upon us, we need to enjoy our beaches before the tourists arrive en mass...

Michelle Ludek top (old)
A Sense of Style ruched skirt
Nike ZA sneakers
Chanel bag (purchased abroad)
Twist snapback from Asos
Zulululu sunglasses
 ZibaStyles neckpiece (old)
Various bracelets including black hematite 

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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