Friday 27 March 2015

Happy/Sad VS OOTD

Dear readers, 

The day has dawned where I have to send my firstborn off into the big wide world, to spend two weeks a couple of thousand kilometers away! As a parent, I realise that these moments are inevitable,  it just creeps up on one way too fast. But I will be strong, and this will be good for him. He will learn new things and how to cope on his own, he will absorb new cultures and experience playing sport as an ambassador for his school. I CAN do this, he CAN do this!

Today also happens to be my baby’s 11th birthday, talk about an eventful day :-D It really warmed my heart to see Ziyaad give his baby brother a special birthday gift, as a consolation for departing ON this special day. Such little moments of thoughtfulness are rare, especially with a home full of sparring boys. At times like this I feel as if I have done things right with these little people, so I’m savouring this feeling for now. Until the next row breaks out (sigh)

On farewell:

My son., 
I stroke your cheek
Once so smooth and now corrupted
By little invasive fuzziness.

I imagine the days of catering to your every single basic need, 
To feeding you, changing you, reading to you,
I imagine all your first moments,

And it dawns on me that this will be added to that library of firsts. 
Your first solo trip abroad, 
My heart skips a beat just thinking of it.

I will not let the little droplets betray my anguish, 
I will not let the salty trail find its way down my cheeks, 
I will smile, I will be brave and send you on your way.

I will send a piece of my heart on its way, 
To dwell in hostels and sports fields. 
And trust that it will return stronger, grown up and still filled with love.

Today’s lookpost was photographed by my birthday boy, Ihsaan ( he has some skills for an 11 year old no?). 

Love you lots my special little man ❤️

Outfit details:

Victoria Secret t-shirt purchased abroad
Stylemology blazer and heels
Woolworths jeggings
Country Road Slingbag
Bracelets by Tiffany & Co, Nomination and Zando

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 20 March 2015

An evening OOTD

Hello again readers, 

It’s been another two weeks of hectic running around, soccer matches have started and cricket has entered our lives. (World Cup as well as the fact that my youngest has now decided to add cricket to his insanely busy schedule!)

This week I have decided to express my gratitude for things I do have. My 2014 one went out on 1 Jan and I am clearly a bit behind, so here goes..

I am grateful for:
  1. My health, for all the things I am able to do without having to give it a second thought.
  2. My spouse and partner in life, he gets me in a way nobody else does, and accepts me warts and all.
  3. The ability to spend quality time with my kids, and even though they drive me batty, I enjoy every minute of my life with them in it!
  4. Three well adjusted, healthy sons, who test the boundaries every day. I am still immensely proud of them and what husby and I have contributed to tomorrow by raising these young gentlemen.
  5. The year that was 2014 through the challenges, the health scares and the parental trials I have learnt some new lessons and been reminded of old ones I have forgotten.
  6. My extended family, who give true meaning to the saying it takes a village to raise a kid. These young ones learn such important aspects of love, humility and tolerance from family members other than their parents (who they say love them through obligation!)
  7. Special friends, who are there in times of need, understand the distress I have been through recently and stick around despite my failings.
  8. Special time outs with my main squeeze, whether it be as simple as sitting on a blanket in the park chatting and watching the kids… or dressing up for an evening out. These moments are treasured every day!
  9. All the wonderful connections that constantly blossom from the constant interactions I have with new and wonderful people.
  10. And… while material things are not high on the priority list, without them life wouldn’t be possible. I am grateful to have a comfortable home, warmth and other comforts many live without. 
I have been blessed with many things and say thanks and offer prayers every single day…. So todays look is one from a cherished night out. Hubby and I attended a formal banquet followed by an opera in celebration of the Design Indaba. I wore a black mesh dress with a lace top underneath finished off with an embellished turban and metallic belt and shoes.

My main squeeze 

My Outfit:

Mareth Colleen dress from Spree
PnP lace top
Woolworths Embellished scarf
Forever New belt
Pearls old
Honey earrings
Accessorize clutch
Stylemology Silver pumps 

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Abu Dhabi meanderings

Hi lovely readers, 

I intentionally delayed part two of my travel post, so that when I do write about it, it will be just long enough after the actual experience so that I can reminisce properly! After spending about a week in Dubai, we opted to stay 5 days in Abu Dhabi to see a different side to city. 

Our previous trip to Dubai was most certainly a different one, we stayed on Yas Island, one of the islands quite removed from the bustling downtown of Abu Dhabi. Yas Island is home to the thrilling Ferrari World, YAs Water World, the Formula One track where one can experience racing first hand, yacht club and stunning beaches. In other words, a resort-like feel to the entire island. When we visited at the beginning of 2014, Yas Mall was in the process of being built, by December it was complete and occupied with retail stores - in true Emirati fashion.

This time round, we decided to stay in the city centre, close to Abu Dhabi mall. Although it was more for convenience than shopping that we chose to stay in the banking district. We decided to be typical tourists, and ditch the shopping- so we booked the red bus tour, a night tour and planned a few other touristy excursions.

Abu Dhabi slowly crept into my heart, the city is rich with culture, the atmosphere more relaxed and it’s clearly more conservative than the vibrant Dubai. It is apparent that there are lots of South African expats living in Abu Dhabi evidenced by a typical South African Woolies complete with RE: and Super Sport clothing ranges! Nandos, Mugg & Bean and even Steers have found a home in this chilled city.

Red Bus exploring 
The Volvo Ocean Race docked … all the way from Cape Town!

We enjoyed lunch at the Observation Deck, 74th Floor at Etihad Towers with the most amazing views
And that pic in the top right corner is actually a hotel, Emirates Palace, once of the most expensive hotels in the world.
How amazing, a building so green it has automatic shades which open and close depending on how the sun hits the exterior of the building to save on cooling costs (energy efficient!)
Abu Dhabi aims to be a cultural tourist destination and have embarked on building their very own Louvre and Guggenheim museums
One of the pieces of the seeing through light exhibition: Selections from the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi collection

The UAE PAvilion, this majestic Dune shaped building was moved piece by piece from Shanghai. Designed by highly acclaimed London firm Foster and Partners
Many of the Middle Eastern cruises depart from Abu Dhabi, they have a busy working harbour 
The road runs along the Corniche, the Waterfont area.
World Trade Centre Souk & Mall, previously the old Central Market
I totally loved the architecture, all the timber works, lattices and atriums

One of the highlights ofAbu Dhabi was the desert safari, hosted by Desert Rose Tours and Safaris. The dune bashing was amazing (although not as hair raising as I was expecting but there were some loud screams in our 4x4). We were then taken to a camel farm, and had some time to interact with these gentle animals. We proceeded to do some more dune bashing and drove off into the sunset to our camp for the evening. 
We arrived at sunset at an authentic bedouin camp where we were treated to a traditional Arabian grill, some belly dancing for entertainment, sheesha pipes and henna art thrown into the evenings activities.

The setting sun on the desert horizon

I did not enjoy the Arabian coffee and instead opted for the familiar taste of Nescafe
It was interesting to see the young locals enjoying their Friday evening with dancing and singing

Ok, so maybe a bit of shopping, checking out the Marina Mall
And a proudly South African Woollies!
We had a superb time, but by the time we had to leave, we were so ready to see our kids and to spend the night in our familiar bed… Travelling is great, but there’s really no place like home!

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo
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