Thursday 16 June 2022

Our rock turns 50!!!

This space has been neglected for a long time, but it remains my place of memories, of inspiration and more importantly honouring my loved ones.

 Today I honour my biggest support and rock...

He's made 50 trips around the sun, a half a century of memories and 27 of them with me at his side.  I am eternally grateful to my Creator for placing such a kind, considerate and loving person on my path. 

Happy birthday Mr Awesum!!

Officially, we have spent more than half your life together, building a life, which later included our three most precious additions. We have built businesses, experienced pain, failures, successes, adventured, learnt and grown together. We're both no longer the same persons we were back then; we have fought internal battles, external struggles, and picked each other up when the other has fallen down.

On this golden anniversary of your birth, we celebrate your life, the highs, the achievements, the laughs, the special moments and every single triumph of your existence. You've played such a huge role in my own growth, you have inspired me and shown me how to embrace and focus on the lighter side of life .

We have made the most treasured memories, and nurtured cherished traditions within our little family unit. I pray that we will be blessed with many more, and that the years ahead are as joyful and filled with love and respect. You have a wonderful sense of humour, are instantly liked by many, while also quietly sheltering your sensitive and empathetic side. You are a precious gift we have been blessed with 💕Algamdulilah 💕 

Mr B, as you are affectionately known...

You are my beam of light on the dark roads

I sometimes find myself traversing, 

You bring your whole heart, ready to serve,

Ready to sacrifice and celebrate others. 

Your place on this earth has been Divinely Ordained 

Beside me, 

Brilliantly guiding our unit,

Through stormy seas, and navigating us

onto calmer, lighter waters. 

I am in awe of your intrinsic instinct

To always put others first, 

To always want to do good in this world.

You are a refreshing cool presence in a world

Thats burning with injustice, 

Thats being engulfed by flames of ambition. 

And yet, you remain the humble, unassuming,

Gentle leader steering our young crew members through 

along on their missions placed on their voyages.

I am honoured to be your First Mate

on this expedition called LIFE.

May your path be lit with as much delight which you bring to ours.

We love you unconditionally, "to infinity and beyond"

Happy birthday, my love.

27 years of togetherness

Birthday Boy!!

Always present for every event with our young men

Bonding time with the boys started at an early age

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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