Saturday 1 June 2019

An Eid Look Reinvented

 Hello Lovely Readers, 

It's been a minute and this post has been in draft for a while... 

Ramadaan has flown by, and as always it has been a profound month for me. This year has been very different to recent years (although in some ways much the same), yet I am very clear that it just means I continue to grow with all the challenges presented along my path. This past month has been a fruitful one, it has been a spiritually rewarding one, where I have focused on my Divine connection whilst working at being the best version of me.

Ramadaan is a time of spiritual rejuvenation, where my soul feels renewed and my faith strengthened for whatever lie ahead. And with all of these amazing experiences this month, I have literally been snowed under with work. I have found myself working toward tight deadlines, having to manage many roles and still be centred enough to find my quiet and solitude I yearn for in the fast. And with all the extra demands on my time, I chose to cut back on cooking time to allow for this, which meant that we had relatively simple iftaar meals. I'd cook soup in bulk and freeze, prepare batter for fritters or pancakes for two days, and cook enough supper so my family can have it for suhoor as well. I have repurposed left overs, oven-cooked and airfried to ease the burden. 

I was conscious of not making it difficult for myself, especially since I spent longer days at our office than I had anticipated. The wonderful thing is that my family just rolled with it, without grumble, and stepped in to assist where they could. My boys already have fixed chores during the fast, and assisted over and above when they were able. There were days where I'd be running extremely late, and would rush into the kitchen in a huff, only to find bodies drawn to the kitchen earlier than normal to pitch in. I am thankful for this support, and know that it is hugely due to the fact that I have not had 1 day off from working this Ramadaan. I have been working non-stop as a result of taking my introspection time in between the crazy deadlines. After all, the reward of this month comes around only once a year, so my priorities had to be re-organised so I'd be able to spend time in supplication. Having said that, I am really looking forward to some rest time (or at the very least, weekend time) after the fast when our dinner times are not cast in stone. 

This brings me to the aim of today's post... 
I have clearly not been able to shop, and merely popped into the Islamia market to stock up on my collagen. Other than that, I have had zero time to shop, and zero inclination to even consider what to wear this Eid. Although, I must admit I have dear designer friends who usually help me out, so I may just be sorted! If you've also been too busy to even consider an Eid outfit, perhaps reinventing a previous Eid look would be the way to go? I didn't blog last Eid's look (due to the babies I was care-taking at the time), and realised that it would work perfectly for another Eid. A timeless classic printed silk dress, with various textures to add to the autumn feel, makes for a simple and easy Eid look. 

I'd wear this again, and possibly change it up by losing the fur, adding a bulkier neckpiece and dainty earrings. I'd even wear this dress casually with sneakers, of course, but that's not the point of today's Eid look.😛 This printed silk will transcend seasons, the faux fur will remain a constant and the velvet is still a key texture this season. The heels have been in my wardrobe for years, and the gold fishnet stockings adds some glitz and pulls the look together seamlessly.
PS: the velvet scarf is in stock again with RifWrapped if you're keen to grab one for yourself, even as the only piece you'd purchase for Eid.

Last year I repurposed an Eid look, and thought I'd carry on the tradition, since the idea was so well received. What are your thoughts on reinventing previous Eid looks?


Outfit Details:

A Sense of Style Silk Dress
Faux Fur stole from Huemine Image
Velvet Scarf from Rifwrapped
Heels (old)
Clutch (Old)
Earrings & Pearls (Old)
Gold Fishnet Stockings from H & M (last year)

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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