Friday 30 October 2015

Holiday Fringe Trend

 Hello again dear Readers, 

And Happy Friday :-D 

We have had a gorgeous week, a complete turnaround with great weather all around. When the weather is balmy, and the kids jump in the pool for an early evening dip it sure feels like Summer is here. It’s the only time of the year when the schedules start easing up, when they start feeling the fatigue of a full year of a minimum 3 times a week intense sport training. They start looking forward to that annual 6 week sport break, where they get home earlier and have no cares but to cool off from the stifling heat. 
But reality actually means that exams are looming, intense revision and study need to start and the house first goes into shutdown for that period. So until the schedules start easing up in the next few weeks, I will be the study timetable policeman - ensuring enough snacks and healthy meals are readily available. Their only breaks being for the last sport practices or gym sessions, time out from the books and the occasional swim. All these measures prepare them for a life of discipline and deadlines and projects - as these never really come to an end, they just morph into work assignments. 

As the exhausted Mom, I start looking forward to holiday breaks and looking for ideas on getaways. It’s one of the few things that keep me going until the end of the school year approaches. I crave the smell of braai, sea and the need to do nothing else but catch up on reading and maybe prepare a meal or two. For now, I will settle for reading in between driving shifts, and start slowing down my consulting and enjoying the Summer air by the pool while the kids study…it’s a step towards the holiday season! 

Today’s OOTD, features the House of Bespoke by WH fringe dress. And while the fringe trend has grabbed my attention completely, it has been hard to find a piece which fits in with my personal style.  This dress is the perfect Summer item as its light (the suede is a very thin fabric) and perfectly on trend. The range has a few fringe items which totally pull off the Bohemian trend. It’s available on the online store, but even more exciting is that the range will soon be stocked at The Space in Cavendish from 1 November! There are many shoppers who prefer to touch and feel and fit an item rather than buy it online… Well House of Bespoke will now be readily available and accessible to the Cape Town market by Monday.
Happy Fringe Shopping!


House of Bespoke by WH fringe dress (shop here)
Woolworths indigo skinny (shop here)
New Look leather gladiators 
Accessorize handbag
Jo Borkett scarf
Bracelets by Swarovski & Mimco
Vogue sunglasses by Sunglass Hut 

Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo

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Wednesday 28 October 2015

RAIN Africa Adventure

Dear Readers, 

Just over two weeks ago, RAIN Africa whisked a few bloggers away for the day. We were collected at a central point and carted into the Stanford Countryside by bus. The most exciting thing was that at the point of getting onto the bus, we still had no idea where we were headed, it was a complete mystery. Along the way, Ronel dropped some hints and after the first Clue Coral (aka Cupcake Mummy) guessed what no body else was able to. 

We were headed to the Spookhuis, Mosaic Farm. Now the Spookhuis is not really haunted and there isn’t a really gory or tragic tale behind its history, but for some colour I presume the story of Ghostly Agnes exists.

"For years afterwards, passersby reported seeing the figure of an elderly lady looking like Agnes Stroud sitting under nearby milkwood trees with a parasol. On approaching she could not be found. Thus the “spook” of the Spookhuis”

Driving into Stanford, one has the feeling of being transported back in time, to simpler days where neighbourly concern or curiosity was the norm. It’s quaint Main Road, with curio shops, real estate offices and numerous ‘For Sale” signs are all indicative of a typical holiday dorpie (town). If I wanted to forget the bustle of the city, this spot is perfect as its only located about 2 hours outside of Cape Town - well situated for a weekend getaway.

When we arrived, after travelling on a gravelly, bumpy road by shuttle for about 10mins, we were greeted by the most beautiful sight of the old homestead against the backdrop of the rolling veld dappled with the first blooms of Spring. 
We received some welcome drinks and an opportunity to freshen up before heading upstairs to listen to the beautiful Bev Missing talking about her passion, parfurmerie and the art of creating the perfect scent. 

"Bev Missing founded Rain 14 years ago, as a homegrown South African body and bath-product brand with its own store concept. She started off with two staff and now employs 110 direct employees and has around 40 CMT’s in various supplier groups.

Rain has eight stores in South Africa and one in New York, and prides itself on the creation of Natural Fair Trade bodycare using wild harvested botanical actives. The company is based in Swellendam.

This year, Bev published the Rain Book of Natural Soapmaking (Metz Press) in both English and Afrikaans.” - 

We were the first to sample the newly launched RAIN fragrances (Leaf, Twig and Nectar), my favourite being Twig, a woody fragrance with amber notes. Thereafter some lunch was served, and we proceeded to a flower safari, where we were bundled into a open vehicle on this blustery chill day. 

Back at the homestead, some massages relaxed us before heading out to tour the lodge accommodation. An impressive range of private rooms, all with the breathtaking view of the veld, lagoon and the flamingoes in the distance. It is very clear that the emphasis at the lodge is about enjoyment, client centred service and relaxation. 
It was an absolutely beautiful day spent at Mosaic Farm which immediately stole my heart. I will need to get in touch with Marcelino to arrange a romantic timeout!

Thank You to Rain, Bev, Ronel, Juani and our hosts at Mosaic Farm for an unforgettable day!

It was a long busride at 8am!
The last bit of rays we saw for the day was when we arrived
The Lagoon peeking out from behind the veld
Always time for a bathroom selfie

The ingredients to making the perfect scent

Bev is so passionate that its contagious. In the background a lady from the Himba Tribe in Namibia, where Bev spent time in the Kunene Desert.

Pamper Time

The lodge and spa is aimed at providing the best in privacy and relaxation

I am always so inspired when spending time with the RAIN family of employees, they have such a happy spirit,  always spreading love and goodwill.

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 23 October 2015

Spring Cleaning & Evening OOTD

Happy Friday Readers!
Spring has made its appearance (finally!) and with it, the florals, lighter fabrics, smiles and laughter have surfaced. I include smiles and laughter, because it’s as if Spring brings a tangible feeling of happiness; sunshine does that I suppose. It also brings the sense of renewal, new beginnings and a time to declutter life. 
Lets focus on that for now. It’s a synonym for spring cleaning and can apply to all aspects of life - from toxic people, to toxic feelings, bad eating habits, wardrobe and home. I have embarked on a process of spring cleaning my life, which I have mentioned in previous posts. This obvsiously included my wardrobe, and refers to my recently launched wardrobe audit services.

Decluttering the wardrobe is a therapeutic exercise and as one discards unused pieces, pieces which no longer fit you or your lifestyle, one realises that less is indeed more. Those unworn or hardly worn items can benefit someone in need instead of taking up unnecessary space. The important thing to note when spring cleaning is to be mindful of impulse purchases which remain unworn. 

The following are some of the important tips I impart to clients when consulting on their wardrobes:
  1. If you haven’t worn it in more than a year - donate if still wearable, or sell it if its relatively new or a designer item. Many platforms support second hand clothes sales.
  2. Take note of  the unworn clothes with tags- are they similar kind of pieces or colours which you really like but doesn’t fit your personal style?
  3. Be aware of your personal style and lifestyle, you don’t necessarily have to have everything that is trendy or high fashion. Incorporate only those trends which will fit with your lifestyle.
  4. Make a list of your most frequently worn items, these are usually work clothes. Ensure that these pieces are of a high quality (to weather frequent laundering) and have more than one of the basic pieces. 
  5. When purchasing high quality (which usually means expensive) basic pieces ensure that you’ll be able to pair it in a number of ways with a few different co-ordinates. This will ensure that the piece you’ve invested it was worth the money spent.

Having said that, today’s OOTD features a black batwing tunic from Few and Far Collections, paired with a ZARA tailored slim fit leggings with a trouser finish. These two pieces, are basic investment pieces as I will be able to style them both in various ways, with different co-ordinates. The black tunic can also be worn belted loosely as a dress with fitted leggings and flat sandals for a laid back look. This outfit is for evening wear, however the structured leggings can be worn with sneakers, t-shirt and kimono for a realxed casual look.

If you need some assistance with a wardrobe consult/declutter or styling, feel free to drop me a line, or make contact with me via one of my social media channels.


“Fashion is what you buy.
Style is what you do with it.”

Outfit details:
Tunic with gold embellishment from Few and Far Collection SA (shop here)
ZARA legging
Schutz heels from Stylemology (old)
Woolworths Necklace
Country Road Ring
Scarf from Bespoke Hijabi (now House of Bespoke by WH)
Accessorize pony hair clutch

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Look good … Feel better… With Bio Oil

Hi lovelies, 

Today’s post is a bit more serious, but so necessary with October marking breast cancer awareness month, and with the cancer cause being very close to my heart.

“Every year 14 million people worldwide hear the words “you have cancer". More than 100,000 of these diagnoses are to South Africans, with 1 in 8 males and 1 in 9 females developing cancer in their lifetime - a frightening statistic that is continuously increasing.”

The first course of treatment for cancer is always surgery and if the cancer has spread to other sites in the body, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is necessary. Surgery usually leaves patients with unsightly red scars, particularly in breast cancer (causing women to feel less feminine) and even more in skin cancers. Whilst it maay seem superficial to be worrying about a scar when one has cancer, the scar remains as a reminder of the battle one has fought.
Oncologists encourage patients to treat the scars (they heal over a period of 6weeks - 3months) first with micropore and thereafter keeping it supple with moisturisers.

Even more damage is caused to the skin with the chemotherapy resulting in dry, flaky skin, skin rashes and blisters in certain cases. Radiation causes skin burns causing the skin to become sensitive and painful, and resulting in pigmentation and scarring.

Bio Oil have been doing amazing work  with their Look Good…Feel Good programme, which highlights the effect that cancer has on the skin. They have educated over 30,000 patients, by hosting 2 hour workshops to small groups of patients in over 39 hospitals and clinics around the country.

‘Helen Ohlhoff, regional co-ordinator for LGFB in Cape Town, says of the 26 visible side effects of cancer treatment, the most common concern amongst the patients she sees, is dry skin. “We tell the patients how many uses there are for Bio-Oil to nourish and soothe the skin. It can be used on the scalp, as there is a lot of irritation when the hair starts growing back, for dry skin and chapped lips, and to prevent nicks and tears in the skin. Many patients share their own uses for it, and we get a really good response for Bio-Oil.”’

A look Good…Feel Better workshop was held at Groote Schuur and Bio Oil documented this in a video.

Stay Strong, and become the voice of a survivor.

RuBe xoxo

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Friday 16 October 2015

New Year Maxi Dress

Hello dear readers, 

And Muharram Mubarak! (Wishes for the New Year, Blessed Muharram) to all my Muslim readers. 

As with all new beginnings, one tends to take stock of life, how far one has come and set goals for the future. I have made some really important realisations this past year, have learnt some big lessons and discovered my inner strength. This inner strength has been brought to light by trying to heal old wounds with the focus on working from within. 
Once I had worked at healing on the inside, concentrating on me and not external noise, I found that all those external stuff no longer affected me as much. All those external forces which try to derail you from progress, which deter you on your path to a better you, soon become unimportant and superfluous. 

I have found a better me, 
A stronger me, 
And realised that all the noise 
Which constantly encircled me, 
Faded into oblivion, 
Like storm clouds disappearing 
From my horizons forever. 
They will never hold power over me, 
They will never regain control of those reins. 
As I continue on my path, 
Filled with promise and positivity, 
I give thanks daily and practice gratitude with regularity.
Love and Peace.

I have found my peace, my happiness and will forge ahead armed with new weapons, and skills to navigate my way.

Blessed New Year!

Today’s post features the maxi dress from A Sense of Style, which will be available at next weeks Vintage High Tea (read about it here). I have styled it three ways, which is similar to what can be expected from our live styling demo. This dress is perfect for balmy Summer nights out, scorching days on the beach over a swimsuit or as a long length layered item over jeans for a modest look.

A dressed up look, belted slightly, with heels

Or change it up with sneakers and leave it open (I wrapped the ties to the back
around the neck so it drapes like a waterfall

Outfit details:
A Sense of Style Maxi dress
ZARA caged sandals
Forever New Wool floppy hat
Micheal Kors handbag
Woolworths t-shirt
Woolworths white straight legged jeans
Thurman silver pumps
Adidas Stan Smith sneakers
Vogue sunglasses
American Swiss earrings

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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