Friday 27 June 2014

A Glitzy Welcome to Ramadaan

Dear beauties, 

The Holy month of Ramadaan is nearly upon us, and I can’t wait. The heightened spiritual awareness, coupled with the solitude I’m yearning, for will set the scene for much needed introspection.  Aside from abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, it’s a time for reflection, increased charitable acts and regular recitation of the Holy Quran. Last Ramadaan was my first at home, with no work distractions, it was certainly my best fasting experience. 
It’s an added bonus being school holidays (although not really for the boys!) so no endless driving and a leave of absence from soccer. My wish is for all my friends, family and everyone observing this Holy Month to realise their hearts desires and reach their spiritual goals.
Let’s all take time out to be thankful for the abundance of blessings bestowed upon us and remember those less fortunate.

Today’s lookpost is an oldie, but a glitzy one, specially brought out to celebrate the start of this beautiful month. This outfit was worn to a wedding a few months ago, and as you can see I’m still loving the sequin and metallic trend.

I’ve paired my Polo dress with a sequinned blazer for that extra glam factor.

Outfit details:
Supertrash blazer from Zando
Polo dress by Stuttafords
Asos belt
Witchery heels
Scarf online purchase (can’t remember)
Forever New Clutch
Falke stockings
Aldo Earrings 
Honey Ring

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo
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Monday 23 June 2014

Nike AirMax Stylin’

Hi lovelies, 

This past weekend was spent in Hermanus, just the hubby, the sea and some serious relaxation. It was so therapeutic, especially with the fast closing in on us, it helps to get away from the rat race an clear the mind. The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed the outdoors after the chilliness of the past couple of weeks. More on my Hermanus break will be shared in a separate post though.

With Soccer World Cup now a part of my daily (nightly) routine, I decided to share a stadium lookpost, with my USA Independence Day Nike Airmax 90 Hyperfuse sneakers. I am such a sneakerhead, and when my little brother brought these for me, I was enamoured. This casual look was  put together with my pink knit, indigo denims and these pure white babies. It sure will be a mission to keep them clean!

Outfit details:

Edgars pink knit jersey
ZARA jeans
Chiffon shirt by SheZone
Gifted Nike Airmax
Forever new chunky chain
Swarovski bracelet
Bag by Kiss My Heels
D&G Sunglasses
Forever 21 scarf

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo 

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Friday 20 June 2014

My writing process Blog Hop- Tagged by Sandy Nene

Hello beautiful readers,

Sandy’s last post entitled “I will not apologise this Time” speaks to his views on bloggers apologising to readers for various “offences”. I have to agree, since your blog is your own personal space, one should be free to post what you want, when you want, of course within the confines of what is appropriate content. If you cannot express yourself freely on your own platform then there is really no purpose to writing.

The lovely Sandy has tagged me in a blog hop to answer some questions (for which he does not apologise) and I will therefore do the same!

So onto his questions:

1. What am I writing/ working on

Leana has also recently tagged me in a challenge, in which I have to write a letter to my 16 year old self. Since I have lived a good couple of years since then (gulp!), it requires some real thought and introspection. I have actually penned some ideas in my journal before deciding how to write it on the blog, so watch this space for the finished letter. It is rather contentious as there is just so much I wish to say, and it has brought a lot of those teen years and angst to the fore. *Sigh*

2. How does my work/writing differ from others in its genre?

Although my blog is mainly fashion centred, I like to add a little bit of my personal thoughts/ experiences into the mix as well. My fashion looks also differ in the sense that I am a mom to teenage boys, so there are a lot of trends that I steer clear of, as it may not suit me as a mom (teehee). My style posts are aimed at the modest mum, looking for some inspiration without being a slave to recent trends, but also wanting to incorporate it into their wardrobe in a way that feels comfortable.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Well, the above answer covers some of this, and I write mainly to express myself on my own platform. My blog serves as a style and personal journal in which I record some of my thoughts, and to express my style with likeminded people. An unexpected and positive side effect of the blog, was meeting all these likeminded individuals, and connecting with people who share my passion for fashion. Since I also dabbled with writing during my teen years, submitting short stories and the like, this is a way of reactivating that part of my creativity which has been neglected in my finance career.

4. How does my writing process work?

Like everything else in my life, my writing process needs to fit in with my life as a mum, home maker, taxi, and all the other roles that I fulfill. It does however, help keep me sane, as I can find a creative outlet, one that is just mine. I can feel free to write about a trend that I love, or share a lookpost and know that someone will appreciate it and understand my love of fashion.  Along the way, I share some of my thoughts and experiences which mull around in my head and need a voice. I can only hope that my readers enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing it!

This is really not an exhaustive list and made me think about my blog in an objective way- which is not a bad thing at all. 
I hereby nominate the following bloggers, I am really keen to read their answers.

  1. Namreen from Life and Times of the Fireflies
  2. Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger
  3. Lisa Jade from Life Like Mine
Thanks Sandy for the nomination :-D 

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Unconditional Love

Hi lovelies, 

What a whirlwind long weekend celebrating love of all kinds, with my Bloggers Who Bless meet on Saturday, Fathers Day and my main guys birthday! 

I always feel so ‘blessed’ when getting together with my fellow BWB ladies, they are such a bunch of sweet, caring women and time spent with them is always enjoyable! 

My main guy was so spoilt with the cliched breakfast in bed, the sweet momentos displaying the kids feelings for Dad on mugs, certificates and medals. As cliche as it may be, it is always special to see how excited and animated they get at the prospect of sharing the pressies, singing to Dad and of course the all important breakfast in bed! 
Fathers play such an essential part of their kids lives; and whether they work long hours or are extreme disciplinarians, their kids (my boys hopefully too) will model his behaviour, look up to him and aspire to be just like him. It gives them that sense of stability, continuity and the desire to be fathers, and experience that innocent unconditional love.

Today's look, includes this cute Sammydress bat wing top. I love the leopard detail at the back finished in a velvety suede-like leopard print detail. Sammydress is an international online store which ships to South Africa and has the most interesting pieces all well priced. 

I paired it with my Mango silk maxi and because of the extreme chill, long Trenery leather boots.

Outfit details: t-shirt
Indian Fair leather jacket (old)
Mango maxi skirt
Trenery boots
Woolworths knitted beret
Country Road belt
ZARA handbag
Dream necklace by Lovisa
Pandora bracelet
Shimansky ring
Earrings old

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Blog Addict Meet at Onzerus Guesthouse

Saturday I attended a blogger meet at the Onzerus Guesthouse in Stellenbosch. A quaint little Dutch farm with such a tranquil air about it; we were also so fortuante to be blessed with a reprieve from the rain so we could enjoy the time outdoors.

I consider these meets as an opportunity to connect face to face with people I have met on this blogging journey. I enjoy the chats, the laughs and inspiration one gets from spending time with those who really ‘get’ me and  share the same views on blogging.

 Kayli Vee, Siyaam and Zahrah gave us some insight into their respective blogging journeys and shared some tips.  We then ventured into nature and took a little walk around the farm, listening to the history from Esther Bezuidenhout, the  owner, and the inspiration behind the birth of the guesthouse and conference venue. She has such interesting stories and the philosophy she lives by is so refreshing, spreading love and cheer to the less fortunate.

All our goodies!
Photo source: Amina Ebrahim Photography

Thanks to Esther for hosting us, Blog Addict for arranging and to all the generous sponsors!

List of sponsors:

Decadent Addiction - Catering, Decor and event management services
Onze Rust Guesthouse - Accommodation prizes, Body Butter, Venue and wine
Argan Hair Oil 
Pick and Pay - Honest Artisan Chocolate
La Prairie
Royal Dansk
Adventure Bootcamp
Green Leaf Olive Oil
RejuvX Hair Rescue
Argan Hair Oil
Sensai Kanebo
Associated Magazines
Ster Kinekor
Checkers - Foreign Ground Coffee
Purple Focus Photography

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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