Friday 31 July 2015

The Asymmetrical Sleeveless Coat

Welcome Readers, 

It's amazing how quickly life returns to its crazy schedule; with late nights every day this week in school meetings, soccer practices and so forth; we only finish our sit down family dinner after 8:30pm! Our evening meal is the one where we connect with each other, talk about the highs and lows of the day and anything else one of us wants to share. It's a long wait to eat at 7:30ish, and even though some members can eat whilst others are busy, nobody really wants to eat by themselves. So we do the communal meal every night. It has become such an important part of our day as a family and helps keep that special family bond active. 

With things being as insane as they are, I have not had the chance to share my discovery of a new boutique, Few and Far Collections, a online boutique which specialises in fashionable modest wear. It caters for a "Woman of Substance" ie "one of substantial or solid character or quality." Now, for anyone following the European Hijabis, this store stocks those classic pieces that can be dressed up or down and is frequently styled by the likes of the popular Hijabi Instagrammers and bloggers. The collections include some really conservative pieces, and since I'm not generally conservative in my style, I embrace the challenge to add that edge to a classic piece. In today's look I am wearing the Sleeveless Asymmetrical Coat, paired with full denim and cheeky heels. 
The quality of the pieces are impeccable, and the pricing is reasonable, especially if one considers the fact that they won't date easily. And anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that I advocate buying quality classic pieces (investment items) more commonly known as smart shopping. It means buying less, buying good quality and versatile pieces. Feel free to check out Few and Far collections, and you can even visit the showroom if you'd prefer to fit the item first. This may be advisable as their sizes are European based and therefore don't conform to our standard sizing. 

Happy shopping and don't forget to checkout the website here. The site is updated constantly with new stock, so keep an eye on it!

My outfit:

Few and Far collections sleeveless coat
MrP denim shirt
Guess skinny jeans
Dune London heels
Scarf purchased abroad
Tiffany & Co earrings purchased abroad
Accessorize slingbag
Various bracelets

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 24 July 2015

Marsala Eid OOTD

Happy Friday readers!

Every time we get a glimpse of life without winter, like earlier this week, the promise of Spring fills the air, albeit temporarily. We had just such an experience this past weekend, where Eid day dawned bright and fresh, all cleansed from the previous days' constant downpour. The weather was such a blessing, and I had fully intended to bring out the faux fur coat, but really, with the gorgeous sun out I decided against it. I usually don't specifically shop for Eid, as I can generally put something together from my existing wardrobe (the kids are my priority of course!). I pulled this Marsala lace number from the closet (purchased a little before the fast and never worn), and paired it with my favourite sequined glam blazer. 
I was happy to have scored some good shoes on the ZARA sale, one of them matched the outfit perfectly, and the scarf is the only particular piece I bought for Eid, a lovely embellished Kashka from Riehana's scarves. It's always important to invest in pieces that can be incorporated into other looks, where they can be dressed up or down, for a glam occasion or even a regular night out. 
Classic pieces that won't date easily will transcend many seasons and if the quality is good, it will last long while still looking impeccable. 

Overall the day was an enjoyable one, spent in the company of loved ones - an additional blessing one has to be mindful of on this celebration. The feeling of community in the neighbourhood is so special and the kids (particularly my youngest who visited every night with plates of treats) enjoyed the interaction. The teenagers clearly have their own agenda which includes friends and hanging out, so after family time they each headed off to spend some time with their peers... Just a little reminder of their growing independence!

Enjoy the pics... along with some family snaps thrown in.

And onto the family snaps:

The youngest just needs a smile and he's ready, the teens need to 'prepare' for photos!

They have sprouted right past me, I'm no shorty and I'm wearing heels! 
My main guy and I

My afternoon outfit:

Marsala lace dress from Threadz Clothing
Old sequined blazer (Sass)
ZARA Embellished heels
Riehana's Scarves Kashka scarf
Chanel bag purchased abroad (old)
Rebelfunk necklace
Diamante earrings (old)
Gifted Country Road Ring

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 17 July 2015

Leather, lace and Stripes

Hi again readers,

And so the end of the fast has come to an end and I can't help but feel sad, for the tranquillity this month has afforded me. Sad for the moments of reflection, the rewarding feeling of being mindful of and participating in the increased charity this month and the special times spent in prayer with my family. With each year that passes I feel as if I have made great progress on my path to a better me and Ramadaan is the time that I make the most progress. So before I get back on the roller coaster of normal life, where the schedule is crazy and the pace chaotic, I'd like to pause and appreciate the time I have been gifted. I trust that everyone has found that inner peace, and had a rewarding and blessed month, culminating in a wonderful celebration of Eid tomorrow.
Eid Mubarak!
I feel as if I have been in hibernation, venturing out on essential errands only and keeping up to date with news via occasional visits to social media. By next week I will be longing for this time holed up at home with nothing to do but spend time with the kids and cook and in prayer. The cold weather seems to be encroaching and I will be back on the frosty soccer field every Saturday morning ... So by next week, I will feel as if this past month has been little more than a dream, or I may not even have the time to think of it with the return to being busy mom. 
One thing, I'm really happy to be returning to normal, healthy eating patterns...

And onto today's look, typical relaxed look and perfect to run that quick errand. This dress is actually a Forever New summer piece, which I chose to layer with leather look leggings and a leather jacket. I absolutely love leather jackets and have quite a collection to choose from, the great thing is that they have all been good buys from diverse stores. My gifted handbag, Mango flats and the formerly Bespoke Hijabi scarf finish the look.

Outfit details:

Forever New Dress
Leather jacket from Indian Fair
Country Road handbag
MrP leather look leggings
Mango (Dubai) flats
Hse of Bespoke by WH scarf
Old bracelet, pearl earrings and necklaces

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Friday 10 July 2015

Winter Whites & Faux Fur

Hello again readers, 

The weeks are zooming by and we are entering the last week of the Ramadaan. I hope it has been a fulfilling and rewarding month for all those observing the fast and that you have attained the objectives set for yourself. I am pleased that this has been a really productive month for me, although a bit sad for my boys as they near the end of the fast they also realise that it marks the end of their school holidays.
They are suffering with immense cabin fever, and my teens are chomping at the bit just to get out, even if it does mean running errands with me. My youngest one is a bit more relaxed, since he is an avid baker and cook, so he spends his time with me in the kitchen. We have also had numerous chess sessions, and he's been lucky enough to have several play dates, I suppose young kids forget that they're fasting and will have fun regardless. The older ones on the other hand, not being able to play sport, or socialise with their peers have had a very slow holiday... at least they will return to school well rested!
Today's look is one featuring faux fur (my latest obsession) and some Winter whites.
Wearing white in Winter has become a thing and I just love it because it brightens up the spirits, especially since our Winter sun is scarce in Cape Town. This high waist boyfriend jean from Country Road is from last season and the faux fur gilet another piece bought abroad in December.
The leather boots are also last season and the leather belt bought three seasons ago on a Dubai sale.

My outfit:
Faux fur from New Look 
Country Road High waisted boyfriend jeans
Forever 21 Printed knit
Ted Baker Bag from Stuttafords
Woolworths leather booties
Hermes Belt bought abroad
Vogue sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Tri colour gold chain bought from a jeweller friend
Dior inspired earrings from Lovisa
Scarf old

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo 

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