Friday 28 March 2014

Edgy Berry #MakoyaStyle (Week two)

Hi Beautiful readers!

I’ve decided to weave the berry theme into all my #MakoyaStyle posts since I absolutely adore these heels. The colour is so rich- purple plum and in tune with Autumn. Makoya, which loosely translated means “the real thing” is an appropriate name, since the store stocks top name brands and at affordable prices, especially during the flash sales.

Wendy Vesela-Ntimbani, owner and founder of Makoya Brands is a woman who insists on excellence, this was displayed in her hands on approach when my “parcel” went AWOL last week. It was delivered to the incorrect address by the couriers and the way Wendy handled the whole debacle was admirable. Taking ownership, as she realises that her reputation could be tarnished by a third party service provider, she followed through until the issue had been resolved. 

Today’s outfit is more edgy incorporating leather and denim, two of my favourite textures. With Autumn upon us (although it’s been raining so much, it could be mistaken for a Cape Town Winter) layering is the best way to combat the cold. I have therefore layered an old flannel plaid shirt with a denim vest to complete the grunge look, however mixing it up with these luxurious heels puts a different spin on the ensemble.

Outfit details:

G Couture shirt (old)
Woolworths leather pants
ICHI denim vest by Stylemology
Guess Heels by Makoya Brands
Scarf (old)
CK sunglasses
Raphaella Booze studded cuff by Lushberry
Guess Gold bracelet
Earrings by Zando
Wardrobe studded bag by Asos

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Official start of my BWB chapter

On Saturday I joined my fellow bloggers at the unassuming Bedouin Cafe & Deli situated in the heart of the artsy lower Woodstock area. I really enjoy strolling around this part of Woodstock, but the Saturday morning traffic is another story!
I sampled labneh (a creamy cheese made with strained yoghurt) for the first time, and simply loved it.   The stuffed peppadews were also absolutely divine and so were the stuffed vine leaves- a perfect mezze platter was served!

All the beautiful ladies, except Cupcake who took the photo 
It was my first Bloggers Who Bless (#BWB ladies) get together and I felt like I already knew the ladies seated around the table (even though for some it was our first face-to-face meeting). It is so special to be part of this bunch of women, whose sole aim is to inspire, uplift and motivate each other. I really feel honoured to be included in this forum, and the daily interactions and notes definitely inspire me to do better, and more importantly spread the love :-D

I look forward to many more, and need to make a special mention of Heather De Bruin, Fi Fitzpatrick and Leana Henke who run all the administration for our group and ensure that we are always on track. From the great venues, the buddy system to the always highly appreciated goodie bags! Much love to these beautiful women; and for going the extra mile to bring positivity to each day.

List of Sponsors:

Dermalogica - 

Bedouin Cafe & Deli - 

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Naturals Beauty -

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Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo
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Friday 21 March 2014

#MakoyaStyle with Berries & Cream

Hi Lovely Readers!

I have recently been approached by SA Bloggers and Makoya Brands to participate in a Bloggers Challenge. It involves 3 bloggers, in 3 different cities who are required to style a pair of shoes 4 different ways over a period of 4 weeks. The public then has to vote who has styled it best. Whilst this is rather intimidating as my fellow challengers are super bloggers (in my opinion), it will also be amazing fun at the same time. 

Makoya Brands is an online store which stocks high quality, designer products sourced from USA, Europe and South Africa. They also run some really good sales for limited periods so be sure to follow them on FaceBook  or Twitter to keep updated with their latest promotions. Some of my favourite brands such as Nine West, Polo and Guess are sold on this site, so I’ll certainly stay tuned!

Now, onto my first look which is called “Berries & Cream” because the heels are gorgeous berry coloured suede Guess peep toe pumps. In an attempt to make the berry colour pop, my outfit is neutral toned with cream and leopard print.

I chose these pieces to showcase how these beauties will complement workwear. They have been paired with a cream lace skirt, oversize leopard knit and cream tweed blazer - an array of textures in an outfit perfect for Autumn!

Outfit details:

Leopard knit (old)
French Connection lace skirt
Mango tweed blazer
Guess heels from Makoya Brands
Blackcherry pony hair bag (old)
Cuff (old)
Guess earrings
Chain gifted
RayBan Sunglasses

RuBe xoxo

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Friday 14 March 2014

The ‘Rachel Zoe’ jumpsuit

Hello readers!

I have had some really interesting developments happen to me in the blogosphere of late. First, The awesome SA Bloggers mentioned me in one of their articles, citing me as one of 2014 Bloggers to watch (see the article here ). It came as a huge surprise and I feel so honoured to be included on this list with 4 other amazing bloggers! Thank you SA Bloggers for your vote of confidence.

Recently I have been invited to participate in a blogger challenge, but more about that when the campaign kicks off. Watch this space for further developments.

I am addicted to pinterest, and find myself pinning away madly- there’s just so much to see! I’ve been following The celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, with a keen interest. I love her relaxed, bohemian style and she has so many facets to her style that I can relate completely. Being a mum on the run on the one hand and this creative soul needing to express oneself through fashion, I can totally identify!

This outfit has been inspired by Rachel Zoe, who is a fan of the jumpsuit, the only thing missing is my big shades (oops!) 

Outfit details:
Mr Price Floral jumpsuit
Mr Price waterfall cardigan
ZARA bag
Country Road Belt
Woolworths Fedora
Platfrom wedges from Perry Book Store
Necklace by Zuri
Zando Silver cuff 


RuBe xoxo
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Tuesday 11 March 2014

10 Things you don’t know about me

I’ve recently been tagged by the darling Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger and found her post so interesting, I had to do one of my own.

A couple of things you may or may not know…

  1. I can’t sleep in an unmade bed… even when sick! I will get up in the morning, make the bed and will not get back under the covers. Seriously.  And if I haven't made the bed, and its bedtime… I need to make it before going to sleep, or it will freak the hell outta me. Weird. But that’s me. 
  2. I totally enjoy cooking for my family and love it when they enjoy a meal. Like a Stepford wife.  (Tee hee)    
    All the way to the heels
  3. I hate anything that will waste my time, like being stuck in traffic or queues. In the same vein I cannot stand tardiness either. Hence I hardly do sales as I can’t handle standing in queues. A solution? Online shopping! Yay!
  4. Have a slight germ phobia- I don’t touch door handles or taps in public toilets, stair rails and escalator rails. I will always have hand sanitiser or hand wipes in my handbag.
  5. I was a major academic geek, I was awarded colours, honours and scored several distinctions at tertiary level. This information only comes out when trying to get my kids to study otherwise I don’t discuss it. Ever.
  6. I only have one kidney, born this way.
  7. I quit smoking 10 years ago… and have never looked back. Besides, quitting during two pregnancies, and having to smoke outdoors so I didn't expose the kids became a tiring affair!
  8. I enjoy a varied selection of movie and TV genres… horror movies, fantasy (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek are big favourites). I also enjoy historical programmes and PVR Great Battles on the History Channel every week.
  9. I hate cereal, the mushiness of oats and Weetbix just makes me cringe. I’ll only eat yogurt, fruit and muesli.
  10. I paid for my own tertiary studies whilst being married and a Mum to two little boys.
After reviewing this list, I have realised that there are some uncanny similarities which I share with Dr Sheldon Cooper! Cue *disbelief*

That’s my story, hope you found it enjoyable!

RuBe xoxo

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Friday 7 March 2014

Casually Me…

Last week one of the most anticipated events happened, my all time favourite rap artist finally graced our shores. It was one of those concerts I had been eagerly awaiting, I even contemplated going to watch him in Ireland last year! Crazy Much? Absolutely!

The concert took me back to 1999, being a new mom and still very young - his lyrics spoke very strongly to me. Having emerged from tumultuous teens, his rap style was raw and full of emotion, it drew me in and I have been a fan ever since.

A couple of years ago, when his Recovery CD released, I accidentally synced it to my boys’ iPods (after trying to shield them from his music due to explicit content eek). I discovered this when I heard Ameer and Ziyaad singing along to Not Afraid… to my horror they too became instant fans. So they trailed along to their first concert ever, I had two very excited teens on my hands the entire week!

I have no other words but to say he was EPIC! And his entrance was spectacular, a sheet draped across the stage with EMINEM emblazoned on it and on outline of his shadow made the crowd go wild- a proper welcome. His performance, was everything I had hoped for from this controversial rapper.  I will be watching video clips for a long time to come…

My outfit for the night included checked shirt over a sequin t-shirt, thrown in for a bit of glam. It was perfect at home, but when we arrived in town, it was still sweltering so I had to ditch the shirt :-D

Outift details:
Aca Joe checked shirt
Woolworths sequinned t-shirt
ZARA jeans
Converse polka dot sneakers
Adidas cap
Forever New earrings
Zuri necklace
Leather cuff from Lushberry
Asos midi rings
Sling bag Zando

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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