Friday 28 August 2015

Longline Sweat OOTD

Dear Readers, 
Another week gone by, and hopefully everyone has reached the goals set or at least made it count. Staying focussed on your course is hard in this life of social media (read time thief), demands from outside influences all calling for your attention. With some really sad news this week, I was shocked back into the reality of the importance of taking care of oneself. This Women's month I have touched on many aspects of female empowerment, strength and the general issues which affect us. It is important to be vigilant with your body, listen to it, as any extreme stress you experience will manifest in some kind of illness.

Be Aware. Be Careful. Take regular time outs. 
As nurturers and caretakers, women multi task on a daily basis, they take care of families, hold down demanding careers, fill the role of loving spouses and at the end of of all this, if we neglect ourselves, we break a little each day. While Women's Month is drawing to an end, this just means the public awareness will end, but let the self awareness continue. 
Be Aware. Be Kind to yourself. Take regular time outs.

Today's OOTD is a casual one, reflective of time out in the garden. I love nature and being in my garden, pottering about with the flowers, relaxes my mind. The Winter sun is not so harsh, and I love the gentle warmth while pruning rose bushes and trimming creepers. It may be a small respite from the madness, but I feel a little more centred after time in nature, and ready to pick up the never ending to do list.
All pieces in this outfit are recent purchases on the Woolworths SA sale and can be taken into Spring, I usually find my sneakers in the junior section (they cost less then- score!)

Have a good weekend, and ladies... try to take that essential time out. xx

My outfit:
Country Road Sweat top (shop similar here)
Woolworths leggings (shop similar here)
Adidas ZA Sneakers
Scarfstop scarf (old)
Zibastyles shoulder chain
Swarovski bracelet from Spilhaus (shop here)
Pauls Boutique Bag (old) [purchase here - on sale]
Ciao for now,
RuBe xoxo
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Friday 21 August 2015

Modest OOTD & talking life

Hi lovelies,

What an insane week, being nurse, taxi, mommy and trying to get work in as well.... But life throws us challenges and it's up to us to handle them with patience and tenacity. It also teaches our kids important lessons on life and illustrates firsthand how to deal with obstacles head on. 
On this Friday, the eve of my 38th birthday, I contemplate my life and the choices I have made. I can safely say that my choices have all placed me on a path to a better me, it may have been difficult in the beginning, but happily there are no regrets. Of course there have been times of adversity, I believe to test my strength and faith, but after perseverance they have resulted in good outcomes. My personal motto is to deal with issues, get them out of the way so that you can continue on your path. Dwelling on the past, or getting stuck in what was, or has happened, is never a healthy way to live, in fact it draws too much energy.
The naivete of youth does not always allow one to have this philosophical approach to life, and in due time as things in life fall into place, the enlightenment is embraced (hopefully). I spent my youth making really tough decisions and keeping my eye on the end result always, while others were carefree and relaxed; however it has strengthened me in so many aspects of my life. I am therefore really grateful to have found my place of peace, and unconditional love with so many moments of simple happiness. 
I am thankful to be where I am today. 
Today's post is a simple monochrome look, which I just had to break with red suede pumps. Most pieces in this outfit are current season, except the shoes and bag... So for once my OOTD features recent buys, but as always these items are good quality and would probably last a few seasons. Of course the long sequined cardigan from A Sense of Style was a necessary purchase, if you're a regular reader you'll know how I love my sequins! It's also a perfect piece for any modest fashionista since it covers everything :-D

My outfit:
A Sense of style long cardingan (check out her FB here)
Country Road shirt (buy similar here)
Woolworths skinny jeans (shop here)
Guess Heels 
Handbag purchased abroad (on a sale)
Woolworths scarf
Honey gem bracelet
Old Layered pearl necklace 

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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Monday 17 August 2015

Transitional jumpsuit OOTD

Dear Readers, 

This week has really chased Summer away and the chill is now palpable. Giving rise to the need for transitional outfits, and just because I’m not ready to let Summer go, I mix and layer items for the changing seasons.
School has also started again, and with it the crazy schedule has kicked in. At times I wonder how I managed to cope with all this running around, homemaking, coaching and mentoring kids and working really hard on a career! 
As things happens, the more you have to do, as a mom you just squeeze it into the time you do have. Multitasking in an attempt to keep everyone happy, losing sleep because the brain is trying to sort out things for the next day - that’s how we do it! I have realised recently, that it is essential to remember (despite knowing this) to take time out for myself. The art is to not feel guilty, as one does, and I often do, that I could be doing something else for the kids, the home, husby, family and so on and so on…
And so, I realise that I know all these things, I know all the tips to remain a sane SAHM - I have forgotten to take that time out. Time to get my act together and plan, add those time outs to the diary… And unlike my corporate job, which encroached on my family time and life, it still had an end at some point. My current ‘occupation’ doesn’t have an end, it continues as long as I am conscious and awake and able to squeeze in that extra errand or trip to school. Leave from my job used to entail carefully planned days off, spa trips, reading time, time to watch a movie or series catchup, lunches and even extra sleep so that I could return to the office refreshed! Now I try to fit in a massage and it has to be a quick trip before fetching kids from school, or read in the car whilst waiting outside music class. 
I am therefore on a mission, to REMEMBER me in my daily tasks as a wife, mum, homemaker, administrator, bookkeeper … Wish me luck!

Today’s lookpost is a transitional one where I have layered a ’summery’ printed jumpsuit, but demonstrate how to wear it for Autumn, with a denim jacket and sneakers for an everyday SAHM. It can also be dressed up with heeled pumps, a warm longer length blazer for the office.


MrP jumpsuit (old)
Guess denim jacket
Old Khaki scarf
Adidas Adipure 360 sneakers
Necklace Collette Hayman
Forever New Rose gold earrings 
Ted Baker handbag by Stuttafords
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo
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An Nur Streetstyle shoot

Hello again Readers!

It’s been a really short week which means all productivity needs to be squeezed into 3 days…*Sigh* But I’m not complaining as it means a few more ‘late’ mornings for me yay! This mommy business hard work….
About 2 weeks ago I was filmed for An Nur The Light’s street style feature. It was such an honour to be chosen and interviewed; and the day turned out to be unbelievably hot for an Autumn day. As I’ve said previously, I usually decide on the day what to wear so my outfit planning of the previous night was all in vain (as is the norm) and I chose a completely different look and outfit on the morning!
After much deliberation I finally decided on a look that encapsulates my style, classic with a bit of edge. It’s no secret that I love sequins and I own quite a few sequined pieces, I therefore chose this two year old sequined skirt that I picked up on a trip abroad. Denim is also a favourite and I usually add denim for some edge or to dress down an outfit, in this ensemble I tied it at the waist for an effortless laid back feel. Even though these two pieces are both from two seasons ago I still feel happy to wear them, a sign of their timelessness and quality.
My lace up caged heels and a pony hair clutch finish off the look.
Hubby shot this look in true street style fashion after the shoot.

To watch the interview and feature, please keep an eye on my page or social media for details on when the episode will be aired. An Nur, The Light is usually on Saturdays mornings at 11am, on SABC 3. Stay tuned for further details.

And some behind the scenes photos

Outfit details:
ZARA denim shirt (old)
River Island Maxi Skirt (old)
ZARA heels own import
Accessorize Clutch
Jo Borkett scarf
Necklace gifted
Lovisa earrings
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo
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Friday 14 August 2015

Fearless Faux Fur Coat

Welcome Back readers and a Hello to new readers, 

This has been a short week, but one filled with so many good things and I sincerely hope its been equally rewarding for everyone else. I believe in the power of positive thinking, of dreams and goals; and working to make that a reality. In the spirit of Women's Month, I urge every woman out there to take that inner strength and turn all your sorrows into lessons, step on those obstacles in your life and move into a place where your tomorrows are filled with promise. 
This past weekend I attended the First Lady Affair, an event aimed at empowering women and highlighting the importance of taking time out to care for yourself. As women we are all caretakers and nurturing in various roles, as dutiful and loving daughters, as overloaded mums, caring spouses and hardworking employees and business owners. The message I walked away with was that there are times in life when you are beaten down, and we have all had those experiences, yet we carry on with poise and purpose. And despite our own baggage, we have no idea what the woman next to you on the bus, in front of you in the queue or driving that luxury car is dealing with. So be kind, always and try to reserve judgement - it's actually really therapeutic, to walk through life with this positivity.
Let's be strong women and make a concerted effort to uplift one another instead of adding to those life lessons beating us down.

Today's OOTD features a vintage fur coat, from Human Image, an outfit I put together for a mid week coffee date. I think its so important to dress for yourself, fearlessly, so even though this coat is just glam personified- I decided to make it work for a morning meeting. I paired it with part leather leggings, boots and a long length tunic white shirt (Few and Far Collection) under a knit. Living in Cape Town  means layering to account for season changes in one day. All items except the coat and shirt are recycled from previous seasons, of course! 

Outfit details:
Vintage Fur Coat from Human Image
Mango Sequin embellished knit Leggings (shop similar here)
Woolworths leather boots
Cotton On on beanie
Stance sequin socks from (shop here)
Pauls Boutique shopper
Mimco bracelet
Colette Hayman necklace

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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