Friday 7 April 2017

Knowing my limits

Hi lovelies, 

For those of you who follow me on social media, you would have seen that I have recently stepped down from my role in the Islamic Fashion and Design Council of South Africa. This was a very profound week for me, as I had to come face to face with startling realisations and make some tough decisions. 

These realisations focused mainly around work, were all preceded by warning signs and whispers from those close to me; and when I evaluated the direction I'd like to pursue in terms of my future, the choices were pretty clear. It's rather easy to try and keep juggling too many balls, in fact for me it is easier to do that than to actually stand back and evaluate what I really need to do. I just juggle in auto mode. However, this week, accompanied by the crazy work schedule I was trying to manage, all directed me to one obvious decision. And in the same manner in which I exited the corporate world, it again took me a while to accept what I needed to do. But once the decision was clear, I took the step without hesitation.

I understood that something in my life needed to shift, to allow me the space to grow in the direction I know I need to go. Most of my weighty decisions are usually accompanied by prayer and the call for Divine guidance, as I believe things happen the way they are meant to. So I sat with the choice I needed to make, reflected on how my inability to make the decision sooner impacted my life and would continue to do so to my detriment. I contemplated what was necessary and what was non negotiable, and reassessed my priorities. With the insanely crazy year I have already had, its hard to believe that I haven't come to the conclusion sooner, that I needed to let go of things to be able to step into a new space.

What I have learnt, and will continue to learn... is to listen to my intuition and not ignore warning signs. I have learnt that letting go of something is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is essential to do this at least a few times in life. I have learnt that we cannot always determine exactly how the future turns out, we can only take each day step by step, living authentically and true to ourselves. I have learnt that ultimately whatever has been decreed, will be, regardless of the path we choose to take to get there. 

Today's lookpost is a light one, reflective of the space I find myself in today. I feel lighter and ready to face whatever comes my way, this super casual ensemble represents the openness with which I aim to approach life. 
The sequin parka paired with a black t-shirt and skinny jeans is an everyday chilled look, finished off with sneakers and an easy backpack, which I grabbed in London on my last holiday.  Perfect inspiration for mommies managing kids during the school holidays.

Outfit details:
Coast & Koi sequin parka
H&M t-shirt
Style Republic skinny from Spree
Adidas ZA sneakers
French Connection leather backpack
Woolworths scarf
Dream necklace from Lovisa

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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