Thursday 17 July 2014

Modestly Maxed Stripes

Hi Beautiful readers, 

The Ramdaan is more than halfway done, and I am quite wistful at this beautiful time coming to an end. I really love the heightened spiritual awareness, not just my own, but of everyone around me. It’s so beautiful to see all Muslims make an effort to be better, in increased recitation and supplication to our creator. I really feel like I’ve been in a Ramadaan bubble, and having the kids home to share it with has made it so much more rewarding. We have more time for discussion and debate, they can spend more time in worship without the crazy school schedule interfering. 

This last week will be less World Cup focused (which had to fit into their Ramdaan routine hehe) and more on getting ready for school- back to the daily grind indeed!

I have noticed recently that Maxi dresses with sleeves are more easily available, it’s definitely a growing trend, and oh so easy for a modest fashionista. Long sleeved maxis were already in most stores abroad during last year and I have been patiently awaiting it to hit our stores this Winter. However, the cut, style, fabric and print all need to be just right so that you don’t look frumpy. With the right accessories one can make it look trendy and on point. 

Today’s outfit includes a long sleeve striped maxi I bought on a Spree Sale about two months ago. I love a good bargain, and I picked this dress up for a steal. The fabric is great with an elasticated waist, so it has a soft flow and fits well. I paired it with a denim vest and sparkly bronze Country Road pumps.

My outift:

Silk Orchid Dress from Spree
ICHI denim vest from Stylemology
ZARA embellished beanie
Country Road flats
Paul Smith handbag from Asos
Legit necklace
Witchery cuff
D & G Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Pearl earrings, Tag watch and tennis bracelet gifted 

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