Monday 14 July 2014

Talking Marks of Change with Bio Oil SA

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About two weeks ago I attended an exhibition by Bio Oil SA, an exhibition and discussion of two key areas in a woman’s life that leaves physical ‘marks’ ie adolescence and pregnancy. When I received the invitation, I was really intrigued to attend, I enjoy visual art exhibitions of varying genres and was also keen to hear from the panel experts. 

The event was held at the Youngblood Gallery, a tidy gallery tucked away in the busy CBD. I arrived to some light refreshments and we were offered the opportunity to browse the visual black and white exhibition; an array of photographs taken of women, teens and babies. We had some time to mingle whilst perusing the exhibition before the panel of experts started their discussion.

The discussion was facilitated by Megan de Beyer, Life Coach/ Psychologist and the expert panel consisted of Dr Ayesha Moolla (Dermatologist), Maropeng Ralenala (Clinical Psychologist) and Dr Jana Rossouw (Gyneacologist). 

I found the discussion interesting, it focused on women and their stretchmarks (and other skin related problems) the psychological impact thereof, the physical impact, reasons for it and how to deal with it. What I found even more interesting was the discussion around males and the fact they too fall prey to these ‘marks’, during adolescence when rapid growth spurts occur. That, coupled with the fact that body image disorders are disturbingly high amongst young adolescent males. 

All these “marks of change” can cause real emotional turmoil and psychological issues. The message that the exhibition would like to convey is that it’s alright to have these marks, everyone does. It’s healthier to embrace the changes, as an adolescent or a pregnant mum, and if they are excessive there are always professionals who may be able to assist.

PS: On another note, I have never used Bio Oil before and at the event we were gifted a bottle. I tried on my winter skin and dry patches scattered on my arms and it worked wonders! It’s a definite skin rescue remedy!

 Some of the exhibition photos with some real reactions/thoughts courtesy of Bio Oil SA and Karin Schermbruker:

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  1. I used bio oil after my laparoscopy operation and also during pregnancy and I got no stretch marks!