Thursday 31 July 2014


Eid Mubabrak!
Blessed Eid!

Eid means celebration, a celebration to mark the end of the month of fasting and the beginning of a new month. In a spiritual sense it means a celebration of a month of spiritual cleansing, of renewed devotion and a new way forward.
This Ramadaan, has been difficult in the sense that the plight of Palestine had become more intense with their suffering and death splashed all over the news and social media. It is hard celebrating this day, knowing that on the other side of the world there are families, dispossesed from their homes and  unable to attend a mosque to perform Eid prayers. Having said this, we are honour bound to celebrate Eid the way we usually do, however being mindful of those less fortunate all over the globe.

I was not too phased about an outfit this year, and close to the end of the fast, Abashiya from Fabulous in Hijab came up with something really up my alley- a red carpet inspired look… And voila and new Eid outfit was mine. She really knows what I like and I was suitably impressed. I was unable to wear it the morning as I usually have too much cooking, hosting and entertaining to do- so I wore it in the afternoon when we did all our visiting and greeting.

I loved the colour combo, which has been on my mind for a while, despite being told by my eldest son its like Snow White’s dress (haha). The ensemble was finished off with an ombre silk scarf, animal print heels and clutch.

My family

I forgot to show off the side pockets, but that was an important feature of my skirt…

Outfit details:

Top & Skirt by Fabulous in Hijab
Accessorize Clutch
Nine West heels
Silk scarf old
Honey Chandelier earrings
Fred Tsuya cuff from Zando
cK sunglasses
Usual gifted rings and tennis bracelet

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. Snow White! HAHAHAHAHA ....I Love the outfit!

  2. You pull off the outfit very well!

  3. I also instantly thought of Snow White, you definitely looked like a princess that is for sure!

    XOXO One Stiletto At A Time

  4. Why am I the only blogger on planet earth whose pictures look blurry and boring? Your pictures are stunning.