Monday 21 July 2014

My thoughts and opinion on inhumanity

Every night I fall asleep with sometimes unshed tears, and at times they are streaming down my face. It has become so intertwined with my subconscious that I have nightmares about it. I have dreamt, and felt (or what I would imagine they feel) what a fleeing mother would feel, trying to gather all her kids to ensure that they are safe. To protect them from the inevitable harm that faces them at every corner. In my nightmares, I smell the fire burning, hear the pleas of the parents and the sobbing of children, I see the devastation all around. 

But I awake, safe in my own bed, severely rattled with an encompassing fear; but SAFE. My kids are sound asleep in their bedrooms safe in the knowledge that they are free to live, to wander the streets and to play soccer on the beach. 

As a country, we cannot ignore oppression, our Tata has decreed

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

― Nelson Mandela

Social media has until recently been somewhat of an escape, a tool to keep in touch with long lost friends and acquaintances. However, with the tragedy of what is happening in Palestine, it has become increasingly hard to remain aloof and unaware. One is bombarded on a daily basis of the death tallies and the graphic images and videos of children and babies covered in blood and maimed. Parents crying out in agony for young lives lost in this age old battle over territory. It is an age old battle and wars have raged throughout history in order to claim land, but it has never been a one sided battle. A battle fought with a military of trained assassins against a military of untrained civilians. In a war, there will always be lives lost, -women and children as a side effect and not as targets. 

This post has been a difficult one, and I struggle to find the appropriate words to describe the horror of what is happening.This is more of a plea, to create awareness, to beg for some help, even if it’s as small as a prayer for the oppressed. I would never condone deaths, regardless of religion; I would never condone bombings, regardless of the situation. Genocide or ethic cleansing is a term we thought we had left behind in the late 1940’s and learnt some valuable lessons since then. As humans we should be intensely disinclined to these atrocities, regardless of race or religion. In truth, my opinion is that it is not about religion or land; but rather a display of inhumane bullying on a grand scale.

At the end of the day, I am somewhat of an idealist, and would prefer disagreements be settled peacefully. I would like to see parties engaging in active discussion to bring about a ceasefire, I would like to see the rest of the world open their eyes to injustice. I would like to see some real assistance given to the oppressed, I would like to see the oppressor taken to task. I would like…. I would like… 

I could go on ad nauseam about injustices, the need for prayer and action on our part. The helplessness makes one feel even more guilty and ashamed, of daring to be happy on our side of the world. Let’s do our bit, lets remember all the oppressed, all the kids dying in all parts of the world, all the women having to endure injustices, the neverending and senseless battles for power. 

In short, let’s pray for humanity. Let’s move into action and do something.

My kids accompanied me to the march last week.

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo


  1. A well written, hard hitting piece!

  2. Well written piece Rushda! XOXO

  3. Well done Rush! Beautiful piece! xoxo

  4. All we can do is make dua Rushda!! We should also make dua for those amongst us who don't clearly understand the realness of these injustices. May Allah make it easy for everyone affected Insha-Allah!!
    Yumna xxx