Friday 14 April 2017

You are what you do...

Happy Easter to those readers celebrating! 

We have a holiday tradition in our home where we do an Easter Egg Hunt, even though we don't celebrate, the kids have become so used to the custom that they eagerly anticipate it. It was done this morning since it is Jumuah and we have all the kids home, with all the usual excitedness and dashing through the house and gardens.

I am so thankful for the long weekend, as the school holiday has not been the same with my first born still needing to get up early and go to campus. So mommy duties continued as normal along with work. Having the day 'off' gives me some time to plan, organise and generally do some reflection. 

This past week in our country has been fraught with tension, protests, bus strikes and political instability, and yet I have an immense sense of hope for this country I call home. I believe that each one of us can make a difference with small acts. Even though the rand has taken a plunge, South Africans are still travelling, there were no buses for a few days and yet businesses continued trading and our marches remained peaceful. I choose to operate from a hopeful perspective, focusing on the positive change that can be effected. This week someone said "Hope outlasts corruption" - these words had such an impact on me, it was a simple reminder that all over the world we have witnessed corruption, and yet, with hope and positivity it can be weathered.

The small things we can do to influence change is as simple as the things we say and do inside our homes. Where our kids absorb the words, the messages and instinctively adopt our values, not the ones we consciously teach, but the ones we unconsciously teach through our actions and words when we think no one is looking. Through our actions, they adopt their own perspective of the world, through our words and jokes they absorb the underlying meaning of what we're actually saying. We send them out into the world with unconscious ideas of what is just and of what is 'really happening' even if it is not what we would have chosen for them to learn from us. I am constantly on guard for the impact my words will have, and only say and do things which echo the values and ideals I want my kids to assimilate. This applies to life; my feelings on this country which I love, business and every single interaction with others - this is where they will learn more than what I actively teach.

"You are what you do,
Not what you say you'll do."

Today's outfit represents the my view that we are not that different from other countries in the world. As much as we experience upsets and disruptions in parliament, the same happens in some developed countries. Political leaders and parties who are only interested in the power and money, is a worldwide phenomenon. Without me condoning this, I am realistic enough to know that this is the way of the world. I know that whatever agenda is being pushed by a select few in power, will always face some resistance in some way. This is the reality of the world we live in.

This lookpost features a A Sense of Style ruched skirt, which she has re-introduced for Autumn, in a longer length. I am totally in love with flatforms and brogues and found the perfect combination of the two in a shimmery grey suede at Dune London. Two trends I have adopted and made my own, in this laidback work look.

My outfit:

ZARA lace sleeve t-shirt
A Sense of Style ruched skirt
Dune London flatform brogues
French Connection saddle bag (purchased abroad)
Giorgio Armani sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
Falke stockings
Burberry scarf
River Island Dubai earrings
Dior lips

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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