Through interactions with several people via this blog, I have found an overwhelming need for wardrobe consulting services.
What started as an added service to my business productivity consulting has fast become a sought after service. It’s apparent that the Pareto’s Principle (80%/20% rule) applies to wardrobes as much as it does to the business environment.

We wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time!

I place huge importance in buying good quality classic pieces and updating looks with transient, less costly fashion items. You will notice from my posts, that I advocate buying LESS and making items work across seasons, sometimes years as is the case with good shoes and bags.


Wardrobe Consulting
Wardrobe Design
Wardrobe Decluttering
Seasonal Consultations
Customised Style Plans

These are especially useful for clients who have undergone lifestyle changes, career changes or those who have experienced great weightloss and need to rebuild a functional wardrobe.

In some cases, these services are offered in conjunction with an image consultant or personal stylist and is the step where we physically sort out the wardrobe, and includes all items (clothes, shoes and accessories).


A. That you KNOW every piece in your wardrobe
B. That you can easily FIND every piece in your wardrobe
C. That you WEAR every piece in your wardrobe and
D. That you are able to STYLE your pieces and CO-ORDINATE your own outfits with ease.

After undergoing this ‘Closet Therapy’ it is really rewarding to see someone feeling comfortable and looking happy in their own skin, exuding confidence at all times.

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