Friday 10 February 2017

Over-parenting struggles

Hello lovelies, 

Another week, another month... This year is flashing by too fast. I need some time to catch my breath (and also to catch up!). 
This past week has been a better one, and I've been trying to work on adjusting my parenting style a bit. Growing teenagers and young adults in the home necessitates the need for some parenting adjustment... I am really struggling with this as it means letting go of control.. (yeah my inner control freak still lurks around occassionally). It means letting go of over parenting and trying to protect them from everything bad, potentially bad and sometimes just unsavoury experiences. 

While waiting for university to start, my eldest has started working part time, it was a huge relief for me, because :1) he would be occupied and not lazing around for weeks and 2) he would have some cash to spend and wouldn't need to rely on me for everything! This has also brought some challenges as he is now fraternising with working young adults who are wholly independent and accustomed to just being (without parental interference 😩)
This is where I struggle, at this phase I need to carefully balance no parental interference with just the right amount of guidance and support. During the past week it became clear that there were times where I was over parenting, and by doing this I was making it harder for him to choose, or make a decision. I thought I was helping, thought I was providing him with options, when all I was actually doing was confusing him even more, at a time when life is just generally confusing. I guess being a young adult, is hard enough, having to navigate your way from childhood into adulthood. It comes with increased responsibility, choices and consequences. 
So I have been trying to manage the parental instinct to protect my kid at all costs, where I would usually end up getting involved unneccesarily; and now, letting my son handle situations on his own. I have also understood that I have always tried to shield them from the harsh realities, and that  just by living life, they will experience things and see things we cannot always guard against. They are destined to experience their own life, find their own purpose and walk their own path. That is a difficult reality for me to accept, when my inclination is to make things easier for them, so that they go securely into the world. However, this is life, and in the same way that I walked a path which has shaped me, they will do the same. 

It is time to let him be.

Today's OOTD features a collection of classics which have all been in my wardrobe for a while now, except the sneakers... Every single piece is more than 2 years old, which reinforces my philosophy of buying high quality, classic pieces which can transcend trends. All brought together for an easy Saturday morning brunch appointment. 🌸

Outfit details:
Human Image crochet lace blazer
ZARA linen pants
ZARA sequin t-shirt
Adidas sneakers (Footlocker London)
Rebecca Minkhoff bag (old)
Rebelfunk scarf (old)
Lovisa Rose Quartz earrings
Giorgio Armani sunglasses from Sunglass Hut (old)

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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