Friday 3 February 2017

Life happens


Shew! I am glad to see the tail end of this week, I was challenged on so many levels that I really need the weekend to recover. I had fully anticipated a manic year, and thought I had it in the bag, with my well organised plans, lists and schedules. 
Life has a way of throwing you off balance. So you're forced to change course midway, or even right at the beginning. And nothing rings more true for me right now than this: 

“They plan, and Allah plans. Surely, Allah is the Best of planners.” #Quran 8:30

This week life threw me off track, and for a while I was struggling to keep everything together, my family, my routine, my work and my sanity. Whilst it is not my ordeal which brought the chaos, I was impacted significantly and with the ever present support of hubby and sister, life has resumed some semblance of normalcy. Even though I try my utmost to live life one day at a time, I am still required to schedule  and plan things like work, school requirements and lift times, that's just a reality. 
And with two sick kids as well, my time was basically theirs. I cleaned up puke, performed Vicks rubs, arnica massages, applied Transact patches, and did countless driving trips (even while I was without a car for two days- and just grabbed hubby's). I googled recipes for meals which are good for upset stomachs, and had to run to the store for the ingredients, played nursemaid for days and fluffed pillows while carrying trays of meals back and forth. 
As a parent it is very difficult to allow life to crumble, our kids look to us for support and guidance, they trust us to create the space for them when needed. However, I allowed myself some grieving time, and then resumed my way on the path. In spite of my plans, there are greater plans decreed and I will follow with it implicit trust and faith. This year has already had so much anguish for so many people, all over the world, that my post last week about miracles was vital for me.  With all the chaos surrounding me this week, I tried to find the miracle which I could hang onto with gratitude. I also remained present in each moment with my kids, which really brought me so much comfort. 
They were all in various stages of illness this week, and yet they were still able to make me smile, beam with pride and just be grateful to have them in my life. My little army of angels indeed, they helped me pull myself out of the chaos of an upheaval, and accept where my new path is headed. 
For that I am eternally grateful.

Today's outfit features a red dress worn as a tunic top, a powerful colour which helps with increased enthusiasm, it stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. The colour red also encourages action and confidence and can often provide a sense of protection from fears and anxiety.

This colour was therefore appropriate for my state of mind this past week.

Outfit details:

DailyFriday top from Superbalist (shop here)
ZARA pants
ZARA wedge sandals
Chanel bag (purchased abroad)
Scarf (old)
Earrings by Lovisa
Zulululu Sunglasses
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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