Friday 17 February 2017

Valentine's Musings

Welcome lovely readers, 

This week Valentine's Day was the highlight for many, for me, it was another weekday peppered with romantic posts and images of flowers and hearts popping up every couple of minutes. Hubby and I don't really do a big Valentine's Day fuss, although I got the cutest card and I just about managed a special sushi dinner to be delivered for the two of us. But I really do enjoy seeing the declarations of love everywhere, couples planning romantic evenings and just the effort people put into making their significant other feel special and adored. 

It gives me hope in humanity, at a time when our news headlines report daily murders, rapes, child abuse and gang violence. The cynics may say it is a huge marketing drive, aimed at consumers who spend money unnecessarily. I would think that if we at least have one day in the year that people can take the time out of busy schedules to connect, then I am all for it. I believe it is important to let your special partner know they are appreciated and loved, and sometimes our lives are so busy that we pass each other by like ships in the night. 

Our time becomes so consumed by chores, work, family, routine and of course, social media, that time passes by in a haze of activities. None of which is planned, and occasionally we remember the abandoned practice of a weekly date night, and resurrect it for maybe two weeks before life engulfs us again. And on those dates nights, parents spend the time watching the clock, worried about the baby with the sitter or wondering if the homework is done and if the kids are down for the night. (I am clearly referring to myself here...)

For me this week passed by in a blur, with a stolen moment to post a cheesy Valentine's Day picture for my guy and then back to crazy. However, hubby and I usually take time to catch up while I'm cooking, or while we're waiting for the eldest to get home. We try to grab the little moments to check in with each other, a call during the day or by sending an uplifting note. 

With that in mind, and the fact that I now have the time... I dedicate these few words to my other half, my best friend, confidant and biggest supporter:

I know life grabs us and throws us into the whirlpool, 
I know it sometimes feels like a neverending rollercoaster, 
But I also know that without you by my side,
I'd feel washed out and fatigued, 
I'd feel sick and weary. 
You bring a vitality to my days, 
And a purpose to my ramblings.
You make me feel like I can do anything, 
Like I can vanquish any obstacle.
And with you by my side, 
I know the sky is the limit.
And with these words
I want you to know this,
I love you, 
I appreciate you,
Pray that we're blessed with many more adventures.

Today's post is a Valentine inspired outfit, the romantic floaty skirt, paired with the pink leopard print top finished off with statement pearls.
Once again, all pieces worn are classic items, some of them from about 3-4 years ago.

Outfit details:
Witchery pleated skirt
Glamour top from Asos
Daniella Michelle heels
Scarf bought abroad
Studded pastel bag from ZARA
Superbalist pearl necklace
Ralph Lauren sunglasses purchased abroad

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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