Tuesday 31 January 2017

Halaal Life cooking class

Hi Lovelies!

Late last year I attended Echi's Halaalife private Asian cooking class. The class is hosted at her home, and she prepares all ingredients prior to the class starting, including the cleaning the chicken!
Upon confirming the class, she will send menu options (which can be found on her website), I chose the Indonesian Sate Ayam with peanut sauce and jasmine rice with pandan muffin as a dessert option. 

I have always only eaten Simply Asia, and really did not venture into the unknown Asian options, I haven't even considered attempting to cook Asian food! I had just thought that the food always involved too much preparation, and frankly that it was just too complicated. 

I first met the beautiful Echi at an event where we were both guests, and a few times after. Her warm, friendly personality endeared me to her instantly, and this is felt when interacting with her during the cooking class. She welcomed me into her home with the familiarity of an old friend, and the lesson felt more like a catch up than a class!

When I arrived, the ingredients had already been placed on the counter,  and since it was a private class, the lesson was in her kitchen. She has an alternative space at her home for bigger groups. She had even prepared some delicious iced tea which we sipped while working and chatting. More importantly, I learned how easy it is to cook Asian food, where to shop for ingredients and how tasty it was! 
We finished off with some great conversation over lunch, and I got to take the leftovers home for the family. Even though the pandan muffins were Hulk green in colour, it was gobbled up by the boys and they have since been insisting that I make the chicken satay with peanut sauce, since it was super yummy!

Thank you Echi for your great hospitality, opening me up to Asian food, and the engaging conversation. 
After the holiday break Echi has resumed bookings for classes, so head over to her site for details.

I love the little touches

Everything prepared 

The menu

This ingredient is what gives the pandan muffin its unique taste

Peanut sauce from scratch

Ready to eat, with some chili sambal

Leftovers for the family!

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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