Friday 26 February 2016

Celebrating Youth OOTD

Happy Friday Folks, 

This week marked the 16th birthday of my second born, it brought to mind so many memorable moments of his life.
It brought back memories of a Friday of intense labour, and the day we were gifted this special little charge. The happiest bundle of joy whom we have had the privilege of raising for sixteen years.
I usually make a big fuss about birthdays, so from the beginning of the week, we plan the birthday menu, cakes and desserts he would like and party ideas / themes. Afterall, it is a celebration of entrance into the world and our lives. This year he insisted that he was way too old for the treasure hunt to locate his birthday gifts (I think it’s more because he always struggles with the clues in his sleepy state first thing in the morning). Even the party theme idea was ditched *sad sigh*.

The best part of birthdays is that the kids always reminisce on favourite birthday traditions of prior years, on how funny the treasure hunt was or favourite meals and experiences. It is important to me that they have these memories, that they know they are loved - without the expectation of being showered with material things. Very few memories are centred around the actual material gift, and happy nostalgia instead focuses on how the celebration made them feel. I want them to learn to treasure experiences as these last longer than the material stuff. It also teaches them to value others; and the enriching feeling of making someone else feel special.

The gratitude the birthday boy expressed for my tribute post (read here) yesterday, made me feel a burst of pride. The fact that he valued the intangible, and was thankful for effort that went into putting together the tribute was remarkable. All too often teens get caught up in the consumerism depicted in today’s media and forget about little gestures. It may not be possible to shelter our youth from the effects of society, and we shouldn’t attempt to cut them off from it either. They still need to function in this society and be active participants, but we can teach them the importance of a balanced life. 
We can teach them the significance of valuing an experience, a thought or a gesture over the material.

In light of todays’ theme, my outfit has a youthful feel with an oversized kimono shirt, leather leggings and sneakers. Helpful for when I’m running errands and getting that long list of ingredients for the birthday supper :-)

Outfit details:
Oversized kimonos shirt from (shop here)
Soviet Leatherette leggings also from (shop here)
Nike ZA sneakers from Sportscene
Accesorize Clutch
Witchery statement ring
Old Khaki scarf (old)
Forever New Chunky necklace

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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