Thursday 25 February 2016

My Little Leader turns 16!


My special little person, who came into this world to teach me that life will always be exciting, interesting and never dull. You have brought such a lively energy to our home, with your infectious enthusiasm for life and mischievous tendencies. At times, that middle child syndrome rears its head, and we are reminded that in that body lives a soft heart and sensitive soul. I treasure the moment you were born, demanding to be fed at once and in that instant our bond was formed. In your special way you taught me to be patient, you challenge me constantly and have no problem with finding your path. In fact, throughout your brief life you have mastered everything you attempt with excellence, with the conviction and confidence that you can do anything. 

First birthday party
My only son who enjoyed their first birthday party to the fullest!
Always a happy baby

Beach bum from a young age (age 7)
Dressed up as Merlin (Age 8)
                                                        Always climbing and adventuring (Age 8)
Age 13
First day of high school (Age 14)
                                                            The die hard Barca supporter (2014)
Learning to ride the jetski, 5 mins later you off and ski-ing away (2015)
             Helping out and managing the guest list at my high tea(2015)
                                                      Eid 2014
                                                                              Eid 2014 (Already towering over both of us at age 14)
                          Doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll find a ball (2015)
           U-15 top goal scorer for your club
My precious bundle of joy, 
Who filled our lives with sunshine,
And injected that element of fun.
From three to four, my limits were tested,
I felt overwhelmed by responsibility, 
And at the same time overwhelmed with love. 
For this new little person, who brought a dynamic,
Energetic force into our home. 

You breezed through infancy,
With no demands, the easiest charge I’ve had.
Introduced challenges I had never contemplated, 
Always pushing, testing the waters, 
Always setting new boundaries 
In that amazing daring manner. 

Your journey into teenage years 
held daily trials. 
As you provoked and elicited 
Occasional feelings of exasperation. 
I know and I feel 
That on your journey through life
 You will fearlessly conquer adversities.
You will carve your place in this world,
 With precision, excellence and determination.

I am proud to call this leader, this warrior
My son and my second born.
Evidence of mutual love,
We anticipate joy and adventures,
Happiness and love ahead for you.

We are so proud of the young man you have grown into, safe in the knowledge that we have set good foundations. I believe that your sunny disposition will bring you happiness and cheer everyday and may you always be mindful of your place in society, your duty to those less fortunate and continue to lead as a worthy Muslim man.

With lots of love, 
Mum & Dad

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