Friday 12 February 2016

Coping with the hectic schedule

Hello readers,
It’s astounding the amount of people I have chatted to in various situations who say that the pace of 2016 is already insane. It seems as if this year is a very significant one for many people, or it may just be that the universe has placed me in the company of like minded busy people. Whatever the reason, I take comfort in the fact that I am not the only one who seems to be living at an accelerated pace. As a wife, mother and entrepeneur, I face each challenge head on and proceed at the new level of hectic. 

As a woman, trying to fill various roles, and trying to do everything with excellence, it naturally means that at the end of the day, one feels completely weary. There are always unexpected, unplanned incidences - like a sick child, a home emergency where something breaks down, a school event that happens at short notice, an urgent meeting and so the list continues. I regularly advocate taking time out for recuperation, whether it is a spa treatment, a weekend away or just a catch up coffee with a friend. However, I have realised that unless these times are actually planned and scheduled they do not happen. Life will continue on its insane rhythm and one needs to be vigilant of how quickly the week passes by, or the month passes by and the opportunity for downtime has been lost. 
In an attempt to ensure that I have that me time (read sanity time), I schedule my week. 
Here are some ways to do this and how I try to adhere to it:
  1. Buy a calendar/ planner (with various columns for each person in the home) and put it in a visible place, so that everyone is aware of what is happening and when.
  2. All daily activities for the kids (and yourself) are pre populated in their respective column at the beginning of every month. At the same time, they are put in my electronic diary (phone and laptop).
  3. I then decide which day of the week will be appropriate for a morning (or at least 3 hours) off.
  4. This personal time is blocked out each week (or however often you are able to fit it in) for the entire month… (subject to change due to unavoidable emergencies such as illness, last minute school commitments etc).
  5. My week is usually planned during the prior week, where meetings are scheduled, class and assignment time, admin time and even errand time is planned out. My days are theme specific ie, specific days for meetings, and admin and assigments.
  6. If my personal time is to have a coffee date, girls catch up or spa appointment, I confirm these times a week ahead of time, to ensure this time is not absorbed elsewhere.
  7. My meals are loosely planned at the beginning of each week, and even cooking times- my sons tend to finish really late in the evenings and I have driving commitments all afternoon. 
  8. I start my day with yoga and meditation to prepare me for the hectic day followed by an update on financial markets and world news to get the brain functioning.
  9. As mentioned in last weeks post, my social media (read time thief) times are set, and planned so they do not interfere with family time.
This may seem restrictive, but the reality is that unless it is a work meeting, client or class that cannot be rescheduled - everything else is merely a guideline. There are some negotiables and others will be non- negotiables. This depends on family circumstances and the availability of time.

I wish all those crazed mums good luck coping with the madness of life!

Today’s lookpost was one shot on a day where I had chosen to have a girly catch up. All of us are extremely busy and even though our time was limited, it was a refreshing break in the middle of a day filled with obligations.
In the current heat dresses are the perfect piece to make me feel less layered and bothered. This dress is an archive piece, from ZARA about 3/4 years ago but a firm favourite for those scorchers.

Outfit details:
ZARA dress and Sandals
Witchery scarf
Ted Baker bag 
Vogue sunglasses
Gifted neckpiece
Tiffany & co bracelets

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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