Tuesday 1 March 2016

Biodermal’s new Oxygen skin technology

Hello Beauties,

Last week I was treated to the newly launched bt Accent AIR system treatment at the Biodermal Aesthetic Clinic in Wynberg. This treatment is an extra revolutionary add on to your usual facial, nano or any treatment you have at the clinic and uses the innovative break through oxygen machine.

We enjoyed a lovely chat about the treatment over yummy snacks

Last week was the second time I had used the bt Accent AIR machine on my skin and the results are instantly visible, with a continued improvement on my skin for at least a week after treatment. This system revitalises the skin by purifying the air removing nitrogen and other potentially harmful elements. The purified air is then used to infuse the bt cocktail products and T-ceuticals products (read more on that in my previous post here) to problematic areas, targeting signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.
The system uses three accessories (methods of delivering oxygen to the skin) with the following effects:
      1. Firms and improves the skins suppleness
      2. Hydrates and revitalises the skin and improves circulation
      3. Reduces acne
      4. Plumps sunken and deflated skin 
Product is sprayed on with the oxygen system and delivered directly to
problem areas
Jet is then used to ensure further penetration of product, it
is used on areas to reduce wrinkles and ageing
Dome is used to pump oxygen to the skin, and at the same time one
is breathing in pure oxygen resulting in an amazing feeling
of rejuventaion.
This treatment is gentle and those with sensitive skin can safely opt for this as a treatment option as an alternative to the more abrasive treatments or injections to reduce wrinkles.

Late last year before my trip, I had a really bad reaction on my skin, my face was inflamed, flaky and red. Needless to say I went into panic mode and contacted Nadhiya for an emergency appointment as I was due to leave on holiday two days later. Long flights play extreme havoc with my skin and I was really concerned that I was travelling to an unknown climate. Nadhiya and her amazing treatment guru, Janine, put me at ease and went to work on my extremely angry skin, tailoring a treatment to heal the skin. By the next day, my skin was 80% better, smoother with very little redness and inflammation. When I landed in Malaysia, two days later it was as if I had never had any issues and my skin was literally glowing. As the week progressed, my skin condition improved drastically by just using the t-ceuticals and bt-cocktail products.

I have never suffered with skin sensitivity, and it may be an age related issue, but lately I have experienced some major sensitivity problems so I am now very careful which products and treatments I do. Since using the bt-cocktail and the T-ceutical chromatic serum my skin has not suffered dryness, breakouts or inflamed red areas - instead it has been smooth and glowing!

The Clinic will be running a promotion during the first two weeks of March (or while stocks last). With every bt-Accent Air System treatment clients can the bt-Cocktail skincare products at less 10%. These products last up to 6 months with daily use and have really been a saving grace for my unpredictable skin.

bt Cocktail products are on promotion for the first two weeks of March


Please contact (watsapp only)  0766801199 or call 021-8260033 to book an appointment. 

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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