Friday 5 February 2016

Choose Casually

Happy Friday Folks

Another week dusted, another week to be grateful for. 
I look back at this week, and feel really blessed for moments I have spent with my family. I choose to focus on the little moments here and there; my family is just as busy as I am and so we have to savour the interactions we have with each other. In today's fast paced life it is really important to be present as it is so easy to lose an hour by scanning social media, watching an unimportant rerun on TV or obsessing over unnecessary things. 

I am not bashing social media, in fact it is integral to what I do, however, I do plan my times on social media very carefully. I have three daily slots, which will not affect my family, when I will post, read and catch up. If I've missed something, that's just unfortunate. I choose when I watch TV, and try to remain true to my priorities.
I choose to focus on the positive aspects, I choose my attitude, my responses and where I want to go. I believe that if I concentrate on the fact that I choose to be busy, to be chauffeur, to spend hours in meetings and class; that I will be happier with the way my days have gone. There are many instances where we cannot choose, such as death, illness and accidents but we can choose how we react and how we allow it to impact our lives.
This week I shared a quote:
" I am not what has happened to me, 
I am what I choose to become  "
- Carl Jung
It is so powerful and profound, that it struck a chord within me and made me realise that that's what I have been concentrating on for the longest time. 
I choose my circumstances.
We choose the good and We choose the bad. 
Once we realise this, we take responsibility and accountability for our own lives. We set excellent examples to our kids, who will undoubtedly model our behaviour. 
While I do believe that things happen as they are meant to, as humans we have also been given choice. It is what sets us apart from animals.
I urge readers to reflect on the past week, and evaluate your choices. If a situation turned bad, be critical, and determine whether a different choice could have changed the outcome. 
Once we become conscious of our decisions, we readily accept the consequences. 
Today's casual look is representative of how we need to relax, even when times are insane- make a choice, a decision to find that space of tranquillity. 
I've chosen to pair a lightweight denim shirt with a fun printed pants, pulled together with Stan Smith sneakers for that totally chilled look.

My outfit:
Levis denim shirt from Spree
Legit printed pants
Stan Smith Adidas sneakers
Ralph Lauren sunglasses from Sunglass Hut (Bali)
Rebecca Minkhoff bag

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