Friday 2 December 2016

The Power of Black

 Hello beauties!


A warm welcome to December!

And just like that (!) we have reached the last month of the year, and so the year slowly descends into the best feeling of sun, surf, family and fun. I always love this time of year, with it's longer days, the lack of extra murals to drive to and the simplicity with which I handle each day. By this time of the year, I no longer have the energy to sustain my control freak and find a wonderful sense of freedom without it. After a crazy year, I don't have to work at keeping that control freak under control (and yes it takes work)... as it usually just happens with my energy reserves pretty tapped out by December (without even trying). 

Throughout the year I attempt to take some time out to recharge my energy reserves; at times I am successful, and at other times I fail miserably... at times working 8 days straight and then collapsing into a heap of exhaustion. And while this happens, mommy life continues at its usual frenetic pace. I feel as if my kids are growing at a scary rate and this year particularly there have been real big developments. I still feel as if I am catching up- although I doubt my heart ever will!

It is therefore no shock that of late I have been drawn to the colour black, and while it is a summer trend, it also gives protection from external emotional stress (according to some schools of colour psychology). As much as I love wearing the colour black, I will always lift and brighten it with a bright pop. Too much black can often be too depressive and foster a negative environment. It is usually associated with grieving and the unknown, and yet, because black is associated with the end (of something) it also signifies new beginnings. 

Black also absorbs negative energy and it is useful to carry something black with you to protect you from harm and negativity when traveling or when going about your usual daily activities outside your home. I find black to be soothing (while also being very slimming ☺☺) and I am drawn to my black hematite bracelets on most days when I need an extra boost of emotional energy.  It is said that black crystals bring power, protection and security. However, I also feel so sophisticated, strong and empowered when wearing this colour. It usually signals a particular mood, when I am more focussed and ready to tackle any challenge.

This OOTD shows a black outfit against the beautiful backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Seaboard. I paired A Sense of Style ruched skirt with a Michelle Ludek laser cut boxy top with sneakers. This outfit was perfect for a relaxing interlude enjoying the salty sea air. Its another way for me to unwind, recharge and enjoy our beautiful city.

With December upon us, we need to enjoy our beaches before the tourists arrive en mass...

Michelle Ludek top (old)
A Sense of Style ruched skirt
Nike ZA sneakers
Chanel bag (purchased abroad)
Twist snapback from Asos
Zulululu sunglasses
 ZibaStyles neckpiece (old)
Various bracelets including black hematite 

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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