Friday 9 December 2016

Holiday fever

 Holidays are here! 
And with it the balmy days, evening swims and the smell of braai wafting around. It signals downtime in my home, when mommy duties can relax. I don't have to police bedtime, remember crazy schedules, check homework and plan lunch box snacks. I love it, and I fully intend to revel in my downtime, without sweating the small stuff.

While this week has brought the school holidays, for my matric son it started a while ago. And I have to dig deep to be ok with him being out with friends who have access to their own cars. He doesn't need me to plan his outings, drive to and fro and merely sends me updates on where he is, and when he'll be home. During the past two weeks our dinner table has been significantly empty, with the teenagers out and about. I now have to check who will be home for dinner so that I cook for fewer people. It makes me want to hold onto the youngest a little tighter in the hopes that I can delay the inevitable growing distance between mom and babe.

There have been so much going on that I didn't fully comprehend that the year has flown by; in the blink of an eye I am back to feeling exhausted and totally ready for a break. I can clearly remember last year this time, deciding to take my annual break from blogging, mom's taxi duties, personal chef and, of late, the designated cleaning lady! But reflecting on what this year has brought me, and what has transpired, I feel like a completely new person. 

I have learnt to accept my traumas as a factor of my growth.
I have learnt to accept myself, weaknesses and all.
I have grown so much in terms of academic knowledge, and also
in terms of coming to terms with who I am and who I want to be.
I have learnt to listen to my body, and 
have successfully managed to avoid kidney infections (which I suffer with chronically) and other illnesses.
I am grateful for a supportive and loving family, 
for a husband who is there when I need him and 
supports and loves me unconditionally. 

I have learnt that I will constantly be growing and therefore life will always be hectic, I have come to terms with constantly evolving and working on being a better version of myself.  

Today's outfit is to invite the holiday mode into my style choices...
I have paired a loose t-shirt silk dress, with leggings, flat sandals and a loosely wrapped scarf.
Light and airy for Summer!

Outfit details:
Cheryl Arthur dress from Spree (shop similar here)
Forever 21 leggings
Old Khaki Scarf (shop similar here)
Dune London embellished sandals
Accessorise necklace
Sunglasses from Zulululu

Caio fro now, 
RuBe xoxo

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