Monday 19 December 2016

Ending 2016

Happy holidays lovelies!

Even if you're not on leave, or leaving town, the holiday fever has descended. With long weekends, sweltering hot days, Christmas carols blaring in shopping malls and insane traffic. The festive cheer (and crazy throngs of tourists) have arrived to remind you that the year is almost over. 

I always reflect on the year, what I've achieved, how much I have grown and what I have given back. For me growth is a constant, and I cannot thrive when I'm stagnant, it is in my DNA to be in constant reflection, introspection and learning - resulting in personal progress.

Last week was my 21st anniversary, and every year we sit back and  contemplate our life together. We take a little bit of time away from the kids, even if it is for an hour or a few, just to connect on this special day, which invariably sparked a change our lives and set us on a certain path. We celebrate the day, for the significance it played in our individual growth, for the precious blessings in the form of our kids, for the trials from which we have grown stronger, together; and for the joyous moments which we experienced together. 

I would not have survived 2016 without the guidance, support and unconditional love bestowed by my husband, my rock, my constant companion and partner in crime. During this year I had to confront many demons, I had to excavate inner parts of myself which were not always pretty- and yet he was still my constant companion. Whether he was quietly assisting from the sidelines, or cheering me in his spirited manner, he was by my side; always supported by my army of angels, my boys. This year has been a great journey for all of us, there have been traumas, losses, sadness and there have also been special gifts, precious moments, tough challenges and immense growth for each of us in this nuclear family. This year has brought an expansiveness into our home in a way that nurtures every individual in the space. 

In the spirit of the phenomenal transformation this year has brought, we've decided to embark on a phenomenal vacation to celebrate. Whilst I will miss my Wilderness break, I will soak up the European experience with my kids. I will revel in seeing their reactions to some of my favourite spots in the world. I will bask in the special memories we'll create for a lifetime, and return for another year of  trying to be the best version of me.

This is for you, my constant companion:

I could not envision a day without your presence, 
I would not want to experience a day without your smile,
And I hope to always bring sunshine into our space. 
You have gifted me a special place in your heart, 
A lodging I have taken up and I pray have made jubilant. 
I have planted seeds of joy in the space you inhabit in mine.
For joy is a constantly evolving state, 
It blossoms at times, 
It sheds at times, 
And requires work to ensure it stays.

Our army we have raised is more than a blessing,
They're versions of us we send into the world.
And I know, 
If they absorb just a fraction of who we are, 
They will walk with love and compassion for always. 
They will strive to be better, 
Yet know they are always enough...
Always treasured, always loved,
Always supported.
Just like our bond.

Happy 21st!!💝💝💝💝

Today's look features a sequin pants with a Human Image tropical parka to dress it down for a light glam look. Perfect for a night out at the theatre or dinner date. It perfectly represents 2016, filled with so many areas of growth (like a rapidly sprouting tropical forest) and some really amazing achievements (the sparkling moments).

Have a great Festive Season, and see you all in 2017!

Outift details:

Human Image tropical lightweight parka (website launching soon)
H&M t-shirt and sequin pants
Country Road Scarf
Studio W sandals from Woolworths (shop similar here)
Lovisa neckpiece
Mango quilted slingbag
Earrings purchased abroad

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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