Friday 3 June 2016

Preparation for remarkable month

Welcome readers,

Today is the last Friday before we start fasting, and I can feel the tangible anticipation in the air as I go about my day. I see the ladies scurrying about finalising last minute things, in the mosques the topic of most of the lectures focuses on preparing oneself for the Ramadaan.

This month usually marks a place in time for me from which I evaluate what I've done in the preceding 12 months and whether I had made a difference in the way I had intended. A lot of time is spent in introspection and reflection during this month, so I usually make plans in terms of my business decisions and personal goals. I find that the intense spiritual connection during this month really clears my mind of all the unnecessary clutter, and the solitude fosters a heightened awareness of life.

This month is not merely about abstaining from food and drink, it is a time to focus on our connection to Allah (God). It is a time where we spend more time in prayer and recitation, in remembrance of our Creator, giving thanks for all our blessings and increased charitable acts. Our social calendar also goes very quiet, and as a result, as a family we spend a lot more time together. I involve my kids in the Quran reciting schedule, planning around mealtimes and helping in the kitchen. They are also active participants in charitable initiatives; recently I have let them 'adopt' a less fortunate child and each of them will help shop for their adopted boy. We buy Eid clothes, toiletries and a treat. It's heartwarming to see how excited they are to be giving back and to be making a tangible difference to someone in need.

This month is like food for the soul, where I refill my soul with enlightenment, a time where my family's bonds are strengthened with all our shared activities. It is indeed a remarkable month, and I usually emerge feeling a sense of renewal, hope, tranquility and gratitude. 
This year we will still be in the midst of high school exams, so it will include some strict routine around studying. The days are shorter, and they will continue with sports and practices so this year the logistics are a bit tricky to navigate. But with all the time challenges, the shorter days are a blessing, as it means more time for quietude.

I would like to wish all readers observing this holy month,  a blessed month and may all your prayers be accepted Insha Allah (God Willing)

Today's lookpost features a waterfall coat, which is a recent purchase. It is warm, comfy and so versatile as it can be worn in several ways. This coat can be dressed up, belted with heels or worn casually thrown over as I have done in the pics.
Sneakers and a denim shirt completes the outfit.


Outfit details:

Waterfall coat purchased via Luxury Fashion SA
Spree leggings
Country Road Denim shirt
Happy socks
Nike ZA sneakers
Precious Rose scarf
Michael Kors bag
Various bracelets
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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