Friday 17 June 2016

Youth Day lessons OOTD

Welcome readers, 

What a beautiful day Cape Town has been blessed with, it may still be chilly but the sun is out! I hope yesterday was a great relaxing day, and that we at least took the time to reflect on the importance of Youth Day in our country and the significance thereof. Public holidays are great, but there is usually a greater message behind it, which we need to mindful of.

Youth Day, is such an important one, as we commemorate the Soweto uprising of 1976,  and the senseless killings of the protesting youth. The 1976 protest was against the policies introduced into schools with the Bantu Education Act of 1953, and directives implemented in accordance with this act in schools from 1974. Without going into too much history, it is suffice to say that this uprising changed the socio-political landscape of our country. It is a reminder to those of us living in democratic South Africa of how far we've progressed and how lives were lost fighting for freedom. Freedom, so that we can attend any schools, choose where we want to live, and be free to exercise our voice with democracy.
Today, we can certainly take a leaf out the books of our fallen comrades and freedom fighters. Back then, the youth felt it necessary to voice their opinion and play an active part in making a difference in our country. These are moments which make me proudly South African, in fact, I am always proudly South African. Regardless of the politics, the crime or the recurring tales that centre around our weak rand, poor socio-economic conditions or corruption. I strongly feel that as patriots it is our responsibility to give back to this country into which we were born, just like our compatriots gave their lives for freedom. We now have the freedom, even to leave and become citizens elsewhere, but this is the land we were born to, and it encumbent upon South Africans to try and make a difference. Even if we help just one person without needing anything in return, that's one less needy person requiring assistance. That's an example we can set for our youth and future leaders- we can teach them that it matters to make a difference, no matter how small, in your part of the country and world by extension. 

I realise that we have daily challenges, and that is part of life and part of growing, whether in South Africa or any other part of the world. Our democracy is still growing and if we all abandoned our homeland, what would be left? If we all felt the need to run away to safer shores, what message does that send to our kids who are meant to make a difference? I feel a responsibility to teach my kids to love their country, despite the challenges we see each day- we love our kids, warts and all, so why not the land of our birth? I feel an intense need to pass on the mindset of giving back, and trying to effect positive change, as we need the youth to believe in this beautiful land we call home. 
The world will always be full of cynics and those who choose to leave, and that too is OK, but I refuse to participate in bashing my country because of its growing pains. I refuse to pass on the legacy that it's better to live somewhere else in the world and that the pastures are greener elsewhere. I love travelling and seeing the world, but my heart will always reside in SA, and sometimes things may happen and we need to leave for the briefest encounter abroad. I believe that the encounter would have occurred so we can bring those worldly lessons back to teach our growing democracy. 
Let's teach our youth to be responsible citizens, to be proudly South African and zealous about effecting positive change for our country.

And onto the lookpost of the week. 
The shirtdress is a comfy easy piece to have in the wardrobe. It is versatile and can worn in diverse (like our country hehe) ways. Here I have paired it with flat boots, but it can also be belted and paired with heels for a workwear look. Or it can be dressed down with sneakers and a biker jacket for that casual daytime look.

Outfit details:
Leopard shirt dress from Superbalist (last season; shop similar here)
Forever 21 leggings
Country Road boots (shop similar here)
Kate Spade bag purchased abroad
Scarf old
Various bracelets
Lovisa gold tassel necklace

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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