Thursday 14 June 2018

Wrapping up Ramadaan with a Repurposed outfit

Hi Readers,
Eid is literally on our doorstep and while everyone is rushing about getting Eid outfits ready, ordering food, cake and preparing Eid gifts, let's remember the underprivileged in our haze of preparation. Some are unable to spend on new clothes for Eid and just a clean, decent outfit will do. Some are unable to go to the shops and buy a vast leg of lamb, or bake endless amounts of biscuits or order pretty desserts. This month is one in which we do more (than usual) in the way of charity, and in our abstinence comes compassion and empathy for those less privileged.

This is a message which I frequently highlight with my kids, more so during Ramadaan. Along with my introspection and focus on self growth, I consciously keep the underprivileged in my thoughts and deeds. The beauty of fasting heightens the senses, clears the mind and I become very aware of what is priority. The last ten days of Ramadaan very quickly becomes a frenzied rush to the end, when all I want to do is slowly approach the culmination, revelling in this time. The month flashes by so quickly, that I am always acutely aware of making the most of my time. 

As I reflect on my intentions for this month, I am happy to say that despite the limited time and a crazy work schedule, I managed to complete most of my planned ibadah. I also feel as if my inner work has been fruitful... so for me an overall successful and wonderful Ramadaan. Algamdulilah ♥️
I spent minimal time shopping this month, except for one day with my firstborn for two hours, and when I wasn't working, the time was spent at home with my family. It was with this in mind that I started posting all my previous Eid outfits as inspiration to repurpose pre-loved outfits. 

Repurposing an outfit, with new accessories, or wearing it in a different way, saves time, money and a whole lot of stressing! Change it up with a different scarf, add some texture with faux fur stole or neck wrap or throw a kimono over it! The trick is when buying anything, consider all the options of wearing them, even changing them up for a different season is a great idea, if layered correctly. 

A fellow blogger and friend, Namreen, and I decided to shoot an Eid look where I've shopped my closet. I'm hoping that it would demonstrate how easy it is to put together an outfit with existing classic pieces from the closet. I've worn this kimono before, but with a long lace dress resulting in a different look. It's been a few months since I bought it and brings in the trendy feel with the dramatic embellished sleeve. All other pieces have been in my wardrobe for some time, this time a silk dress and gold pants make the outfit a bit more dressed up for a simple, elegant ensemble.

Outfit Details:

Bodhisattva silk dress
Huemine Image gold pants
Gold belt old (can't remember)
Haya Collective Kimono
Guess heels
Forever New Pearl embellished bag
Scarf LV Old
Earrings (Old)
Stocking (Old)

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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