Friday 1 June 2018

Following Destiny to Opulence

Asalaamu Alaykum and Welcome Readers!

My regular readers will know that Ramadaan is a month of renewal for me, on many fronts. I usually start new projects, embark on new educational ventures and really step it up a notch on my personal development and growth. It is therefore so synchronistic to be featuring a fellow eternal scholar and busy entrepeneur in todays post.

I have written about Fadwa Cozyn in the context of her Mobile Therapies business and how she inspired me during her Bucket List Workshop (read that post here), however, this time I am so moved by her passion for opulence, in all forms. The word opulence denotes wealth, richness and luxuriousness, which is embodied by Fadwa, not in the traditional way, but in her warmth, energy and spirit. It is therefore no coincidence that I was drawn to this venture, as I too am a likeminded soul with a penchant for beauty and luxuriousness, which is precisely what her her brand, Opulence, represents. 

As a little girl Fadwa envisioned her designs on catwalks across the world, following this dream by enrolling at and graduating from the Elizabeth Galloway Academy Fashion in Stellenbosch. In 2005, whilst assisting her dad in his business, she heard a voice which said she should be a reflexologist. Unsure of what it was, she opened the Yellow Pages, called a number and followed this journey without question. It led her to Durban, Pretoria and right back to Cape Town where she graduated from the Cape Institute for Allied Health Studies. Since 2007, Fadwa has been practising as a qualified Specialised Kinesiologist and offers the following through Mobile Therapies: reflexology, massage therapy and manual lymphatic drainage. She also specialises in the following: life coaching, NLP practitioner, Kinesiology and is a dynamic motivational speaker. She has travelled extensively and has presented workshops abroad including doing physical body work in Turkey & India. Needless to say Fadwa has an extensive list of qualifications in this arena, as well as notable achievements, such as being a regular guest on Voice of the Cape Radio and Channel Islam International. 

Fadwa and I connected partly over fashion, with a shared love for silks, leather and unique pieces. She has an innate intelligence for opulent fabrics which she attributes to her royal ancestry and rich heritage. Her roots can be traced back to Java royalty which still runs through her genetic system and referencing. Her paternal great grandfather was a wealthy gentleman who owned vast strawberry fields in Constantia, as well as extensive vineyards while being a prestigious grape exporter. With just a peek into what makes Fadwa tick, is to understand that opulence is in her blood. 
And so, I believe the birth of her new business, Opulence is in line with her destiny. A brand which retails unique pieces in limited quantities, manufactured in luxurious silks, leathers, jewel-toned colours and sporting rich embroidery. The feel is a fusion of grandeur and everyday resplendence. Opulence has it's official launch on Sunday, 3rd June at the Peninsula Hotel, 10am-4pm.

In this lookpost I am wearing a 100% silk quilted jacket (reversible side has cotton quilting), a silk printed scarf and black leather clutch, all available from Opulence. This could be a perfect look for Eid, pair the jacket with jeans and sneakers and you're all set for a casual night out. I am a big fan of classic pieces which won't date easily, which is exactly what you'd find at Opulence!

Outfit Details:
Jacket, scarf and bag from Opulence
Witchery glitter top
Trenery pants
Lovisa necklace
Schutz heels

Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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