Friday 5 May 2017

I went down the rabbit hole

 TGIF readers! 
After last weekend, which seemed to last forever I am sure it took a lot to get back into the swing of the week. 

Apart from wardrobe styling, my actual job is as a Business Strategist/ Consultant/ Coach/ Mentor, a path I have chosen to follow to empower individuals in their respective businesses. Whilst I was scheduled to see clients this week, it turned out to be a challenging one, so some meetings were postponed. And it so happened that these cancellations actually gave me some time to work on another project which I have a crushing deadline for. 
This made me realise that sometimes the universe knows what is best, that things will happen as they are meant to. The trick is to accept this when it happens, not to fight it, as it generally brings us to the opportunities meant to be on our path. For a long time I chose to disregard this serendipitous occurrences, however big or small they may have been. But as I opened myself up to the premise that anything can happen... Anything literally happens!

I have had to learn to take each day as it comes, knowing firsthand what working from day to day, month to month, all with the promise of a vacation as a break from it, can do to the soul. This was the pace of corporate, constantly chasing the money for the good of the 'business', working towards targets and deadlines, oblivious of the harm I was inflicting upon myself. At this point, it felt like life was a hamster wheel, and each day ran into each other, same same, different people. Little by little my soul was stripped, and after enough time my body decided to give me a push. And it was not a little push, it was a downright scary rabbit hole I didn't have the energy to navigate. I took some extended time off to recuperate, and in that time I started seeing that my passion is what my life should be about. I realised that even though I had a plan, it may not have been the plan that was destined for me. 
And down the rabbit hole I ventured...
Where I found the time to recuperate, heal and learn to listen to life, instead of dictating to life. And at the bottom of the rabbit hole I found health, my connection with the Divine, rediscovered the written word, explored my creative side and started working on improving myself. After going through many processes of growth (and will probably continue for as long as I am breathing...) I found a space where I am able to add value and empower others. I discovered the other side of 'chasing the money', the side where making a difference is the bottom line, equipping others to find their rabbit hole (hopefully without the health issues) and ultimately open themselves up to "anything can happen". 

After all, having gone down there myself, I can be the google maps, assisting in navigating the way! 

Today's look is a mix up of glam and casual, a perfect representation of my life after going down the rabbit hole. Being open to anything, this outfit is an expression of that, some sequins, textures and sneakers, literally a bit of everything!


Outfit details:

River Island Dubai skirt (old)
Spree top (old)
Lacoste rose gold sneakers (Asos)
Michael Kors bag
LV scarf
Ralph Lauren sunglasses (Bali)
Make a Statement beaded earrings
Swarovski bracelet
Chanel lips

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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