Friday 19 May 2017

Celebrating nurturers

Welcome readers, 

We are fast approaching mid year, and Winter, with it's promise of rain and warm cosy moments indoors. It sounds really idyllic, but I know the reality as a mom, that the moment you plan for a hour of relax time, something unexpected pops up. 

I am trying to battle the flu, trying very hard to keep it from taking a hold of my body and getting me under. So with all the herbal meds I am taking, I need some down time to ensure my body is able to fight this bug. The problem is.... downtime to recuperate from illness is nearly an impossibility when kids and family need to be attended to. Or fetched from school, or taken to music lessons, and so on...

We have just celebrated Mother's Day, and the kids would have bought little tokens of appreciation and love; have prepared interesting meals and presented moms with handmade keepsakes. There is too much pressure when there is just one day dedicated to making mom feel special, and one would say it should really be more organic than staged. That kids should show appreciation every day, and spoil mom every day... 
Pfft 😬😬
If only!
The reality moms (and I refer to all care givers and nurturers) face is that mommying is done seamlessly, and the home runs without hiccup. When everyone gets home and sits down to have a lovely, wholesome home cooked meal, very little thought has gone into the juggling of time that had to happen to ensure that the food was ready on time. Trying to cook around work meetings, school runs and errands becomes a carefully planned item on the to-do list. Cooking is just one aspect of a moms day, and there are so many other instances, such as a sick kid - the time taken to nurse a sick member of the family is something which naturally occurs, without a second thought. Running to the stationery store to get assignment paraphernalia is a norm, buying essentials and all the other little things which keep the home running effortlessly takes time from mommy (mine right now) recuperation time. 

This post is therefore dedicated to all moms, dads, caregivers and guardians who are raising their families in the best way they know how. Each one, going through the daily grind, occasionally dropping the ball and sometimes just not knowing what to do. You are superheroes!
  As I am writing this, I am planning on time to recuperate, but silently in my head it's moving further and further down the list, as I remember all the other things that have to be done first... 

And yet, I would not have it any other way... And I'd still make the time to engage with the family and kids, still watch a sitcom with my youngest, talk fashion with the eldest or just chat to my middle son... Recuperation can wait...

Today's post is one worn for an event earlier this week, just before the flu got me looking all tired and feeling blegh. So, there was at least one moment this week when this mommy dressed up and felt good. One of my favourite dresses from Human Image, my now favourite LV bag and classic Nine West courts finish the look. 

Human Image dress
Scarf Stop scarf
Make a statement earrings
Louis Vuitton bag
Nine West heels

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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