Friday 4 November 2016

Reality of a work from home mum

Happy Friday lovelies!

This week I've been reflecting on the roles of moms in the home, specifically work-from-home moms or business owners. While it is a well known fact that stay-at-home moms have a crazy workload, it is equally crazy for those of us trying to work in between trying to be around for the kids. 

I read an article yesterday about new moms need to refuel, being stuck at home with little ones and no time for themselves. It really gets even more crazy as they get older, and have a million commitments, exams, study sessions, sport, and the never ending need for food. I actually need to plan my day to ensure I have time to cook, and provide nutritious meals for my studying boys. When they were little, and I worked in a full time job while studying, I found life to be more manageable even without the help of a housekeeper at the time. Now I have a flexi-time occupation (which means late nights and weekends), they are older and able to do more for themselves; and still it is a mammoth task to remain sane and on top of everything. I even use time saving methods like Uber to cart my teenagers around when I really can't be in three places at the same time! I am mindful of needing to schedule time outs, and I usually do - but it is generally postponed as I have a work commitment or mommy duty to perform. The fact that I don't actually get annual leave either adds to  the mommy- fatigue; whereas before I used to get study leave and annual leave. And I used this time to chill, and actual study- now I don't have the luxury of leave until our family vacations. Which aren't really vacations if you're a mum- with self catering and so on. 

I have mostly been a career woman and mum, for a year a stay-at-home mum, and for the past two years, working from home. The struggle is real. Try having a work call, with bickering kids just outside the door, or to have them storming into your workspace with a mundane question like "why didn't you buy the Wellness Warehouse muesli?" Yes, really. I also have to schedule in time to shop organic vegetables, Wellness Warehouse goodies as I'm very keen on good nutrition- which comes at a time cost. Take-out is rare, and the boys are only treated on a weekend. 
Or try having an hour massage (which I did this week) only to find a million watsapp, missed calls and text messages from your son at home. Wanting to know what time you'll be done, how far you are etc etc etc. He should actually be studying, but he needs my presence around...
However, I have noticed a huge difference in my relationship with the boys, we talk more and spend more time in each others company. They are also more settled and calm, and less prone to excessive mood swings!

I am sure I am not alone, and there are many women who juggle each day. I am open to tips, advice and best practices. I wish all parents well with the exam stress and all the best for the students writing. 

Today's OOTD, features an embellished puffy boho top from Something Pretty, a boyfriend jeans and wedge sandals from Zara. I also decided to change the turban style a bit for this easy Saturday morning look. 

Outfit details:
Something Pretty embellished top
Woolworths RE boyfriend jeans (shop here)
ZARA wedge sandals
Various bracelets
Scarf Stop scarf
Lovisa earrings
Giorgio Armani sunglasses from Sunglass Hut (shop similar here)
Kate Spade handbag bought abroad

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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