Friday 18 November 2016

Purpose is peaceful busyness

 TGIF lovelies!

There are so many things happening at the same time in my life, that it's hard to keep up sometimes. It is in my nature is to keep busy, in fact, I thrive on new projects, and constant learning.

I recently wrote about the trials of being a mom who works from home and the busyness that goes with it. So it goes without saying that I do not stay in pj's all day while checking emails; I get dressed each day, sometimes apply makeup and prepare to face the world. Some days I have meetings, some days I do errands in between and everyday I do kids and household in between. The reality for me is that I thrive on having a purpose. I enjoy knowing what my week will look like in advance and I can plan things. 

While working in my corporate career, my 'purpose' was to grow new business and ensure profits. Thinking back, it was actually just a job, not a purpose - and even though I enjoyed it - when I exited, I was not drawn to go back. What I missed the most about corporate were the friendships I had cultivated and the clients I interacted with on a daily basis. But through all the years I spent working in my chosen career, at the back of my mind was the knowledge that there was something else I wanted, needed, to do. It was a feeling of biding my time, paying my dues in a sense, until I was able to venture out and follow that voice. The ironic thing is that I probably wouldn't have taken the step if my body had not signaled the need. I was eventually 'forced' to leave work due to health reasons. 

And the next phase of life morphed into what it is today, working on my own terms, being present and involved with my kids, having the time to cook leisurely, engaging with incredible friends, and just basically do what I love. My purpose has guided me into a role where I am able to contribute, and make a difference to someone else. In a sense, paying it forward, as I am happy to share my skills and see my guidance and input make a significant impact. My purpose has steered me into a happier place, a comfortable place - where I feel as if I fit perfectly. I have no desire to be doing anything else than what I do everyday. For me, that is the epitome of being at peace with what life has placed at my door, at peace with where my path has led me. Peace and busyness may sound like contradictions, but when you feel as if you are where you belong, doing what you should, then the busyness takes on another dimension entirely. And it becomes natural to just follow the path.

I believe finding my purpose has done just that, brought a peaceful fullness to life. And while I do not believe that the shifting in my purpose has ended, it will continue for as long as I am learning new things about myself, and the eternal yearning for knowledge endures.  
I also accept that we are all predisposed to our calling in life, and with some introspection, work and patience we will be guided to find it. 

On another note, this outfit, represents the transformation of my previous corporate career to what I now consider work wear. I would not have dreamt of wearing denim in corporate, and now in my new role it just fits.
This look just fits.
No question.
I have paired a light linen culotte with a studded vest, denim jacket and lace up heels, finished off with a tasselled bag. A little bit of a smart bohemian look- two contradictory styles in one OOTD.

Outfit details:
Guess Denim jacket (old)
Country Road studded vest (old)
Topshop striped culotte (sale item)
Shoes own import
H&M Fringe bag (old)
Necklace (old)
Woolworths scarf

Ciao for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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