Friday 30 September 2016

Armoured Princess

Happy Friday beauties!

If you follow my social media pages you would have seen me grace the Red Carpet Fashion Show in an original MCouture gown. It was such an honour to wear this beautifully made garment, finished with all the little touches that make Mohammad's pieces so unique and beautiful. Not only did he make magic with this gown in record time, it was practically a perfect fit aside for the length and the tail (a tall ask without having the time to take my measurements).

I don't usually make the effort to have an outfit specially made for an occasion as I usually just pull something out of the closet. But I can relate to the indulged feeling of slipping into a custom made masterpiece. Each little detail and embellishment added to make it ornate and exclusive. It creates the illusion of a Cinderella fairy tale, for most; however for me, it made me feel as if the beauty I have within was on full display on the outside. While feeling extremely glamorous in this gown,  it also made a striking statement in terms of modesty. The fact that I was wearing such a baroque piece, elicited quite a few compliments and even enquiries as to who the designer was. A true testament to the fact that modesty is timeless and elegant.

When working with individuals and their wardrobes, it has become clear that many use the garments they wear as armour. Clothing can act as a shield behind which people hide; we hide our sadness, our lack of confidence and in some cases we dress specifically to hide our physical selves and blend into the crowd. I understand this completely. With my self esteem issues (read my last post on that here), but filled with confidence, I used clothing to project that confidence, and once dressed up, I would feel ready to tackle anything. Apart from the fact that I love dressing up, I also enjoy expressing myself in the outfits I wear. My style is varied and you will find me in a jeans and sneakers one day and in a dress and heels the next. Having said that, it also used to represent an armour for me to face the world when I wanted to hide my true self. It helped to mask my vulnerabilities, and made it bearable for me to walk around when on ocassion all I felt like doing was curling up into a ball of tears. It helped me manage the overwhelm of emotions and allowed me to hide behind the super confident, well dressed career woman.

When I reflect now, I understand why some pieces from my corporate career no longer feel like me, as they were merely intended to portray a version of me. It portrayed the version I thought I needed to be in the corporate world, trying to hide the demons I walked with each day. I am grateful to have fought off these demons, and today I do not feel as if I need my armour. I dress the way I feel, I wear what is appropriate for me, in my own way. I make a statement that is me, without hiding any version of myself. 
So now when I wear a gown as fabulous as this creation, I feel as if I complement it from the inside. I no longer choose to let the garment hide something, instead it accentuates the inner charm. 
Mohammad Rawoot (M-Couture) is truly a talented soul who specialises in couture, bespoke bridal and evening gowns. His work is of an exceptionally high quality and his attention to detail impeccable. 

For more information on M-Couture visit their Facebook page for contact details.

Custom Made gown by M-Couture 

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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