Friday 7 October 2016

10 Tips for trendy moms feat the Silk Bomber

Happy Friday readers!

While I have had a busy week, it was interspersed with precious time spent with the kids. School holidays is really the time where I get to catch up with them, even if it means a chat while playing chauffeur to the teens, carting them to and from their planned activities. I've had to become accustomed to not having my entire family home for supper, which is strange, but I also accept that they require some time out during school holidays. It's merely a rite of passage and an indication of them growing into independent beings. 

Being constantly on the go means I require comfort, as it could easily mean that I'm running around all day. However, I do not believe in sacrificing my personal style for comfort, and will still put some thought into my chosen outfit for the day. There are so many trends which I have just fallen in love with; but I am keenly aware of what suits me and, more importantly, what is appropriate wear. I am conscious of the fact that the line between being trendy and looking like a teenager can be easily trespassed, so I shop mindfully. As a mom to teenage boys, I do not want to surrender my personal style as it is an expression of who I am, and at the same time I do not want to try and look like their peers. And since I dress modestly, I believe the stores and boutiques I frequent stock items which help strike the right balance.

So here are 10 tips for moms wanting to remain trendy, without looking like teenagers:
  1. Know your personal style and how you want to express yourself. (Side note: Sloppy is not a personal style- but casual is...)
  2. Know what works for your body type and skin colouring. 
  3. Accept that some trends are just not meant for mommies eg. short play suits
  4. Do not be afraid to incorporate high fashion items into your current wardrobe, sometimes one does not need an entire outfit to tick all the trend boxes.
  5. Do not wear high fashion pieces which will make you feel uncomfortable, if you feel uncomfortable it will be plainly obvious. And if you don't feel great in an item, you will be self conscious all day.
  6. Take inspiration from celeb style, do not copy an entire celeb outfit, as you will lose your own character in the outfit.
  7. Buy good classics that can transcend a few seasons, as the budget is usually spent on buying for rapidly growing kids.
  8. Comfort is key, and this comes with good quality natural fabrics, so keep an eye on fabric composition when purchasing.
  9. Accessorising an outfit can change it from being dull to being perfectly stylish. Textures and prints will also change an outfit into an interesting ensemble.
  10. And finally, whether you're a stay at home mom or a busy career woman- make time for grooming. (Anything from 5 minutes in the morning, to a threading or waxing appointment applies). It will help you look well put together and also make you feel amazing and confident each day.
With that in mind, today's outfit features the current bomber trend- my take on it is in the form of a raw silk bomber, exclusively made by local designer, Human Image. (website is currently under construction, please find her details below.) This ensemble was intended for comfort, I attended a morning seminar & networking breakfast, and thereafter straight into errands and picking up kids from school. I have always loved sneakers, and celebrate the fact that I can wear them to a morning meeting, where they will be considered acceptable and trendy instead of sloppy. I have accessorised with a statement neck piece to add a bit of an edge to the simple mosaic tile dress.

For more exclusive, consciously sourced and manufactured pieces contact Aysha Allie, the designer behind the Human Image label:
Studio: 65 4th Avenue, Rondebosch East
Call Aysha to arrange viewing or shopping times at the studio: 0723711695. 

Outift details:
David Jones mosaic tunic dress from Woolworths (shop similar here)
Human Image silk bomber
Forever 21 leggings
Nike ZA sneakers
Precious Rose scarf 
Country Road sling bag (shop similar here)
Ziba Styles statement neckpiece
Bracelets from Tiffany
Zulu Lulu sunglasses (shop here)

Caio for now, 
RuBe xoxo

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